The Multi-faceted Lee Da Hae

Posted: June 24, 2007 in Drama Reviews/Recommendations, Korean Celebrities, Korean Drama
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From certain angles I think Lee Da Hae resembles Song Hye Kyo who’s one of my favourite korean actresses. I’ve heard a lot about how Song and Lee are both acknowledged as very beautiful actresses but some claim that Lee is a better actress. In terms of experience, I believe Song Hye Kyo is more veteran. To me, Song Hye Kyo has brought to us one of the most classic korean dramas, Endless love (aka Autumn In My Heart), which has still remained one of my top favourites. Hence I felt quite unjustified for Song Hye Kyo whenever fans of Lee Da Hae make it sound like Song Hye Kyo is just a newbie who got famous because of Full House which was broadcast only a year earlier than My Girl

Well enough of digressing, this post is on Lee Da Hae!

Lee da Hae’s first memorable role was in Sweet 18 (as Moon Ga-Young) opposite Lee Dong Gun. Her character was supposed to be older than she really is so they made her wear old-fashioned clothes and her hair was short and ugly. In terms of acting, since she made me cringe so much, she did a good job making us hate her clingy ex-girlfriend character.

Sweet 18 LDH sweet 18 LDH2


In 2005, Lee Da Hae acted in Green Rose with the charismatic Go Soo. There, she successfully dropped her bitchy image, as she transformed into the sweet and caring Oh Soo Ah. She looked pretty and elegant but I didn’t really appreciate her constant weeping. Tears is one thing, but crying that really brings out the agony of losing your loved one is more than tears. The story of losing your beloved, who comes back years later seemingly as another person has already been done in Winter Sonata and subsequently Stairway to Heaven, and I thought both Choi Ji Woo (as Jung Yu-jin) and Kwon Sang Woo (as Cha Song-ju) did better in their dramas respectively. (I know this sounds confusing since Choi Ji Woo was in both dramas.)

green rose LDH greenrose LDH3 green rose LDH4

green rose LDH6 greenrose LDH2


In the same year, Lee Da Hae transformed yet again in drama My Girl with Lee Dong Wook – this time into a cute, bubbly, and cheerful girl who’s good at lying.. and lied her way into two cute guys’ heart. At first I found her acting overly exaggerated, but it did have the comical effect. She has that mischievous gleem in her eyes and that grin which says she has something up her sleeve. Her various stunts which fooled the gullible and kind hearted Seol Gongchan upside down really made me laugh. 

ldh my girl my girl1 ldh1.jpg

normal_mgcap5.jpg normal_leedongwook.jpg


It’s funny. When I watched her in Sweet 18, I felt she could only act as a villain because she looked really shrewd and ugly. Whereas in Green Rose, my opinion of her was that she could also do well in melodramas, but nothing more (and a comedy was even more out of the question).. But HEY! I bet she really proved alot of us wrong by successfully bringing out the liveliness and loveliness of Joo Yoo-rin.

As a follow up to her bubbly role in My Girl, her recent drama Hello! Miss did reasonably well given Lee Da Hae’s huge popularity. Her role Lee Soo Ha is the 38th granddaughter of the Jae Ahn Lee clan and owner of the clan manor Hwa Ahn Dang, who is trying to save the place from going bankrupt. She is extremely conservative and clings on to old customs, since she was brought up this way. Sounds like a refreshing background and character for romance? Lee Da Hae is less bubbly in this show but she still displays comical acting, just not as exaggerated. And I think she looks prettier in this show than in My Girl.

hello-miss.jpg 096006084_l.jpg 20070509091456534250915yg1.jpg

However, I feel that she will not be able to outdo her character Joo Yoo-rin in another similar role. Instead, she should try a different role and continue to amaze us with her versatility!      


Name: Lee Da Hae / Real name: Byun Da Hye / Profession: Actress / Birth date: 1984-Apr-19 / Height: 170cm / Weight: 47kg / Star sign: Aries / Blood type: O / Family: Parents and an older brother

  1. may says:

    I strongly agree with you..lee da hae can give us more..i think she’s one of the best actress

  2. harim says:

    i know what you’re talking about when you mention the comparison between song hye kyo and lee da hae by some of their fans. in this case you only talk about ldh’s fans, but it also had to do with the fact that when My Girl came out, up until when it ended, when ldh was being praised for her comedic talent and in being able to pull off an outrageous character like ju yoo rin, a lot of shk fans labeled her a as copy cat and were very harsh in their criticism of her (ldh). i guess it was because up until then (before My Girl) with Full House having been so popular, and han ji eun’s character so loved, no other korean actress rivaled shk in the comedic lead actress/character department when it came to popularity. but when ldh came along in My Girl, she really blew a lot of people away with her portrayal, and thus also became greatly loved and praised by other fans. shk fans became upset by some of the high praises for ldh, because i guess they felt it was unfairly overlooking and underrating shk’s achievements in shk’s own portrayal of a comedic character. out of spite they label ldh a copy cat (example given above, and not forgetting of course to mention additional insulting remarks against ldh). some shk fans even outrightly say that they hate ldh, and when asked for a reason, none was given (i’m sure we can guess the reason). so in retaliation, ldh fans, in defense of her, claim that she is far more versatile than shk, citing those dramas that she has acted in in which she’s played very versatile roles (as mentioned above). and then, arguing back and forth, each fan in defense of their own idol, it becomes a cycle breeding biasness and hostility against the opposing actress and her fan. the drama was really in 2006, when the fans were really competitive about these two actresses. now in 2007, it’s not so bad, and i think a lot of the fans have realized how silly the whole competition thing was (obviously, not all of the fans = refer to first comment). honestly, i’m happy the competition between their fans (not them, because in reality, lee da hae is a fan of song hye kyo, who is her sun-bae), because i like them both. both very pretty and very talented young ladies in korean entertainment.

