Kim Hee Sun is happily engaged

Posted: October 13, 2007 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities

Korea’s number 1 beauty Kim Hee Sun is soon to be married! The 30-year-old star, whose latest work is SBS drama Smile Again, has decided to end her single hood and tie the knot with her boyfriend, Park Ju-yeong (33), the second son of the president of the Larksang Group.   

The engagement ceremony took place on 30th September.








The groom’s side profile looks exactly like Song Il Gook’s!! 


Judging by their engagement pictures, her hubby is not bad looking! I know that actresses marrying well-off entrepreneurs are a very common trend in the showbiz. But such marriages don’t usually last that long. I much prefer to see actresses carrying their on-screen romance off-screen and marrying their co-stars! Now, THAT’S a whole lot juicier XD  


Kim Hee Sun’s wedding will be held on October 19th at Walker Hill Hotel, which was also where she had her engagement ceremony just 19 days before.


pics credit: ent.tom

  1. chanahi says:

    she is the best there is and will always be the best of the all time….

  2. rania says:

    kim hee sun moi rania le film de sad love story ma a pleurer kim hee sun je t’aime et je t’aime kwon sang woo

  3. dorsaf says:


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