Korean actresses with and without makeup

Posted: October 15, 2007 in Korean Celebrities
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Song Hye Kyo




Love this girl’s skin! simply gorgeous.


Lee Da Hae




I think Lee Da Hae looks more youthful without make up.. 


Jun Ji Hyun




Jun Ji Hyun’s complexion is not too good… but still pretty.


Han Ga-in 


Same problem as Jeon Ji Hyun, skin lacks radiance.


Moon Geun Young

Pretty decent complexion… but she looks like an ordinary high school girl.    

Jang Na-ra



Not too bad!

Lee Young Ae

What happened to her beautiful slim face?! She definitely needs more than just make up to salvage her image and career. 


  1. nawzar says:

    Really difficult.. All are pretty… But I love the Ga In most… Is it strange…?

  2. jenny says:

    lee da hae has make up on her face,she’s ugly without make up.she’s not natural.

  3. mischa says:

    hey jenny, what’s ur problem with lee da hae? the girl is ridiculously beautiful and talented.leave her alone!

  4. o-cha says:

    Han Ga In actually has really nice skin. That pic didn’t do her justice lol.
    They are all pretty so even without makeup they’re still pretty. Although it kindda breaks my heart to see Lee Young Ae now…=(

  5. kjesin says:

    I like Lee Da Hea , Lee Young Ae & I like Song Hye Kyo,Too.But All Are Pretty.

  6. light sky says:

    Song Hye Kyo ‘s still very beautiful although she doesn’t make up.
    I admire Song Hye Kyo very much because I’m a fan of her.

  7. Hijam says:

    Mmmm… It seems like there is no one who can compete against song hye kyo’s cute and decent face…

  8. albert says:

    They are all pretty, but the most beautiful of course is Song Hye Kyo. Even other stars cannot help comment about her natural beauty. Every part of her body from face to foot including her height is very even, nothing is too much, nothing is lacking, perfectly honed/shaped. Her face is refreshing and becoming more beautiful when your eyes linger on her pretty face. Whatever dress she wears fit well, with make-up or none, she shines.

  9. rsengra says:

    hey,luv u song hay kyo, the most beautiful one. and how a pity, for jun ji hyun. too ugly. heeeeee 🙂

  10. mich says:

    ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… i love han ga in.. she soooooooooooooo prettty~

  11. gilian says:

    With or without make-up Kim Tae Hee is the prettiest among all Korean actresses..

  12. fea says:

    i like Lee Da Hae, Song Hye Kyo also Jang Na ra. THEY ALL PRETTY AND GORGEOUS!!!!!!! With make-up or without make-up

  13. kay says:

    kim ah joong is the most natural from all the girl, but it looks like song hye kyo has make up on both the pictures, the girl is only pretty but she doesn’t have that cute look like chae rim.

  14. EIRA says:


  15. nabil says:

    i love you lee youngae

  16. Kiksy says:

    For me the most beautiful is SONG HYE KYO.
    others: Han Ga in
    Yeh and Kth

  17. jimmy says:

    jang na-ra is the prettiest.

  18. jimmy says:

    actually its really confusing !!!!!!!!!!!
    all are pretty.

  19. nice boy says:

    hi song hye kyo & Lee Da Hae & Moon Geun Young & Jang Na-ra i am crazy about you , because you are very pretty and very beautiful , please send me other photo and wallpaper . good luck

  20. kim tka says:

    n sarang’e to all korean actress 🙂

  21. kat says:

    for me, song hye kyo was the pretiest,,, also kim tae hee… I was also confused with who’s prettier with two of them… all the filipinos love song hye kyo… i really like her skin, very smooth, her face is perfect, and whoever say that she’s not beautiful or cute was just so insecure… all the guys were dying with her beauty…love you

  22. yernie says:

    wow, they still look nice tho. hehehe

  23. WOW! they still look prettie without make..! jun ji huang still looks like da same without make up… but i think she looks prettier with make up on. ;D

  24. they all still look like da same.. accept lee young ae… she rellie needs make up on.. jun ji hyun looks prettie without make up… but i think she looks PRETTIER wit makeup on… ;D

  25. Mae says:

    Lee Da Hae is so pretty. Actually! she doesn’t put much make up on with the two pics.