  3. norie says:

    its not true. lee dae hae has her natural beauty. Take a look at her younger age’s pic and you can tell she has no surgery at all
    i like both lee da hae and song hye kyo. Whats the point of attack one another?
    arent you guys tired??

  4. april85 says:

    anyone knows where i can found lee da hae pic, when she was young? well, i do have some curiosity weather she had surgery or not coz i never see her childhood pic.
    u know, i always curious to know which actress did the plastic surgery.
    but i know song hye kyo and kim tae hee didn’t coz theres alot of their childhood pic. and i know chae rim did a lot.
    just curious about lee da hae. never seen her childhood, pre-teen and teenage pic. huhu..

  5. llilia says:



    april85, why should you care since you’re no longer a fan? XP LOL

  6. farid says:

    annyong hi haseyo…i like your drama very much……

  7. Anonymous says:

    i love lee da hae the most because she is very pretty , cute , lovely and interesting . I love her in every drama which has her . I hope she will become the best korean actress forever

  8. Patricia says:

    I love her very much. She is so cute and so pretty. She can act very well.
    My Girl, Hello my lady & Fairy are very good

  9. minyan says:

    she’s good. i got to know her from ‘my girl’ and she did a pretty good job. and i cried so much wehn i watched the whole drama. there you go, she’s a good actress. 🙂

  10. Mark says:

    Both LeeDH and SHK are good actors but I believe LeeDH is more versatile. She continues to grow and improve as an actor and it would be good to see her in one of those old war movies as a swording fighting heroine. She has natural beauty and i dont think if she’s had any PS before. I wonder if she’ll have coffee with me if I do get over to Seoul for a short holiday? (jsut dreaming)

  11. hakyung says:

    miss lee da hae looks like my friend. they’re very much a like. we call her ”the young da hae”, oh well.. i love her, very good actress and has a natural beauty.

  12. hakyung says:

    if you want to see her pic just click although she privated it. happy new year ol!!

  13. ruth says:

    as for me… both Lee Da Hae and Song Hye Kyo are good. 🙂 why compare them when they have their own acting styles and uniqueness in beauty and charm? they both really look pretty and bubbly in their comical koreanovelas. and they’re great actresses. i like both. and they get their great partners as well. like song hye kyo – bi rain and lee da hae – lee dong wook. they’re both cool. and they’re doing great in their career. kudos to both! cheers! 😀

  14. Nordelm says:

    I don’t know why people always say something bad if it’s not their favorite actress, such as that actress & this actress had plastic surgery. Are they experts on plastic surgery? Just because a person didn’t have many pictures during their childhood, it did not mean she had plastic surgery. Some people are not into taking pictures like my parents. Just leave them alone. The most important thing is their good acting. The actresses themselves do not bashed each other. They have respect for each other. So, stop bashing them.

  15. ... says:

    i think their acting is different and both good but i like lee da hae more…but might i mention that song hye kyo was mis casted as hwan jin yi….
    i think they’re both really pretty, but i don’t really see the similarity in their looks….personally i think lee da hae looks similar to sung yu ri (from snow queen)

  16. kandy says:

    Its True. Lee Da Hee is vey talented and cute. My girl gives her a better look. Both of the girls are not bad. THey both have shed tears in all their movies. Green ROse have alot of crying for her, but Song Hye Gyo cried alot in the Autumn movie too. She cried more and she was weak in that movie. But both have great talents. Also i have not seen Lee Da Hee past movies to see how she was.

  17. Febi says:

    Lee da hae… Lee da hae… lee da hae…

  18. lauralynn says:

    I Love Her. she’s so pretty. i want to know about her movies and her web site. if you know tell me.

    thank you…

  19. mm says:

    personally, i think both of these girls are very good actors. i do not know much about them, but i’ve seen their films. and because of their versatility, they are even more appealing. it’s boring to have an actor/actress play the same type of role, the same type of character in every movie/drama. and i don’t think either of these girls are copy cats or anything. they play the role and act; they don’t write the script. and the more, the merrier. so all this competition stuff, which is new to me, was just, wow. i didn’t know such a thing would take place just because two actresses resemble one another so much.

  20. msh says:

    actually LDH did have plastic surgery, not trying to bash her or anything, but one of my friend show me a pic of her before and after, Wow big change…i couldn’t believe it too, she looked so natureal with the ps…overall i think she and SHK are both very good actresses.

