First impressions on Sung Yu Ri

Posted: June 23, 2007 in Korean Celebrities



I first heard about Sung Yu Ri when there were rumors of her dating Song Seung Heon in 2003 (after they modelled together for Andre Kim). To be frank, I found her rather plain looking and not compatible with the handsome Song Seung Heon xD Her acting was also known to be less-than-convincing. However recently I chanced upon some of her pictures and found myself liking her more. She projects a very natural, graceful and elegant image.



Name: Sung Yu Ri / Profession: Actress and Singer / Birthdate: 1981-Mar-03 / Birthplace: Germany / Height: 168cm / Weight: 47kg / Blood type: B / Kpop group: Vocalist of FinKL / Talent agency: SidusHQ

  1. kitty says:

    I find her really pretty, cute, sweet, gentle in her look and sometimes you find her very elegant. She is one fine actress to me, I hv enjoyed her acting skill in every dramas that she hv worked on.

    And definitely find her just as beautiful as song hye kyo, they are good friend and i will like to see them participate at least one drama or movie together.

  2. jo says:

    I love her very much in One Fine Day and Snow Queen, she has acted different characters in both of the dramas, and find her acted really well in both the dramas. She is definitely a beautiful, elegant and talented actress. Love her style and beautiful face very much, and hope to see her more in future dramas and movies.

  3. juna says:

    absolutely loved snow queen and love love love sung yuri! one of my favorite actresses! can’t wait for her next project!

  4. leeroy says:

    hi i love sung yu ri she is soooooooooo beautiful does any one of you know her email please just type it here

  5. john says:

    bora ya……kim bora……love uuu…so gorgeous. very true indeed that she’s very beautiful even without makeup. not many has such natural beauty. yuri yuri yuri~~!!

  6. ming says:

    love Sung Yuri

  7. polly says:

    she has a new drama Hong Gil Dong, she can act in diff roles, a very talented actress, she is very cute and funny in this drama, must watch if you are a fan of yuri.

  8. liana says:

    sung yuri is a natural beauty and a great actress! absolutely loved her snow queen and can’t wait to see more of her soon!

  9. misaki says:

    waaaaaa ~ she is so cute , i like her ^___^

  10. ponysmile says:

    I first saw her in the Snow Queen — She really catch me with lovely eyes, real grace manner — I love her when she smile and when she cry.. She’s the most prettiest girl for me.

    Love her so much ^o^

  11. jerry says:

    how can i meet u?? sung yuyi~~~ bora ya!!!!

  12. aj says:

    The blogger initially disliked Sung because she was ‘plain.’ Do Koreans and Asians value only those who are physically beautiful? How shallow if that’s true.

  13. Korean Women Lover says:

    I wish I have a wife like her 😀
    She is beautifull, cute, classic, smart, georgeous, and can act and cry well too.

  14. loveu says:

    she so cute, i love her

  15. Ray says:

    Yuri is so cute, gorgeous, and talented. She has it all..^^ I liked her since the Finkl days. I’ve never seen a girl that can cry sooo beautifully…hehe. She was great in Hong Gil Dong!

  16. Malia says:

    yeppers sung yuri, is really pretty!!! And super ngood in acting.

  17. thary says:

    she”s very beautiful n so sexy

  18. s1b3k3n says:

    I started to like her in Hong Gil Dong. I didnt really watch her drama but i really like her in Hong Gil Dong. Cant wait for her next drama ^___^

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