  26. kyawminthant says:

    i love kim tae hee. she is the prettiest woman in korea.

  27. MIMI says:


  28. Bimbo says:

    i think you should also include Kim Hyun Joo as the simpliest, but yet one of the most prettiest faces as a korean actress !!! apart of it; is that ; she’s more prettier; if shes doesnt ware makeup.

  29. sonam says:

    hello, song hye kyo i love u so much ……… u look perfect in every field……..one of ur fan

  30. sonam says:

    hello, song hye kyo i love u so much ……… u look perfect in every field……..

  31. sengseng says:

    whatever people say, i think song hye ko is the most beautiful girl.
    lee da hee is not natural.i agree with jenny.
    l d h is a copycat. i hate her.i think she wants to be so sexy.and she’s not so good at acting. if u don’t believe, look for her movie “my girl”.
    too bad acting. ldh has no quality.

  32. sengseng says:

    don’t be foolish. u think shk is a dwarf”? oh i wonder that u have a poor eye. shk is not a dwarf but ldh is a skinny chicken ( wet with rain)
    it’s ok. try to accept the truth.
    poor ldh.

  33. malah says:

    hey mimi and sengseng!!!!

    song hye kyo and lee da hae
    are both beautiful…
    song hye kyo is not like a dwarf!!!

    i love them both!!!

  34. ehm cuatro says:

    im so intrigue with han ga in..
    shes so familiar..

    but shes beautiful!!!

  35. . says:




  36. . says:

    lee young ae was also actually very pretty, but now, she’s more than 35 years old, of course, u cant compare her with other young actress, not fair, u know.

    thats y i said these pics doesnt do justice.

  37. Kukuxumususu says:

    They are so beautiful even without make up!!!!

  38. karen says:

    to mimi who said that song hye kyo is a dwarf is just jealous. she is like a goddess even she is short. she is very gorgeous. no one can beat her. all korean actress are very pretty but song hye kyo is the most beautiful and also cute.

  39. momo says:

    Shuttup ya’ll , LEE DAE HAE is the prettiest , and thats final !

  40. narges says:

    lee yong ae very beauti veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  41. galbayar says:

    korean buautiful actorss is lee de hea,song hye ko and kim tea hye.

  42. Anonymous says:

    At least three of those actresses “without makeup” have some form of foundation, TM, etc. on. Skin does not shine like that naturally.

  43. marianina says:

    What a funny thing A lot of venezuelan girls look like these girls

  44. ara says:

    still beautiful

  45. shahera says:

    ofcourse lee da hae is the prettiest!! no doubt. love herrrrr.

  46. lala says:

    Honestly the majority of these girls have got work done so it doesnt matter anyways..lol

  47. jea says:

    i really love song hye kyo! she’s totally perfect! the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen! gosh! whatever angle she pose is totally perfect! wether its a stolen or not.. how lucky you are shk! next in my list is jessica alba then ha ji won..

  48. Bbachya...^_^ says:

    i love you Lee Da Hae with and without make up i’ll always support you Goooo…^_^

  49. clarissa says:

    song hye kyo ,,,ur so beautiful i wish i had ur face……………hehehehehehe………XD…………..ganda mo ‘day….

  50. nou xiong says:

    wat’s up lee dea ha… well i love ur movies!!! i hope that u do another coll movie like my girl.. i think you are really funny in that movie but i like it lot… i watched it over and over it again.. idk y but i guess its really good… I also think that gong chan is really cute and hot AND sexy.. well bye for now and hope to see one of your movie again!!!!

  51. trooloo says:

    the first one especially has tons of foundation and powder on. looooooooooooool….can people REALLY be so stupid?!?!?! its freakin obvious

  52. stalker_queen says:

    this proves that make up is a necessity

  53. kim says:

    they all r great n gorgeouus and all r blessed wid great n beautiful faces.korea must b proud of them

  54. snake says:

    lee dae hae…..u look great.wanna see u witj lee dong wook on next drama…baasya!!!!