  21. MY GIRL LOVERS says:

    Actually,i’m really crazy with LDH and your movie MY are so cool, handsome,and kind. i will always love u forever. i do hope can meet u and u standing in front of me and say i love u.u are the best actor that i never meet before. i love u and i miss u.

  22. arianna says:

    lee da hye kyo..lee da hye kyo
    I LOVE BOTH of them.. As a fan, i hope lee da hae will acting together with WON BIN and song hye kyo with HYUN BIN.IT MUST BE AMAZING TO SEE THEM PAIRING TOGETHER IN THE DRAMA OR MOVIE PROJECT in the future. anyone agree with me?
    I love the chemistry between SHK AND WON BIN in AUTUMN IN MY HEART, AND the chemistry between LEE DA HAE AND HYUN BIN IN THE MV CALLED ‘MEMORY’. if you are fan of LEE DA HAE, you better watch this mv.

  23. Mae says:

    I’m a huge Lee Da Hae fan and I also like Song Hye Kyo. Why compare them, they are unique and people have there own opinions. Leave it then.

  24. tqah says:

    Lee Da Hae is the best….
    you know what, Ithink she is the “Korean Crying Queen” cause she can crys naturally in My Girl…..makes me sad and crying too….
    and please…. she did not do plastic surgery!!!!!

  25. dexter says:

    to all the fans of SONG HYE KYO make a pray over to your idol…and congratulations to SONG HYE KYO for being the worst Korean actress of all time….!!!!ha ha ha…

  26. Anonymous says:

    lee da hae to most americans and asians too (here in the US – git lots of american classmates hooked into her shows) who have watched my girl especially to us is the prettiest korean we’ve/they’ve ever seen while song hye kyo??? i guess she’s getting old- i don’t know anyone in this big city that knows her maybe some but lee da hae is really popular i have to admit here

  27. MIMI says:


  28. nicole says:

    ol of them are beautiful!!!!!!

    i also love yoon eun hye!!!!!

  29. BATMAN66 says:


  30. -superharold- says:

    for those who believe that LDH had her Plastic Surgery… ALL OF YOU ARE FOOL………………..

    Lee Da Hae did not undergone to any surgery……

  31. linncho says:

    I really like you. I gonna fall in love.Why? You leap up my heart.
    But,she is a princess from korean and I am a myanmar.

  32. fidela daniel says:

    first, let me say advance happy b-day to ldh. may you have morehealthy b-days to come! again , in robber you have proven what a talented actress you are. i hate your role in there meaning you are good! again , thanks to the sbs for showing the drama in the usa. can’t thank you enough. ldh, keep the good acting , ignore the bad critics just believe in yourself. like i’ve said before you are an actress of all seasons. you can do fr. drama to comedy and that makes you different fr. others so keep the good work hope to see you soon. god bless!

  33. Vanessa says:

    we all have to admit that LDH is a good actress that can cry, you normally see a lot of Korean actresses in dramas that when they cry its like STOP WITH THE SHRIEKS!! But with LDH is so realistic, especially in MyGirl when she would do this breathing thing, like she was trying hard to stop it, but she couldn’t control herself. OMG. I love her! HAHAHA!

  34. Vanessa says:

    And by the way to BATMAN66, LDH is actually really good at english, she is very fluent, she actually lived in Sydney Australia for awhile and attended a high school there. Her dad and brother still live here.

  35. jasnine says:

    u r the best………………………………………..!

  36. rusheil says:

    waa..really loved lee da hae..she is very pretty!! uhmm…does she have new drama? if looking forward to it….
    she rockz!

  37. gardener says:

    i like green rose very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. n0name says:

    u just simply came to my life… and change EVERYTHING!

  39. sarah says:

    Lee Da Hae,is a proffesional actress that’s what i believe she is Pretty,cute sooo adorable…especialy in the drama “My Girl” owh the best…i think that she deserves to be the best actress Go Go Go LDH Bbachya…^_^

  40. shahera says:

    LDH is one of the best actress in korean. she’s really beautiful and NOT BECAUSE PLASTIC SURGERY. i adore her. she’s my favourite actress in korean. wooott2~ go LDH!!

  41. Bbachya...^_^ says:

    i watched “Full house” twice and i really like it but frankly speaking i believe that “My Girl” is the best,i watched it 3 times and still can’t get enough of it,i love it so much and by the way i don’t think that LDH tried to copy SHK no,coz the characters they played were different and the way LDH acts is quite different from SHK’s ,each one gave us a reason to laugh in a different way,but LDH made me cry out of laugh ^_^….so thx for both.
    i’ll support Lee Da Hae till the end ^_^.

  42. ailin says:

    lee da hee is very beautifful.

  43. salvz says:

    lee da hae is very beautiful, nice actress and very fair lady. like her especially with melodramas like in green rose…. she’s like kristine hermosa or claudine barreto in the philippines…. she’s called as the “queen of tears of korea”…..

  44. ... says:

    lee da hae is no one until she played her role in my girl.

    and yes, she did have plastic surgery.

