Different styles, different appeals

Posted: July 27, 2007 in Korean Celebrities
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Sexy – Lee Hyori 




Wild – Shin Min Ah 




Sweet – Han Ji Min  



Pure – Han Hyo Joo 



Mischievous – Im Soo Jung 



Seductive – Chae Yeon 



Elegant – Han Ye Seul 



Porcelain – Lee Bo Young 





Cute – Nam Sang Mi




Punk – BoA




Who is your favourite? =)

  1. isabel says:

    my favorite would have to be Han Hyo Joo. she’s my favorite korean actress right now. i really liked her work in Spring Waltz and currently in As Much as Heaven & earth aka. By Land and Sky.


  2. sollee says:

    i like im soo jung and shin min ah..i had seen them in sad movie ..both are good actors and they both have the x factor and charm….

  3. shin bi says:

    i like lee bo young… she was so cute in mr. goodbye.. very witty in seodongyo and so amazing in queen of the game…

  4. nicky says:

    i like hyori and boa.

  5. babylovemina says:

    Of course : I love Shin Min Ah! She’s wild, sexy and kute with her Smile . I love her after i watched A Love to Kill.

  6. allison says:

    chae yeon :] shes so prettty

  7. thankyou says:

    chae yeon and boa are fugly, hyori is slutty.. the rest are cool especially sang mi and hyo joo

  8. Sweet7 says:

    Han Yeh Sul is so pretty and yes, elegant. I liked her in Fantasy Couple. She was funny.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ShinMinAh looks really REALLY good!
    Loving her, HanJiMin, HanHyoJoo & LeeBoYoung(:
    ImSooJung looks quite cute too.

  10. racoon says:

    han hyo joo ^^

  11. sunflower says:

    i really love hyori and boa. they are my super star in korea. they look so cute.

  12. mallow says:

    han ye seul is the best…
    she’s elegant, that’s true
    loved all her dramas and her movie…
    she’s really pretty..

  13. heinzarnihlaing says:

    she is very beautiful for me

  14. shahera says:

    why lee da hae is not on the list? goshhh,i don’t really like lee hyori. she’s kinda look like a slut. sorry for the fans though.

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