Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Episode 1 (part 1)

Posted: July 8, 2007 in Japanese Drama
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ASHIYA Mizuki (Horikita Maki) disguises as a boy to enter the all-boys school Osaka High so that she can meet her idol and crush SANO Izumi (Oguri Shun). She arrives in school to see a throng of girls running to the entrance of the dorm, all waiting to greet the students from Osaka High.


All the students have to live in a dorm, so the only chance to see them is the 30m distance from the dormitory to their school. In a slip of tongue, Ashiya accidentally says “watashi” instead of “ore” which is used by boys. She immediately escapes and happens to come to the lockers where the boys put their shoes. She doesn’t know where her own locker is so she slipped hers into an empty slot.


Meanwhile, the students from Ashiya’s new class have received news about the transfer student from America.




They were expecting a blonde and blue eyed guy and were shocked to see a Japanese. Once the teacher is gone, Ashiya immediately gets bullied by the class. (I think it’s a practice at Osaka High to torture transfer students on their first day.) On the way to her seat, she gets tripped by the self-proclaimed ‘cutest’ (gayest) boy in Osaka High. He’s probably jealous that Ashiya looks cute.



Just then, Sano comes.


He is extremely mean to her and even flings her bag away, telling her the seat she’s seating is in fact his. (The class had lied to her that it’s her seat.)



Even though Ashiya is pissed off by Sano’s attitude, she is still happy that she finally meets him.

Ashiya holds the record for the 100m sprint at her school in America. Her record is even faster than the school’s fastest runner, NAKATSU Shuichi (Ikuta Toma). Hence, they decide to ‘check out’ her body.


Poor Ashiya. -_-

The 3 dorms in the school are competing against each other. The dorm that wins gets to enjoy weekends out for the whole year. News about Ashiya being a good runner soon spread and the 3 dorms start to fight over her.

On the way to her dorm she sees a guy kissing on the fields. He is the head of dorm 2, 3rd year NANBA Minami (Mizushima Hiro). He is a flirtatious freak.    

Ashiya also meets other interesting characters in the school like KAYASHIMA Taiki (Yamamoto Yusuke) whom Ashiya thinks is a ghost because she seems to see him everywhere. 


After knowing that Sano belongs to dorm 2, Ashiya decides to join dorm 2 as well. She sees Sano sleeping on a bench outside and wanders out.


Ashiya leans against the wooden bench and it decided to give way just then, flinging Sano right on top of Ashiya, landing them in an awkward posture.

That night in the dormitory, dorm 2 is eagerly nominating its marathon runners. Nakatsu, last year’s champion, and Nanba are in for sure. Another member of the track team is in. Nanba suggested Ashiya who turned down. The gay guy volunteered to run too and Nanba reluctantly put him in as well. (He obviously can’t run for nuts) Nakatsu nominated Sano who rejected. It turned out Sano has quit high jump because he tore his ligament before. Now that his injury is fully healed, he still refuses to participate in the sport. Ashiya decides to volunteer to run lest Nakatsu and Sano starts fighting.


Sano and Ashiya become dorm mates. Ashiya is happy but Sano is irritated as he finally got to have one room to himself before Ashiya came.


Sano was about to leave the room when Ashiya asked him, “High jump… why did you quit?”

 Sano:”It’s none of your business.”

 Ashiya:”It’s my business…”

Before she could complete her sentence, Sano has left and slammed the door after him. Ashiya regrets asking him about it.

This part is hilarious. Just then Nanba bursts into the room half naked.


That isn’t the worst part yet.


O_O What an eventful bath.


  1. Wrhoana says:

    Wow..you did it well. I love this Japanese version of HanaKimi. It’s really cute!

  2. shadowlesslight says:

    Thanks 🙂

  3. therainhouse says:

    Lol. Your screencaps brought back memories. I just love watching dramas where the girls dress up as guys.. Wonder whether we’ll ever see a drama where the guy’s the one in disguise. Like White Chicks.

    • hmm guys cross-dressing as girls achieves more of a parody effect, i feel. I’ll be very very amused if it’s well done, but not sure if i’ll buy it in a romance drama xD

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