Song Hye Kyo: C’mon learn from Son Ye Jin!

Posted: July 21, 2007 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities
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No need for revealing clothes or seductive poses, Song Hye Kyo is becoming sexy naturally. Only thing is, she isn’t using it the way she should: to salvage her movie career.


If you guys remember, Song Hye Kyo’s first movie My Girl and I was a flop compared to Son Ye Jin’s Art of Seduction. The audience is tired of seeing tears and want to see a total change of image. In her upcoming movie, Son Ye Jin is acting as the leader of a crime organization who often uses her sex appeal to charm her prey. I would so love to see song hye kyo in a similar role.


C’mon Song Hye kyo, be more daring in the roles you pick please! You never know, maybe a bad girl image is what you need to boost your box office.   

  1. albert says:

    Yes I agree, she can be of different image but should preserve her clean image. Her beauty is so delicate and fitted for a clean image.

  2. Jericho says:

    she does not need to go sexy because she’s naturally sexy. She can be seductive without trying to, you know why? just look at her lips then go a little down her chest!!! wow what beautiful breast she has!

  3. dodo says:

    I agree, just a movement of her lips and smile makes her seductive not necessarily showing her flesh, just a bit.

  4. sam says:

    i do agree that song hye kyo does not need any sexy accessories because she does need the x-factor that every man want in her. she just have to go with her only natural beauty. and hay man do love women who is beautifully plain without makeup.

  5. Tilee says:

    she is a beautiful girl and doesnt need to improve anything she doesnt need to change anything she is perfect just the way she is


  6. Jenni says:

    she looks really petty, in movies XD
    have anyone ever thought of what she looks like without makeup

  7. suhartini says:

    she is a beautiful girl, not only outside but also inside beauty too

  8. lovinia says:

    she is really beautiful. i really like her the way she act and many more. she is one of my favorite actresses in korea i’ve seen few movies and telenovela song hye kyo is a great and the best actress. i wish i could see her in person. god bless! you really had a good job in industry!

  9. JK says:

    You are a very pretty girl. You can always operate my heart. You are my favorite korean actress. I wish you good luck in your lifetime!

  10. albert says:

    agree! Just look, not necessarily stare, just stand
    just smile, wear ordinary dress, wink or not wink her
    eyes, her sexiness exudes just merely being in ordinary
    or normal situation. Summary – she is sexy ! (period)

  11. nuraida says:

    yah she is totally outrageous and gorgeous, then her smile is so seducive no can leave with her

  12. Pooh says:

    You are very beautiful and your smile is very sweet. I like you in the Full House. I love you very much.

  13. Lujille says:

    Hi there! You are a very good actress. You are pretty and look sophisticated. Good luck and God bless.^^,

  14. indah says:

    you are so beautiful.i’m your fans.i’m indonesian.why you never come in indonesia. i hope you will be succes.
    i’m waiting you to act again

  15. mikeal says:

    shes a good actress,shes my idol and ultim8 crush….
    im shy!!!

  16. mikael de leon says:

    can i watch again her show the fullhouse???
    thats my fav>>>plssss….. air it thnx

  17. Bono says:

    She’s doing the right thing.

    I hate most female stars for being sluts!!

  18. wunan says:

    she doesnt need to be sexy and i dont want her to be sexy.

    i think she is one of very rare gems. she is very pretty and very popular, but she always wear modestly. she has sexiness in her body, but didnt reveal it for cheap.

    god bless her. hwaiting!!

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