  55. -april19- says:

    lee da hae, ur simply the best!!!

  56. annie says:

    wow is that really a pic. of song hye kyo w/o make up?! i’m suprised that some koreans need make pu i always thought they were natrualy beautiful maybe enhancing and few touch up spots. i’m not familiar with jun ji hyun but yeah her skin is horrible.

  57. Barnrbas,M,G,Ht says:

    I love lee da hea

  58. m says:

    Only lee young ae

    she is very beauty in asia and world .


  59. fs says:

    lee da hae’s fan are really annoying. i mean, yucks at ur attitude. praising her all the way and then bashing shk, yeh, kth, and latest leeyeon hee. get a life.

    who’s lee da hae? her only success is only my girl. and it is her pure luck to be picked in east of eden. look at her other dramas, everyone considered it as failure esp robber. and i never heard of her before my girl. and she like to wear sexy clothes. she is so not pure and innocent as her fans always claimed her.

    she only depends on her looks. thats y she was sick and sent to hospital for trying too hard to be slim (she was fat before, and very2 chubby O_o)

    dedicated to all lee da hae’s crazy fan. and also to herself.

  60. kim_calvz says:

    whats wrong for being defensive? Lee Da-Hae’s fan were just being defensive for those people who keeps saying negative towards her?………you know what is “Fan” right?
    of course when you idolized someone…..every angle in his/her face is good!you will amaze on his/her talents.

    what’s with Lee Yeon-Hee…she is not popular(hello)
    and Lee Da-hae stands out compare to Lee yeon-hee and come on! Lee Yeon-hee has been criticized for her performance in East of Eden..

    she picked as the main lead actress in East of Eden because the director really thinks that she will give justice on the charter of Min hye-rin……and he praised Lee Da-hae’s professionalism……

    she only depends on her looks!!!of course..she will..she is a celebrity,always be beautiful…seen beautiful… whats wrong with that? for your information Lee Da-hae was sent to the hospital due to her overwork…”trying hard to be slim”like what i said she is a celebrity.you know what i mean!

    her only success is my girl!!!what about green rose what about lotus flower fairy etc…what about those commercials what about those ah?!!!

    yes i’m being defensive coz she is one of my favorite!

    우리는 당신을 지원할 것이다 이다해

  61. corizza says:

    come’on guyz moon geun young is really beautiful and cute she looks like a highschool girl for you yeah it’s true because she is a baby face girl and it hink she wll not become an old girl ^^ stop saying that she’s a highschool girl…she is 20+years old now…

  62. pengy says:

    Oh gosh… Some people just take their comments from somewhere else and copy and paste it here. LOL. Okay..anyway..though I suspect some of the actresses here has some make-up on in both pictures, I think Han Ga In looks the best here. Though I think Lee Da Hae looks quite good too. Love her the most! =) And anyway whats wrong with make-up, I’m sure 99.99% of the Earth’s women use make-up! As for guys, we can really tell the difference as few use make-up..I agree with “stalker_queen” Make-up nowadays are indeed necessary!! As for Lee Young Ae, she really needs make-up! But like what “.” said, lee young ae is much older compared to all the other actresses mentioned above. So it isn’t quite fair. Anyway, “ehm cuatro”, you probably find Han Ga-in familiar because she acted in witch yoo hee? =)

  63. jab1909 says:

    kim calvz, calm down… u’re just like other fanatics fan of ldh.

    but really, without my girl, ldh wouldn’t be like she is rite now. i’m telling u, green rose was not a hype at all. so does lotus fairy tale. hello miss is just okay. robber is a total flunk. i’m saying with a base. i guess u’ve read it my other post.

    and about lee yeon hee, nobody compare it with ldh. she just started her career. and she isn’t a bad actress at all, just not as solid as hjh and ldh. the hype is just because of some ldh’s fan who are mad that lyh with song seun hoon now in eoe. they cant take it altho ssh will b with ldh later.

