8 years ago when I watched Into The Sunlight/Craving For Sunshine, I never thought of Jang Hyuk as an outstanding or a particularly good-looking actor. Doesn’t he look like Han Jae Suk (as Kim Woo-jin) in All About Eve??


I never watched Volcano High but I thought it was refreshing to see Jang Hyuk display his comic talent. His exaggerated and goofy actions was a huge change from his previous cool dashing and rebellious character.    


In Joyful Girl’s Success Story, I still felt it was more of a Jang Na-ra show, as the title suggests. I suppose Jang Hyuk’s baby fats and chubbiness was compatible with his immature and bratty role. But he looks less than handsome.



In Windstruck… I appreciate Jang Hyuk’s attempt to shake off his rebellious bad boy image.


… I can’t say I love this image very much :/ But good try.

SO, I was in for a great surprise when i watched MBC drama Thank You


Oh boy was I AMAZED! In Thank You, Jang Hyuk completely erased all negative impression I had of him. He has undergone such a great transformation! I know many would think that he aged alot after army, but I feel that this really gives his character a lot more depth. Not that old = depth but now he resembles a man with real life experiences.


He takes on the role of Min Ki Seo and two of the favourite professions in kdramas, that of a surgeon and also a CEO. (but mostly a surgeon, he was only a CEO for one episode). He looks gorgeous to me in every episode and every scene! But looks aside, he really impressed me with his solid acting. His arrogance, his love, his selflessness… everything was so realistic and impactful. I also like how well he played the unwilling hero – he doesn’t want to play hero and mind others’ business, but his true self always prompts him to help them. I really enjoyed every minute of his acting. Whatever emotion he was feeling, he was able to evoke the same emotion in me. Anyway, I just can’t rave enough about this drama! You got to watch and experience the drama on your own to understand what I’m raving about.  

Now I really ❤  this guy. Thank You has not only redefined Jang Hyuk’s career. To me, it has positively redefined Jang Hyuk.

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’ve only watched one episode of thank you and i must say it’s really good! some parts were so sad..

  2. o-cha says:

    Totally agree with you. Before Thank You I never thought of Jang Hyuk as handsome or that great of an actor. But after watching Thank You I’m heads over heels for him.

  3. jp4675 says:

    Agree 100%. How about that Men’s Health (Korea) cover!!!

    He was absolutely fantastic in Thank You. I can’t wait to receive the DVDs so I can watch again (and again).

    Looking forward to his new drama!

  4. Margie says:

    I simply love him after watching “Thank You”. Very well done!

  5. dramachick says:

    for me, Windstruck is my all time favorite drama, and start to like them both.

  6. marjoshua says:

    i like his role in windstruck he s a good actor and i watch his tv show and i like them all

  7. Scorpio1030 says:

    To be honest I never heard of him but when I saw him in Thank You, I just fell in love. I love his portrayal of the character in Thank You. After watching him in Thank You I bought all his dramas & movies. That show Thank You was very well written and acted. His interactions w/ the leading lady and the little girl was just perfect & believable. He has the ability to do comedy and drama. I watch alot of Korean dramas & he really can act not like those others they just stand there & read their lines no acting at all. I look forward in watching his dramas & movies.
    I want to wish him HEALTH, LUCK AND SUCCESS.
    GREAT JOB!!!!!

  8. Edona says:

    I agree! Jang Hyuk is really a good actor… the best…

  9. imelda says:

    I “wacth” Jang Hyuk grows from Volcano High to The dance of the dragon
    I was amazed seeing him as a change person each of his movie particularly about his body, his face shape although his original Jang Hyuk look still there
    He is so much handsome in matured way, tough and gentle as a man………
    I love the way he look at people …… it’s sharper than sword
    His baby and future wife so adorable too.

  10. Malu says:

    Good pix!!! I love jang Hyuk. At first, when watching Thank You…i didnt think he was all that but after the 2 or 3 episode..I’m in love!!! I cant watch his old movies/dramas as I dont think it’s him. I didnt like the way he looked then but now…God he’s HOT!!!

  11. LEILA says:

    I love his acting.

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