[Snap!] Song Hye Kyo For Cosmopolitan

Posted: July 7, 2007 in Korean Celebrities, Photo Post
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Sharing a group of nice piccies on Song Hye Kyo! 🙂






  1. sexychikita says:

    she definitely lost weight!..xoxo her arms are thin..but she’s really pretty!to the max!even without make up on..:)i really idolize her!

  2. Patricia says:

    i think her arms are just like b4.. just because her face doesnt have the ‘makeup colors’ doesnt mean she doesnt have them on. it’s just not obvious.

  3. dodo says:

    She is definitely the most beautiful Korean actress – her face is refreshing, her wholesoe personality makes me lover her more.

  4. lovinia says:

    you are my idol! you are the best! you are the most beautiful girl that i’ve known! god bless!

  5. Yen Nhi says:

    she ‘s my #1 idol
    she always looks hot even without makeup
    I love you song hye kyo

  6. albert says:

    SHK is my favorite Korean actress, she’s the one who introduced me to Korean dramas, though its only her dramas & movies that I never get tired watching and viewing them the nth time and still enjoy. She is so pretty and gorgeous – I lke her very much.

  7. Sandy Lee says:

    She’s Very Beautiful. I Love All Her Movies.

  8. DHANA says:

    she’s very sweet girl ‘n she’s so smart ‘n charming……
    i like with her because her acting so amazing…..
    she’s my idol”’

  9. Marlon gupit says:

    She is very beautyful girl,and she is my 1 love in thiz world.

  10. qi says:

    great and cute.aza-aza fighting

  11. Anonymous says:

    aung yoseyo your so beautiful

  12. aung yoseyo song hye kyo your so lovely

  13. n0name says:

    Song Hye Kyo is definitely one of Korea’s precious jewel.She’s like diamonds not only girl’s best friends … but also she will last forever!More p0wer & God Bless!!

  14. tibs girl says:

    song hye kyo,
    ur acting is amazing n reality too i like u (three bear)

  15. Hadezul says:

    Song Hye Kyo.. I love Your Acting.. I Hope I Will Find A Girl That Really Cute And Beautiful Like.. Keep Your Good Work In All Of Ur Carrier Activity.. HAN JIE EUN- ” Aza-Aza Fightin’ ” (K) Mwahh

  16. hyuyttt says:

    i love songhyekyo

  17. Mary Joy says:

    She is a good actress

  18. stacy says:

    i love ol her movies esp. FULL HOUSE…………….go go go girl,,,,,she’s very pretty and good actress.

  19. Maz says:

    Wow – what brand are those sunnies!? She is so stunning

  20. jennifer says:

    ONNI is simply beautiful.aneyyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u

  21. yuri says:

    yup.. she’s awesome…

  22. domasering says:

    Song hye kyo u r the prettiest gal i’ve eva seen in my life,,Relly u r god blessed…Keep up ur good work,,,” Aza-Aza Fightin’”

  23. domasering says:

    love you(three bear)!

  24. нурка says:


  25. Pro^Darkness says:

    Fell in love with you…….The most beautiful lady in da world!

  26. soo yeon says:

    I L(O)ve you soo yeon& song hye gyo

  27. latish says:

    we will never get sick of watching this beautiful goddess on screen just superlicious and now with one yummy boyfriend to boot may you be bless with more happiness and success in both your private life as well as your career in movies, drama, cf’s and all your other endeavours

  28. android says:

    wow!she looks extremely gorgeous! I really like her compared to Kim Tae Hee. I think she’s more attractive. i am bewitched! I wish I’m as gorgeous as her, haha! xo xD

  29. Anonymous says:

    u r sooooooooooooo beautiful.

  30. LER USA says:

    i JUST LOVE sONG hYE-kYO!!!! She’s gorgeous and cute and her face is different from other Korean actresses. And am so happy her boyfriend is Hyun Bin who is tall and handsome with cute dimples. They are such a beautiful couple, so inspiring to look at. Almost everyone is happy for them I also liked Rain but it seems like he was too busy to be serious with her. I hope Hyun Bin takes good care of her.

  31. Song Hye kyo you’are so Beautiful!!! Good Luck !!! Love You

  32. Chami says:

    SHK is the most beautiful korean actress.She is soooo cute.I love her very much!!!!!!!!

  33. harry0731 81@yahoo.com says:

    she is the one…hahhh…..

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