  45. mieza says:

    i love lee da hae!!
    she’s so cute…

  46. geles says:

    I love lee da hae very much!She’s so beautiful and cute and sexy!
    I dunno whether she had plastic surgery or not,but natural is beauty.=)

    i got to know her in the drama ‘my girl’,and i find that she can act very well,i got touched by her when she cry in ‘my girl’ and i laughed when she’s so cute.I really finds that she is the cutest actress in korea.(no offence)i wanted to watch the other drama series by her.
    Continue to work hard,Da Hae shi….baxia…..xD… you forever…..saranghaeyo……jiayou……

  47. Anonymous says:

    i dont think LDH undergone PS…..shes verycute, adorable, pretty,,,.aside from that can act so well,..i love her so much….I PRAY I CAN MEET HER SOMEDAY…..AJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. amera says:


    i don’t care about her real character i know one thing that she was amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing in her drama ” my girl”

    thanks alot i really enjoed reading your log.


  49. snake says:

    lee dae hae….u are great in hello misss….baasya!!!

  50. Mary Joy says:

    Well for me it doesnt matter who is the most veteran actress…,I love both of them.they are good actress but sad to say i am a loyal fan of da hae..i like hye kyo also but da hae is a really a dramatic and comedy actress…

  51. sampie says:

    Honestly am not a fan of Lee Da hee and SHK but I watched their drama in television. I know a lot of you won’t agree with me when I say that LDH is better actress than SHK. When I watched “Full House” in dvd at first it was very interesting but in the middle of the movie i got tired of SHK leaving the house many times and then coming back again a many times. She might be a good looking lady but am not impressed of her acting. I know I know some people will kill me with their words after I write this comments. However it’s my own opinion and actually am not korean. I watched lots of tv drama’s either japanese, korean, taiwanese and mostly English movies plus I perform in the stage so I can tell who has a better acting ability.

  52. fs says:

    lee da hae’s fan are really annoying. i mean, yucks at ur attitude. praising her all the way and then bashing shk, yeh, kth, and latest leeyeon hee. get a life.

    who’s lee da hae? her only success is only my girl. and it is her pure luck to be picked in east of eden. look at her other dramas, everyone considered it as failure esp robber. and i never heard of her before my girl. and she like to wear sexy clothes. she is so not pure and innocent as her fans always claimed her.

    she only depends on her looks. thats y she was sick and sent to hospital for trying too hard to be slim (she was fat before, and very2 chubby O_o)

    dedicated to all lee da hae’s crazy fan. and also to herself.

  53. fs says:

    and yes, lee da hae is no one until my girl. and sorry, her other dramas other than mygirl is SUCKS. she looks retarded in hello miss. and robber, do u even know which rating robber get??? her only hope is east of eden and do u even see how lee yeon hee was bashed??

  54. pengy says:

    fs… I know it’s wrong for some of the LDH fans to insult SHK, YEH and KTH. But do you realise you are also insulting Lee Da Hae? I’m also a Lee Da Hae fan, no doubt. But I don’t insult the other actresses. If you too insult LDH, your attitude is no different from them. Everyone has their own idols. And fyi, Lee Da Hae is famous not only for My Girl, she’s also faamous for Hello! Miss, Green rose and Lotus Flower Fairy. She does not look retarted. And I don’t think it’s pure luck that she’s in East of eden. People chose her for a reason. And anyway Robber wasn’t that bad. After all I’m sure no actress can have all the dramas she acted in to be famous.There are ups and downs. Same to the LDH fans. Cheer for LDH, it’s all right. But don’t insult others! I’m sure LDH and SHK would like it this way too. =)

  55. jab1909 says:

    @ pengy
    u’re right. fs is like no other difference from the fanatics LDH’s fan.

    BUT actually fs has a point. people wont really know LDH if not for my girl. my girl was a big hit and got rating 2nd place in top 20 when it was aired. for anyone’s information, green rose not even make it to the rating. so does lotus fairytale. Robber is really a BIG failure. the ratings were too low, of course didnt get a place in the charts, it didnt even get more than 5.0% rating. besides my girl only hello miss get into the top 20 chart but with average in 17th place.

    and i also noticed in many website, LDH’s fans are scary. they bash everyone and now they’re bashing the pretty lee yeon hee only bcoz eastofeden. i mean, come on..

  56. kim_calvz says:

    hey you guys

    whats wrong with Lee Da-hae she is really a great actress and can do different roles!!!
    whats with Lee Yeon-hee?…Lee Da-hae really stands out compared to Lee Yeon-hee…just because she got the main lead actress in East of Eden…you are doing some rumors ’bout them….and come on Lee Yeon-hee has been criticized on her performance in East of Eden(i don’t hate her..I’m telling here the truth)