  64. pengy says:

    jab 1909, hope you’ll look at my comment for “The Multi-faceted Lee Da Hae”

  65. jab1909 says:

    pengy, i hope u also read my comments for u in multifaceted lee da hae

  66. pengy says:

    oops sorry. I didn’t realise mine is in moderation. I wrote a new one. It’s number 58. Why is it in moderation by the way?

  67. kim_calvz says:

    jab 1909

    my fault!…I’m just carried away for some comments about Lee Da-hae that makes my nerve $%#$ high…

    about lee yeon hee!!!it doesn’t matter if she is with Song Seung-heon…coz i know the director confirmed that Lee Da-hae is the love interest between Song Seung-heon and Yeon Ji-heon.
    ’bout her acting it’s just my opinion and she is been criticized on her performance…maybe because her co-actors have more exeprience than her!!!but i’m not anti- Lee Yeon-hee or what ever!….i just don’t like her performance in East of Eden(that’s it)

  68. ... says:

    not all filipinos love lee da hae…Of course all people love different actresses. They are all pretty in their own way.Of course the picture is sometimes fake so don’t just believe on what you see.

  69. Khin Lay says:


  70. omg says:

    oh well, the pictures did NO JUSTICE. some has the lighting advantages. and dahlia or whoever wrote this, how did u know they didnt even wear a slight makeup?

    everyone knows han ga in has very pretty skin. and lee young ae too, but it is just that her age is almost 40. and jun ji hyun too. u just take their worst pics.

    and for lee da hae, she just had the best lighting there. dimmed light is perfect for everyone even with pimple!

  71. glenda says:

    the comments that i read here, is the same as the comments posted on “the multi faceted lee da hae”!!! I also posted some comments in there.
    keep bashing ldh! i dont know!


  72. Anonymous says:


  73. LEILA says:

    Song Hye Kyo.SHE IS LOVELY.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Lee Da Hae is the most gorgeous and amazing actress ever!!!!

  75. aung81dude says:

    Moon geun young lovely actress the most

  76. mama says:

    Nam sang mi and lee da hae are the best actress for me

  77. wee says:

    Lee Da Hae had plastic surgery. before plastic, she looks ugly.

  78. bjharm says:

    frankly I very much doubt any actress is going to take a step outside without some form of foundation to protect their skin from the sun and/or pollution, it be like stepping outside and forgetting to put their clothes on. The thing is of course how different they look after being treated by a professional make up artist for a photo shoot and what they put on when in private..the home look as it where.
    I have seen Jang Nara without make out, she did one of those before make up and after. totally convinced me that you just can not say if any celebrity has had plastic surgery be looking at a photo of someone done up by a professional.
    Just her eyes looked twice the size after make up never mention the rest of her.
    {this is NOT to suggest Jang Nara or any of the ladies above have had surgery..certainly not Jang Nara who always had the reputation of being a ‘natural’}

  79. M says:

    ive seen LDH before surgery. she was really ugly compare to her now.. well, right now, whenever ive see her now, eventhough she is very pretty now, i cant see anything “beautiful” from her because it is plastic.. thats what the different between natural and plastic..

  80. chongchong says:

    ha ha im prettty sure they are all wearing some make up like foundation i have seen legit no makeup pics before and they are scary anyone who wwears makeup in their career is going to have kind of a worn look to them without it

  81. Anonymous says:

    Jun Ji Hyun… have a pretty matured face… I still like her face a lot. Long oval face always look pretty in any hair style.

  82. kj says:

    I think they all look pretty, really! Even without make up!
    And: Don´t forget that all those pictures with “make up” are just created with photoshop!

    I work as a graphic designer and photographer and believe me, sometimes it´s a miracle what you can do with that program to make a person look good…

    So: I find all of them muuuuch more pretty without those fake photoshop tools!

