My Lucky Star: Episode 1

Posted: October 14, 2007 in Taiwanese Drama
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Xia Zhi Xing (Yoo Ha Na), dressed classily in branded clothes and expensive looking accessories, enters a café. She introduces herself as Michelle, a designer from E.Shine – a famous Jewellery brand, who just came back from a fashion show in Milan. Her boyfriend Zhao Shi San (Huang Yu Rong) greeted her and they sat down in front of a rich looking lady. Xia Zhi Xing graciously presents a necklace which she claims was brought back from Milan and is extremely precious and exclusive. Meanwhile at another table, the police are already in ambush witnessing the transaction. The lady is prepared to pay 300 dollars for the gem. Xia Zhi Xing felt it was too much as it was only a piece of glass, but her boyfriend persuaded her to raise the price to make big bucks so that they can lead a comfortable life after they marry.    



At the table next to theirs, Zhong Tian Qi (Jimmy Lin) the young master of E.Shine has also arrived at the café to meet his girlfriend Ou Ya Ruo (Hong Xiao Ling). He excitedly tells her that he has won the entry for a car racing competition and is leaving for Italy at 2pm. He hopes that she can join him. He then proposes to Ya Ruo with one of the pair of earrings his mother left him before she passed away. He has worn one and wants to give the other of the pair to his most beloved woman.   



Ya Ruo turns down his proposal and shows him the ring on her finger. She says she is not suitable for him and her fiance is better than him in every way and most importantly, he revolves around her only.   

“Tian Qi, your personality is like the wind. Wind has only direction, it does not have a centre.”   

“If that is your decision, don’t ever regret it.”  Tian qi takes the ear stud and leaves the café.   

Meanwhile at the other table, Xia Zhi Xing (Ah-xing) and Zhao Shi San were about to make the transaction when the ambushed police pounced on them. They fled and Ah-xing told Shi San to flee while she lures the police away. She bumps into Tian Qi while running. He accused her of stealing his earring which she did not and caused her to be arrested by the police. Ah-xing is furious at Tian Qi for maligning her and yells at him as she gets dragged away by the police.    

This fateful day, on the same street. Two people forsaken by their love, the heir of a jewellery empire and a con artist who lands in jail for love. Neither of them dreamt that the coincidental bump is actually the start of a new relationship.  


Ah-xing was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment.   





However, she was released early after she fabricated a touching tale and promised to repent. She wanted to surprise shi san ge with a present so she went to the airport to retrieve some money she has secretly hidden there.    

At the airport, Zhong tian qi has just returned from Italy. His father sent a few men to bring him home.  


Haha more like handcuff him home.   

Tian qi cunning as he is, lied to a car racing fan of his that he is kidnapped by gangsters. (His fan is an Englishman so his bodyguards did not understand their conversation.) He told them to unlock the handcuff so he could sign an autograph for his fan and reassured them that he would not be able to escape with so many of them around him. After he signed the autograph, he managed to flee with his fan’s help and in desperation, decided to hide in the female toilet.   

In the toilet he bumps into Xia zhi xing, who screams when she sees him. Tian qi frantically stops her from shouting and pushed her into a cubicle. She sees the ear stud he’s wearing and recognises him as the man who landed her in jail.  



Xia zhi xing heard voices outside the toilet talking about handcuff so she thought tian qi is also a criminal running away from the police. She decided to take revenge by yelling for attention and the bodyguards rushed into the toilet and found tian qi when the toilet door collapsed.  

The person who wanted to get Tian Qi home is actually his brother Zhong Tian Jun (Leon Jay Williams) who is getting engaged. Tian Qi and his brother have always been very close. However, Tian Qi has already found out from the press that the person who is getting engaged to his brother is Ya Ruo. Tian jun is the man whom ya ruo referred to as better than him in every way. Tian Qi felt angry and betrayed by Ya Ruo.  

Besides the engagement party, E.Shine is also planning to display and auction the most precious and mysterious gem Queen Mary on the same day. Although the gem comes with a curse, many powerful and famous people have arrived to bid for it.   