    우리는 당신을 지원할 것이다 이다해

  57. pengy says:

    jab1909, I hope you realise it isn’t LDH’s fault that some of her fans are bashful.. I mean, it’s not only her who has bashful fans… other actresses also do…they are probably overprotective. And I’m sure amidst all the fans supporting each of their idols, there definitely would be some who aren’t bashful. And that’s a relief. Oh and I’m just curious, which drama made it first? you mentioned My Girl made it 2nd. LDH is also quite young, only 24. So if My Girl was already such a hit 3 years ago(correct me if i’m wrong), when she was only 21, I’m sure we can expect more as years come by. Okay, I guess Robber didn’t go well. But as I have said before all actresses have their ups and downs and I’m sure even LDH is no exception. But if I’m not wrong, Green Rose was quite good and Hello! Miss was not too bad too. You can visit
    to see their ratings. And by the way, have you watched Sweet 18? LDH was only 20 years old then. But even though I was and still am an avid fan of LDH, I detested her alot in that drama, implying she could really act. Yes, she wasn’t the lead actress, but I thought she acted her part really well. She could act as a villain, as an innocent girl and as a cute and bubbly girl. She already became famous for Sweet 18 and Green rose but My Girl helped to increase her popularity even more. I admit she’s most famous for My Girl, but other roles also made her popular. And don’t forget, she has only been acting for 6 years while others like Song Hye Kyo, who’s only 2 years older than her, 12 years. That’s two times, implying that there would be a greater chance for SHK than LDH to produce a great drama. In my opinion, both actresses are successful in each of their own ways. As for East of Eden, I’m not too sure. I’ll start staring at the goggle-box as soon as I buy the DVD set. Who’s the lead actress by the way? Lee Da Hae or Lee Yeon Hee? As for LDH’s fans bashing Lee Yeon Hee.. I don’t know why as I’ve not watch the series yet. Does LYH play the villain?Oh and I heard Dennis Oh will also be in the show. Is that true? I’ll be really looking forward to that! And anyway…hopefully LDH, LYH and all the other actors and actresses in East Of Eden gave their all and will bring to us a nice new drama! =)

  58. pengy says:

    what does it mean when they say my comment is awaiting moderation?

  59. brigitte says:

    Hey Guys, stop bashing any of these actresses. They are all good and versatile. I am a fan of Lee Da Hae and in my opinion, she’s really a good actress and pretty as well. She can always pull it off whatever roles she gets. My Girl is always my all time fave & never get tired of watching it. I have seen LDH in all her dramas and she can pull it off perfectly. Song Hye Kyo has a pretty face & good actress as well but compared to her acting, i still prefer LDH.

  60. jab1909 says:

    @pengy. i knew it wasn’t lee da hae’s fault for her shameful fan.

    i knew her since in sweet18. and then i watched green rose. nobody even speak about her then. and when i mentioned her name, almost nobody know her. only after my girl, she became famous. she is a good actress, i acknowledged that. but my point was, her biggest turning point was my girl. she is who she is now is because of my girl. and her other 2 dramas after that is not a hit. as i said, hello miss is just so-so (u can see it in the link u gave). and robber is a flunk.

    but really, i know she can acted well. i dont hate her, but i’m also not a fan of her.

  61. jab1909 says:

    and about LYH, she is the girl who played as fiercely immature 19 year old girl who loves song seun hoon in eoe. i do like her since she played millionaire’s first love with hyun bin. i like her coz she is pretty n cute and has this kind of rare beautiful eyes.

    she is a good actress, but still not as solid as han ji hye and ldh. i suppose, ldh is the main actress. but right now, ssh love interest is on lyh but it is forbidden. so there were lots of critics to lyh as she is with ssh. u know, like.. ‘i hope she’ll end up dying, cos ssh should be with ldh, they make a beautiful couple’ or..’ their kiss were ugly. ssh should kiss with ldh’

  62. pengy says:


    For post number 61, I admit, LDH only gained popularity after MG, but don’t you admit that every actress has a turning point? I mean LDH only started acting in 2002 and after 3 years she then became famous. I’m sure they are not many actresses who immediately became famous after acting in their first time. You need to gain experience. Song hye kyo too, she was already in showbiz in 1996, but only became famous after Autumn Tale. I admit it has already been 2-3 years since MG..but..give her a chance. By the way, have you finished watching the entire East Of Eden series? If yes, how is it? I just started. Found it quite okay. Maybe, only maybe, LDH will also become famous for EOE for those people who didn’t watch MG? She is currently a so-called “one dimensional actress” what many people says.. but who knows? After a few years or so, she might have another nice intriguing show. Just curious, are you a male or female?

  63. pengy says:

    As for LYH…she’s pretty…yeah..I can see that. But IMO, I still think LDH’s prettier..and as i said before it is NOT LDH’s fault about the critics. It’s just unfortunate that the viewers don’t realise that this is a drama and not reality..anyway hope EOE will be a success. CHEERS!

  64. SHEEN says:

    I just read an article that song hye kyo undergone plastic surgery!!!!!!!!!!
    She done something on her eyes and her nose was enhanced!! HER TEETH ALSO!!!




  65. erm.. says:

    i also read in article that lee da hae did her eyes done. plus, her friend said she was very2 chubby before, when she was in sydney. and yeah, they said she did her eyes. and theres not much of her younger age photos to back her up.

    i dont know about shk. but there’s some rumor about her plastic. but she is famous about her natural.


  66. -april19- says:

    hi everyone!!!

