Scent of Love (2003) starring Chu Ja Hyun

This one is probably less heard of because it has not been widely publicized in Taiwan. Maybe it’s because Eddie Peng was not as popular as Alec Su, Vic Zhou, and Jimmy Lin. It tells a story of time-transcending love between a Korean girl and a Japanese soldier. The scent of her favorite flower leads him to find her in their next life. 
Love at The Aegean Sea (2004) starring Chae rim



I watched this drama partly for Chae rim and partly for the beautiful sceneries in the show. A rather plain plot (rich boy falls for poor girl + family objections + evil thirdwheel) that could have been finished in 20 episodes, they slowed everything twice and stretched it to 40. I would give a round of applause to anyone who managed to finish this drama without pressing the fast forwarding button even once.  


My Bratty Princess (2005) starring Jang Na Ra



(Strictly speaking it’s not a Taiwanese drama, but here goes anyway)


I watched this drama twice! Shows how good it is right? (: In this Chinese period comedy, Jang Na Ra plays a mischievous princess from a previous dynasty but was raised as the daughter of General Situ.  She later falls in love with.. gasp the Emperor, Alec Su! A must-watch if you enjoy comedies!



The love triangle in My Bratty Princess! Chinese actor Lu Xing acts as Bai Yun Fei, another nobleman (actually a prince of some sort but it’s hard to explain if you don’t understand Chinese history). I totally adored the charismatic Bai Yun Fei although he was admittedly selfish towards the end.



Si Tu Jing in her Xiao Long Xia persona! A-DO-RA-BLE. 


Silence (2006) starring Park Eun Hye




Another Taiwanese drama I never managed to finish. It’s better than “Love at The Aegean Sea” because it’s shorter and less draggy. It has a very simple and melancholic plot. Park Eun Hye plays a mute while Vic Zhou is the only son of a CEO of a company. They met at the hospital when they were still kids and developed feelings for each other. Buckets of tears ensue after they are finally reunited, as Vic is already a dying man at the last stage of cancer…


My Lucky Star (2007) starring Yoo Ha Na


If I’ve been disappointed in korean-chinese coproductions, My lucky star definitely revived my hope. The drama totally rawked! It has just the perfect mix of humour (but never over-the-top), bitter sweetness (without being sappy), excellent plot, and many eye candies. Plain goodness! 🙂 I can just rewatch the later episodes again and again without feeling bored. I’ll definitely recommend this drama to anyone who wishes to catch a good Taiwanese drama. Just a side note, I find that Yoo Ha Na has such great chemistry with her male leads although she has a rather distinct “korean style of acting”. I’m so glad the producer cast her instead of any other Taiwanese actress. Thumbs-up for MLS!


  1. Bam says:

    I liked Silence but I have to admit I did a little fastforwarding ‘cuz I couldn’t stand some of the characters in that drama.

  2. HER says:

    i like MLS very much.. they would much prefer to a couple than friends..
    l’ve aalready watch this series. i like when they kissed…. it so romantic!!!!!
    MLS ROCK!!!!!

  3. toni says:

    i can’t believe that ah xing (yoo ha na ) was a korean because with there chemistry on screen, you can’t even thought that those two are from different countries!!! 😛

    Jimmy lin you rock!!! i cn’t believe that your old…34 or 35..god you look like you just turned 23 hehehe!! you Rock!!!

    My lucky star rocks!!

  4. EunNa says:

    My Lucky Star is one of my favourite dramas ever!!! i love watching it over and over again, I went around and recommended it to almost everyone at my school and they all liked it! and JIMMY LIN IS SOOOOO HOT/CUTE and YOO HA NA is now my role model, she’s so pretty I wanna look like her =]

  5. emerald says:

    all this dramas are not familiar but the team up of every one are seems to be good

  6. vaness says:

    i have watch silence, this drama of vic zhuo, makes me fool inlove again and again. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you vic.

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