One of the board of directors, director Zheng commented how cold hearted Zhong Wei (tian qi and tian jun’s father) is to auction off his deceased wife’s belonging just to revive the company’s sales. He warned that if the auction is to go wrong, zhong wei would have to hand over the company.  


  1. joe says:

    this movie is wonderful and romantic . yoo ha na is beautiful girl and jimmy lin is handsome boy

  2. seshoumaru says:

    i watch this drama coz of li wei..

  3. my lucky star says:

    this is the best twdrama, in my opinion, its best devil beside you, why why love, iswak, romantic princess
    i loved it, once you start watching it you will have to finish the whole serie, i felt like the 2 main characters had real chemisty in between them! i loved the fact he gave up everything for her, i loved the pureness of their love, which just touches your heart, i loved the fact for 1 a second i thought that there are people in life who will do so much for love!

  4. Hanna :-P says:

    I really like the story.. It’s so romantic and a little funny story.. Jimmy Lin
    is so cute and Yoo Ha Na is
    very pretty girl.. You two are a good couple i think..

  5. smile says:

    i Love this movie. yoo ha na is so pretty and cute. one of the best drama movie i have seen.

  6. maexhia says:

    i like this movie….. it portraits much about LOVE…. surely Love comes in when they least expected it….. The nices thing is they end up with each other…….. To ” my lucky star ” your the BEST….

  7. uyen tran says:

    that so cool………..i watch with english………i like yo hanna and jimmy…..the end is good…they come together… it like romantic of princess and prince……………………………………….wow………

  8. jenny says:

    i love the movie!! i love tian qi soooo muuuchhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    he is so hot he’s the hottest guy iv ever seen in the world!!!!
    i couldnt stop watching it
    they were the best couple but it would be a dream if he were to be with me
    yu hai na is really pretty and the best actress iv ever seen
    i really want to know if e.shine is a real company
    ps luv you every actors in the movie especially tain qi

  9. spicewengzy11 says:

    we’re agree…
    this series is one of the best taiwanese series i’ve watched….

    try to grab…..

    definetely, you’re gonna love it….

    especially the tandemn of two man cast

  10. hanhtrinh says:

    I agree with all of you. Their ways of acting are so great. When the drama ended, I couldn’t stop thinking of them and their love. That drama helps me think of love more deeply and I became more opened.
    WOWWWWW, they are a great and perfect couple. I love them.

  11. hanna1806 says:

    i’ve juz finish watching diz drama…..

    yoo ha na n jimmy lin…….

    both of you are de best………

    n i love diz series more than others….
    diz is the bez drama i;ve ever seen.
    it make me laugh, cry, n laugh again..
    how could i 4get diz drama…….

    luv u jimmy….u’re so cute….

    MY LUCKY STAR IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. beauty says:

    hi hana you i’m ur number1 fans

  13. Yim Nie says:

    I watched this drama because of lee wei…
    i just found out that Lee Wei ex’gf is Xu Wei Lun whom has passed away.
    Such tragic life for a young actress.

    And for Lee Wei, gud luck with your life..

  14. Yim Nie says:

    Do anybody know whether he still with Tammy Chen?

  15. anita says:

    I love my lucky star!! its awesome and jimmy is soooooo hot!! cant stop watching it x)

  16. not telling my name says:

    OMG!!! i luv the series my lucky star
    jimmy is soo hoooooott!! and yoo ha na is soooo pretty!
    luv ya jimmy!!!!

  17. therainhouse says:

    Maybe I’ll give this a try after all.

  18. cAi says:

    this is a great series !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. lorainne says:

    I really love this drama. I cried a lot and laugh a
    This drama makes me in love all over again, the two lead had a very good chemistry they make a good couple, in which we can easily feel the love and sweetness between them..
    I love Jimmy and Yoo Ha na a lot. Even almost 4 years had passed, I still can’t forget them both, on how they shake my world. Here I’am now, still waiting and hoping for them to be together again in a drama..

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