    I’m trying to disregard or deliberately refused to noticed those people who posted obnoxious words to DA HAE.
    I am also peeved about it as much as sheen does!!

    I am also an extreme partisan of LDH!(obviously!)
    And considering that I’m a zealous fan, I am really annoyed and resentful when someone tried to say or throw acrimonious or highly offensive words to DA HAE!!

    You’re showing a feeling of disdain and disgust because we the fan of DA HAE keep praising her?
    What a..!! Come on!!
    OF COURSE!! CERTAINLY! because we are a fan!! not a mere fan, but an avid, ardent, enthusiastic and overeager fan of her! SO, it is just appropriate/suitable for us to keep on commending her!!


    Then you’re saying we’re crazy?? GOSH!!
    If expressing admiration to her is what you called crazy,THEN WE ARE 100% C-R-A-Z-Y!!

    I’m just curious and wondering if you guys are a fan also. AREN’T YOU? Coz if you do, I think you will not that skeptical or say or uttered that kind of words to us as a fan!!(THE THING YOU CALLED CRAZY!)

    One thing, how could you say that DA HAE is retarded and nothing until MY GIRL?
    Well, just to give you a brief info. DA HAE acquired lots of recognitions before MY GIRL!! She was awarded as best actress in her LOTUS FLOWER FAIRY and in her GREEN ROSE!!
    And if she’s physically and mentally slow or what you called the abrasive word “RETARDED”. I think she can’t accumulate that kind of awards if she’s really that retarded.

    LARGELY! It’s really inevitable to bear comparison between one actress to another. It’s just usual!

    WITH REGARDS TO SONG HYE KYO! I’m really satiated and exhausted about keep comparing these two great actresses!!*sighs*

    I’ve heard these two actresses (LEE DA HAE AND SONG HYE KYO) are having a series that is simultaneously aired in KOREA right now. Let just see who will do on ratings and of course who will be crowned as BEST ACTRESS!!

  67. ... says:

    @ april.
    fs and jab1909 said nothing against lee da hae competing with song hye kyo. why do u have to bring up song hye kyo suddenly??

    i guess now i understand why some people hate ldh’s fan. people like u, suddenly criticize other celebrities are stupid and has no brain. cant u live just by loving and praising her? y suddenly bring up shk?

    and dont make me wrong. i hate people like u. i dont hate ldh. i like her but i like shk as well. many people like many celebs, so dont start a mess by suddenly bring down other celebs! people like u should just use ur brain. do u have any?

  68. -april19- says:


    excuse me!…. perhaps you are that fs or jab1909! JUST AN IDEA!! Considering that you are that quick witted to know exactly who i am pointing to!

    oh!! come on! You’re deviating the story!!
    You’re trying to exclaim or postulate now that we the fan of LDH are trying to depreciate other actresses!! Precisely, your SHK!


    Concerning on your SONG HYE KYO! Is there a word or an offensive word that i uttered unto you’re fav actress??


    On the second to the last paragraph and the POSTCRIPT, I intend to dedicate that one to the one who posted on number 66 and to sheen also, that keep on comparing da hae and kyo!! It’s really exhausting!! Aren’t you tired also?? Hmmm….I don’t think so!!



  69. glenda says:

    I just read what -april19- has been pleasantly written.And I have found out and the way I see it is “it has nothing to do against song hye gyo”. She just trying to uphold herself as a fan, from fs statement that saying and generalizing that LDH fans are crazy. I am also quite sad about it. I just don’t know why post 68 reacted that way. In terms with implicating gyo’s name, I think it would not be surprising if ever her name is brought up because as I read this site, it is titled “the multi faceted lee da hae”. It is written that da hae and gyo are having similarity. So, to think about it, you can’t avoid to compare this two actresses. And when it comes to bashing other actresses also, I have also read that there are a lots of YEH, SHG, and KTH fans are bashing LDH.

  70. ahjumma says:

    i think i can understand why many people get angry at LDH’s fan. just read the forum at soompi, u can understand. and just read what dexter and MIMI wrote -26 & -28. if i’m not mistaken (i dont read the whole comments, i just scanned trough), before them, nobody bashed LDH for SHK. they all said they love them both, LDH & SHK. i just dont understand why they suddenly said like that when the post is harmony at first.

  71. glenda says:

    As what I have written recently. It’s not surprising if some fans are saying negative words or depreciating other actresses! That’s their view anyway! Just don’t get affected by that thing! As a fan of LDH also, we are also hurt and angry if other actresses fans are bashing LDH! But we just neglect and ignore that thing! Nonetheless, it can’t be avoided to criticize other actress! ACCEPT THAT THING!

  72. ahjumma says:

    so, if it is not surprising some fans are saying negative words, WHY are u surprise when people bashing LDH and her ‘crazy’ fans?? ACCEPT THAT THING!!

    and i think it is more surprising for someone who suddenly started bashing other celebs than other people who start being aggresive when they read their fav. celebs being bashed. is it?

    ur opinion is kinda bias since u ARE LDH’s fan.