  83. rissa says:

    still so pretty ^^

    and fyi, half of them do have makeup in their “without makeup” pics xD its a super light eyeliner and lip gloss plus foundation but its nothing overdone like their regular photoshoots. you forgot kim tae hee ! >.<

  84. nami says:

    It’s pretty hard to judge based on ONE small photo, some of which are worse quality than others … especially when it comes to complexion.

    I mean for Lee Young Ae she has a different hairstyle and she’s looking straight ahead rather than a 3/4 shot … obviously her face won’t look as slim.

    They’re all quite pretty without makeup.

  85. laiha says:

    I totally agree with some and think that in any of those “no makeup” photos… they’re wearing makeup. Especially cuz they usually have a yellow tint to their skin.. since remember they’re Korean. They wear foundation no matter what. Most Korean actresses aren’t very attractive and all seem the same. They usually look boring to me. But Kim Ah Joong looks like an anorexic pig that had way too much plastic surgery. Unfortunate but thats what it looks like. Anyways, All the 2NE1 girls are much prettier than any girl shown on here. They all look different (not boring at all) and I love watching 2NE1 tv cuz u can see them a lot without any makeup at all cuz it shows then washing their faces, just waking up. The bottom line though is no girl should be ashamed to not wear makeup. Your natural face is beautiful always. Though makeup is great and super fun. Either way, I don’t think all Korean actresses should be called gorgeous because its very not true.

  86. EDNA says:

    Beauty really depends upon the eyes of the beholder. But for me beauty would mean the totality of a person. And for this, i would proudly say that YOON EUN HYE is the most beautiful korean actress of this time. She does not only own a pretty face and figure, but she sure has talents to show, not only in acting but also in singing, dancing, and art. I really admire this person’s beauty, because she is not only beautiful outside, but also inside.

  87. yudi says:


  88. hehe says:

    to me, lee yeon hee is the prettiest korean actress. i also think kim tae hee is pretty. just my opinion 🙂

  89. snow says:

    i like korea actresses and actors. i love all.

  90. R F says:

    Lee Young ae is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
    we love here for ever !!!! 😀

  91. " beautiful slim face" :D says:

    lee young ae was never going for that image.
    she was 34 when she became famous. she was always chubby(by ur standards) + shes one of the few korean celebrities with no plastic on her face.

  92. oh yea... says:

    she dosent need to “salvage” her career. shes happily married. DJG came out in 2003 and lady vengeance in 2005.they wanted reruns of DJG in 2009 ( zimbabwe and russia)
    shes still popular after 5 years of absence.

    “salvage” ? pff.

  93. Anonymous says:

    they are so pretty and lovely. Korean beauties are so admirable

  94. Bee says:

    still have make up

  95. Anonymous says:

    lee young ae’s photo with make-up is probably photoshop-ed too! I mean, every image that is used to endorse something is going to go under changes. Also, there is perspective!

    Plus, her face looks like its normally square (or whatever shape it is) so if she’s going to have to live up to her “image.” she has to go under sugery.

    just my opinion 😀

  96. Anonymous says:

    Lee Young Ae’s career does not need salvaging… She has a lot of offers for new projects. She just too picky.

  97. L says:

    they Still have make up, that’s not fair

  98. bagbagtu says:

    they all look pretty… though kim tae hee has that unique appeal…

  99. jen says:

    so lame to compare different ages of actresses n then cite on the oldest to do something to her skin. what are u thinking?

  100. GoGetFucked says:

    Wow, this is so sad. I can believe people are criticizing others for the way they look naturally. Koreans are so shallow. This really lowers my respect for them.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even watch Korean shows and I think that everyone of these women are attractive. Low self-esteem + vanity = calling everyone ugly to make yourself feel better.

    But seriously, if you’re calling these Koreans ugly, why don’t you go look in the mirror and sees who’s better looking. I assure you, these actresses will win by a ton.

  102. lily do says:

    even in the supposively pictures without makeup actually have makeup..they just dont go crazy with eyeliner and color so its looks natural. all the korean girls i know would wear just thick foundation to have the silky natural look.

  103. apnea says:

    Today, I went to the beach with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to
    her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab
    inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  104. antikdrama says:



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