Hairstyle shapes a person (literally AND figuratively)

Posted: July 11, 2007 in Korean Celebrities, Korean Drama
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Case study: Eric Mun

Phoenix     rating: 4/5 stars

10 yrs before




10 yrs after



This is the first show i watched with Eric in it and I think he looks the best in this show. Firstly, his hair looks styled, and suits his rich-guy image. Secondly, he has a rather long face, so he looks better with slightly longer hair. 


Super Rookie     rating: 1/5 stars


Yeeeeees, I know I said longer hair looks better on him. BUT NOT CURLY LIKE THAT. It resembles a mop, and a wet one. Okay la since it’s Eric, he still looks quite cute. But that hairstyle is definitely a no-no for him.


Invincible Parachute Agent     rating: 2/5 stars


Eric’s face looks super long here and I don’t like it. I guess that haircut is supposed to make him look cold, to suit the role more.


Que Sera, Sera     rating: 3/5 stars


I’ve got quite alot to say about Que sera, sera. I started the show by chance, and wasn’t planning to finish it. But i got addicted to it and finished watching almost the entire show. Eric’s acting has improved so much! Ok but about the hairstyle, I can’t say he looks as good as in phoenix, but it’s not too bad.



  1. blink-n-clean says:

    i actually prefer his look in que sera sera more than in bulsae…. n i do love his look on super rookie… so cute. suits the role real well…

    which makes me want to state another point. eric is like a piece od plasticine that can be moulded into anything. his look can really really suit any role. dont you think so? and he’s good looking in any image… though i prefer him having short hair… and i would like him to stay away from the hard core look. he’s handsome even when he’s sporting those looks.

  2. Cindy says:

    I love Eric’s hairstyle in Phoenix (ten years after) and he is the most good looking with facial hair. I think without it, he feels bare and naked to me. I prefer him with his facial hair. I loved his character in Phoenix (just started). I saw Super Rookie and Que Que Sera too. He indeed improved and a great actor.

  3. Vi says:

    10 years after in Phoenix is definitely Eric’s best look. so manly and handsome~!

  4. joanie says:

    so hott and sexy okay !!!

  5. Phi says:

    I like Eric’s hairs & wardrobe best in Que Sera Sera. He looks sharp with another hairstyle in Spy Myungwol as well. I think with short hairs or the swept up bang, it shows off his handsome facial features. With a bang/fringe in the front, he looks softer & cuter 🙂

    I agree with previous commenter blink-n-clean, Eric’s looks is quite versatile for any images & syles. He could rock the cute, the badass, the gangsterish, the prince charming, the chaebol, the guy next door easily.

    I think among Shinhwa members, Eric is more daring to experience his hairstyles & facial hairs the most, not just for his dramas or movies but for group activities & every day life

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