  73. glenda says:

    I think this is nonsense! Considering that we can’t stop the fans of both actresses to bash the other actress! Anyway, just to make this clear.”to post 74 ahjumma”
    Did i say that I am surprise? What part? Can you state that thing? I said I was also quite sad about it, but I didn’t say that I am surprise. Indeed, I stated that just neglect and ignore that if others are bashing them, because “I AM USED TO IT”. I HAVE READ A LOTS OF FORUMS AND COMMENTS ABOUT FANS OF THESE ACTRESSES ARE ARGUING, WHO’S PRETTY? WHO’S BETTER? and the blah! blah!

  74. ahjumma says:

    ..? didnt u said u just don’t know why post 68 reacted that way. if u’re used to it, u should just ignore him/her rite?

  75. sonnen says:

    wow.. everyone seems very wild in here~ O_o chill out.

  76. pengy says:

    lol…i posted here before…didn’t expect the “war” to last too long..hahas…okok..guys, chill and peace out okay? And I’m gonna be bias but i support LDH!!! I’m not gonna bash anyone though..i support april19 and glenda and SHEEN!!!!!!!!!YEAP! i’m biased huh?

  77. karin117 says:

    this is so childish. grow up!

  78. tanya11 says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a comment here!!
    Surprisingly, I never expect that the people here will be that wild and hot!!
    It’s really funny to think about it!!

    Anyway, I guess Glenda explained and quite got the point!! Thanks to her, by the way!!

    To pengy:
    I’m looking forward to see you at the soompi forum!!
    I hope you will, so we can continue discussing everything in there!!

  79. -april19- says:

    It’s -april19-!!
    Tanya_11 was my e-mail address!!
    Supposedly, that must be on “Mail”
    I put it on name!! LOL!!!

    Sorry for confusing!!
    It’s -april19- again!!!

    See you there Pengy!!

  80. appleeye says:

    i’ve readed in many forums and blogs. looks like most of LDH’s fan really have ‘some’ attitude. they always talk ill about other actress anywhere. now, LDH has make a big mistake, being irresponsible and arrogant, its fun to see them trying to backup their idol with pointless argument. they try to back up like a sore loser.. its fun to read it. hahaha..

  81. -april19- says:

    Of course a fan will always be a fan!!! What does a fan do in the first place??
    HMmm,, I wonder, if you were also a fan!!! What do you for you fav actress? Aren’t you support her?

    I think this is not the right site to argue about the “EOE” thing!!

  82. Anonymous says:


    i guess what appleeye mean is that most LDH’s fan doesnt know their limits. i guess many people agree with this. most LDH’s fan (or maybe actually just some, but they make too many noise) like to blindly bash other actor/ess, instead of admits her mistake (people do mistake) they blame others, they dont have respect to other’s fan. i, as a reader of some blogs sometimes feel annoyed with their behavior, eventhough it has nothing to do with my fav actress.

  83. -april19- says:

    @ anonymous

    As for me and as a partizan as well, I have also read lots of comments and posts that bashed and judged LDH!!
    I think that’s not really that surprising if a fan criticizes and bashed other actress! I can accept that thing (although I know deep inside of me, that it really hurts!!). And nothing I can do as well!!

    But base on your statement that says LDH’s fan are blaming other actress/actor about the mistake she have done(like what you said), If I’m not mistaken you’re talkin’ about the EOE thing!! I guess this is not the right site to argue about that thing, like I said before!! And it’s tiring also to argue again with you about that controversy!!

    And as what you have stated above as well that LDH’s fan are not respecting other’s fan!!
    I don’t think also that other’s fan are respecting LDH’s fan!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Lee Da Hae is the best actress in the whole world!

  85. kim says:

    Hehehe!! I pity those people who were saying and screaming that LDH is the most selfish and irresonsible actress in korea, just because she quitted and departed from her new series!! LOL!!! What a lame!! Come on! you’re just envious!!

    anyway, that controversy doesn’t affect much on her carrier!! she’s doing well right now, and recently got an award!!!

  86. Kristal says:

    Hello people. Cease fire for now.
    I first saw Lee da hae in Sweet18 and I dislike her that time since she’s the villain, then when Green Rose was shown although I didn’t watch it faithfully like in Sweet18 I was impressed on how her character changed from a sophisticated& rude woman in Sweet18 into a really pretty (as in pretty) and nice girl in Green Rose. I thought that time that wow she’s super beautiful and very refined that even girls like me would be amazed just by looking at her. Then came My Girl and I admit that it did skyrocketed her career as well as my fondness of her. At first I thought her acting was forced but then later on learn and came to love her character…sooo much. Of course it follows that I’ll like Lee da hae too.

    I guess it all depends on where drama an actor stars in, I like Lee da hae but I guess I like her character in My Girl more. I would like to believe she’s similar to Yoo rin (fr. My Girl) in real life but I don’t know her personally and from an outsider’s view of the korean entertainment industry they aren’t like hollywood which kind of spill out every issue about the famous actors, in korea it’s as if everything is master planned that I feel even the actor’s interviews are scripted or something. It kinds of mystifies their actors more and more but at thesame time makes me feel as if there’s a barrier bet. me and the actors and I fail to really feel who they are normally. There I wouldn’t conclude really that Lee da hae is all pure and innocent I mean c’mon she’s got a nice height at almost 5 feet 7 inches tall, great face, gorgeous long black hair, smooth skin, and bangin’ figure…if I have all that combined I wouldn’t think twice about flaunting it as well and I’m just so sure that guys are lining up to court her. She’s just too lucky.

