Dance of the Dragon

Posted: October 15, 2007 in Film
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I’m so excited about Jang Hyuk’s new movie!!





Jason Scott Lee (Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story), Korean heartthrob Jang Hyuk (Windstruck, Volcano High), and Singapore’s A-list artiste Fann Wong (Shanghai Knights) star in Dance of the Dragon, a modern day tale of love, passion, courage and hope, with the demanding and visually stunning disciplines of ballroom dancing and martial arts woven into the plot.


Asian American Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee plays the role of Cheng, a former martial arts champion. His relationship with Emi (played by Fann Wong) is threatened by the arrival of Tae whom Emi mentors in dance. Soon, student and mentor appear to develop feelings for each other, leading to a showdown that will resolve the passionate love triangle.


Jung Hyuk plays Tae in his first-ever English-speaking role. Veteran Singaporean thespian Lim Kay Tong (Perth, City Sharks) rounds up the stellar leading cast playing the role of Li Bao, an underworld character. Dance and martial arts are pivotal to the film’s storyline. Ballroom dancing is Tae’s lifelong dream and through Emi, he can develop this craft. Tae must also face in a martial arts challenge with the loser leaving Singapore – and Emi.


Korean star Jang Hyuk when asked about his favourite Singaporean food and what he liked most, immediately responded “the delicious chilli crab and Tiger beer.” He went on to add that, “Singapore is very clean and beautiful”, and he makes no issue of walking the streets and shopping malls, and queuing at a stall in a local food court for the Singapore experience.

Currently the film shoot of the movie, which lasted a period of eight weeks, is completed. It is scheduled for international release early 2008.
Watch the Dance of the Dragon news clip:



  1. Salomeh says:

    Hi dear jang hyuk. U were best choice for this role in dance of the dragon. Best wish for u

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