Im Soo Jung finally looks her age

Posted: October 14, 2007 in Korean Celebrities

Don’t be fooled by the curly hair. It’s none other than Im Soo Jung! Although this girl is stick-thin, she does have some nice curves.


Actually I shouldnt be too surprised to see such transformation coming from demure stars. Versatility is about not having one fixed image. When I watched I’m sorry I love you, I thought Im Soo Jung looked like a high school kid. Now, she finally looks like a woman. And quite a sexy one! :p






  1. Vee says:

    Sorry, this girl has NO curves at all!

  2. derek says:

    what magazine is this from? do you have high-quality scans (or know where to find them)?

  3. ff says:

    ahhhhhh so coool n

  4. darialois says:

    she is really pretty[face-wise]…but anorexia is bad…not ok

  5. Sanzose says:

    Curves or no curves she’s the sweetest girl in the korean movie scene….there’s no doubt bout it….

  6. Cat says:

    you say she has curves? are you kidding?! this girl looks anorexic.

  7. moremor says:

    Well, I love lim soo-jung too, but i miss her old cheeks, before “Im a cyborg”

  8. sara says:

    shes too skinny 😦

  9. rehab says:

    she is soo sweet and pretty. shes alos a very good actor 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am guessing a lot of you guys are simply jealous. She’s thin but not unhealthy

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