    Well right now just like my view of other korean actresses/actors, I like them coz’ beauty is indeed amazing to look at and korean actors are obviously attractive and are hot in asia currently but what really keeps me from loving them all out (Lee da hae included) is the language barrier and limited interviews that really shows their real side. For me I want to see their real side as well but until then, all I can do is love Lee da hae as Yoo rin in My Girl.

  87. Funkmastuer says:

    shut up,appleye, East of Eden was full of FAIL. LDH made the right decison.

  88. 111 says:

    to all ldh’s fan. lee da hae did plastic surgery. heres the prove. well, haha, shes not natural beauty like what u guys claimed her to be. HAHAHAHAHA

  89. kawaii says:

    I was shocked at first to see the photos, but when i browse younger pics of Lee dae hee then I could say, she is natural beauty and did NOT undergone any plastic surgery!

    See the pics below… Here’s the link..

  90. 111 says:

    I know that photo. but she was 18 in that school uniform. and in the link, she was 17. she DID had surgery.

    have u ever see her younger age pic? like when she was 11, 13 or 15? NO right? because she never revealed it. y? because she had surgery.

    give us prove, other than the link u showed. (i;ve seen that link many times, since thats her fan only prove. but its not valid) show us some of her childhood pic.

  91. XD says:

    Just to make sure… But think about it, why did she had surgery when she still in school and also that picture doesn’t look like her at all!!!!

  92. ct says:

    It was confirm that LDH had plastic surgery. Yes, the photos doesnt look like her at all, but indeed it was her. And actually the photos are already found out 3 years ago. Sorry to say, but it was really her.
    Anyway, this post “Multifaceted” LDH is a match topic about her face surgery..

  93. tt says:

    Come ldh’s anti, please don’t be a liar here, there is another photo from the pagent (you can see from the comments given in Dramabean section). The photo just like her now, plus if you watch MY GIRL, you can see the resembles in the pagent photo, she love making funny faces-she really had rounded face. Plus who said she was 18 in that uniform, she was still in Australia that time before the pagent. Grow up please. And the quality of the photo is suck, how can you just it is really a real face.

  94. hmmm says:

    i just saw both pictures from the link.. well, i cant say much about it.. but the post in dramabeans blog has more explanation than the other photo which the date and place is unknown.. and the pageant photo comes from a solid sources = tv station. hmmm..
    i think she did her eyelids, nose and shave her jaw line. sorry.. but thats my opinion.

  95. nobody says:

    Those who interested to know how ldh look in her early day, check here,. To me she does look the same except maybe a minor eye surgery. If I want to accuse her for having PS, I will say she did after MY GIRL. In MG her face so rounded at that time.


  96. asas says:

    who the hell cares if she’s had surgery done? she’s still one of the best actresses out there.

  97. ......... says:

    agree. i dont care lee da hae had surgery. yeah, she really did have.

  98. sanz says:

    Lee Dang Hae,


  99. jerz says:

    Anyong hi haseyo!!! For me MIss Lee Da Hae is the best Korean Actress.
    I really love her character in My Girl.. She’s very funny!!!Aja!!

  100. Nemu says:

    didn’t they already say? it is well known she’s had extensive surgery done on her face. dunno other areas.

    can say she exaggerates heaps but i guess in the end, all i really cared about was the funny. this post is an awesome collection that’s made clear her wide ranged ‘types’ of acting, in spite of all the negative press =)

  101. daredevil says:

    I like this woman(Lee Da Hae)..The first time I saw her was on the show Greenrose which I never watch on 2005,I just watch it last week on youtube,also My Girl..At first its hard to believe that it was her!haha!

  102. daredevil says:

    She looks good with Lee Dong Wok and Go Soo…
    I was moved everytime she cried on Greenrose.I kept laughing everytime she did some naughty things in My Girl..This woman is a good actress.She can move mountains.She can make evil to have a heart everytime she cries.

  103. enzo fabregas says:

    i love you so much lee da hae! you make me happy and sad in MY GIRL. i really love you!

  104. Anonymous says:

    fake face…

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  107. alex says:

    i am just newbie to K Drama. 1month. Not asian. So my impartial view , LEE DA HAE rocks. Million times better than any Korean actress. Especially SHK with fat chin and fixed face. Smiling all the time not acting for me. Could not stand shk in fullhouse 2 episode. May be people overpraised her and i had too much expectation and found SHK acting so flat i am mad at shk fans for being stupid. I was not LEE DA HAE fan as such but her MY Girl performance made me think which actress can pull off that role?. NONE!.

    I never heard lee da hae before until i watched my girl 3 day before. She is awsome!. babashya!!

    She is best actress in all of korea and even in the world except few.

  108. ve may bay di ha lan says:

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