Korean Hunks 10 years back

Posted: October 15, 2007 in Korean Celebrities
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 I never knew Bi’s ears stick out so much! No wonder he needs long hair to cover up.         



Kwon Sang Woo  


 Handsome dude.   


Jo In Sung  


 I think this wasn’t that long ago. Jo In Sung looks the same.  

So Ji Sup  


I love So ji sup but seriously, he looks retarded in the younger photo. and he looks like he’s wearing a chef’s hat.  


Bae Yong Jun 


 I thought So Ji Sup’s hair was bad enough. I was wrong. So Bae Yong Jun sported the Ahjumma look even in his teenage days…  


Kang Ta 


 Kangta looks nerdy with the specs but passable.  

Ryu Si Won 


 I didn’t know the chef hairdo was so in. :/ Looks like Ryu Si Won really lost a few pounds. And those frames look like my grandpa’s… 


Won Bin 


 I know! I saved the best for the last! Won bin was such a CUTIE when he was young. I bet all his female classmates must be swooning over him instead of paying attention in class.



 pics credit: CRIonline



  1. yoorin says:

    these are so cutie pop!!gosh

    Korean addictzzz!!

  2. chrystal says:

    yes!! won bin is super cute! nice website btw.. =)

  3. sara says:

    i love u kwon sang woo ur the best actor in the world and ur so handsome am a kurdish girl from kurdistan in iraq

  4. HAHAHA says:

    OMG. I am dying. LOL this is sooo funny. flat top hair. LOVE it. HAHAHA

  5. LivZzzzzz says:

    Hi kwonsangwoo n RAIN muach….I want to give u an opinion….How about if u 2 make a pictorial book which look up about u’r sexy body….so any woman will like u 2 very much….tq =) I will wait it….

  6. Vi says:

    Won Bin is the best looking korean actor! always #1 in my heart!

  7. mca says:

    ROFL i was laughing so hard at Ryu Si Won’s pic XD its so damn funny XD

    and won bin was so cute as ever XD

  8. nikki says:

    hello!! i luv Rain frst of ol,den wonbin ,ok..den…Kwon sang woo bt i think Rain is da best….ha..ha..no one is better (jst kiddin)- lol

  9. hello says:

    well… i haven’t seen won bin in korean series yet… but he’s simply d best among them… he’s really cute even from the start…

  10. ikebana says:

    I love your post, but where is Song Seung Heon?

  11. josephine08 says:

    won bin is my no. 1……

  12. Xero says:

    Won Bin seems like he may be suffering from depression since he got out of the military…Looks very haggared and sad. He appears older than his true age. Perhaps the knee injury affected him mentally.
    I wonder what his wife looks like.

  13. Anonymous says:

    woah, hold up Won Bin has a wife? Who?

  14. shadowlesslight says:

    From what I know, Won Bin is still single.

  15. norvie says:

    Jung ji-hoon is cute and totally handsome (hot then), i love this guy since he made the Full Haus together with jenny( don’t know her real name)…i gonna die for this hot guy.I wish I would see him, i didn’t watched his concert here in the Philippines before b’coz do not have enough bucks to splurged to it..hehehe…it is to0 expensive..huhuhu…i love you rain…=)

  16. norvie says:

    Im always staring at Jung Ji-hoon’s photos…he is really handsome and hot!!!

  17. sagal says:

    hi kwon sang woo i am Somaliam girl and i really like your film sad love story it was my best favorite film in my life so i saw more people saying different words in the website so by the way we all like ur film i mean all somalain and loving u and we are really ur fan all somalain i hope from the god when we get government u will visit our country i hope one day and i will say hello jang kwon sang woo bye

  18. katie says:

    hahaha… so funny ;D

  19. cicilia says:

    lol.! all your comments are so funny! i couldnt stop laughing! i love the pix you put up! wow! most of them look so nerdy! lol. They have gotten so much hotter! hehe! won bin still looks the same… so ji sup cracked me up big time (Im a fan of him, still love him) ^^..

  20. Fariza says:

    I love won bin.And he is always in my heart

  21. mae says:

    dam they soo fine…

  22. ronaiza says:

    Well…what a heck pic but funny indeed!!! they’re cute…hehehe!!! Well, bae yong jun cute parin even he got a very bad hairdo!toinx

  23. Rai says:

    I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of Won Bin & all Kpop star pictures and videos. Check it out yourself.

  24. danisha says:

    sang woo oppa, sang woo oppa, n sang woo oppa…
    u re so cute;

  25. NCDM says:

    They all look better now that they are adults. They didn’t look too good when they were young except for Wonbin, Jo In Sung & Kangta.

  26. babychick says:

    SO JI SUB is the best!

  27. xxgurlyxx says:

    wonbin looked best!
    second is prolly either kwon sang woo or Rain

  28. sam says:

    so if they use to look like that so what past is past i don,t think that we will nat see there movies becouse how do they look like so what … or what did they do they are people too @_@ i think they are cool befor and now 2 .

  29. shahera says:

    woahh,i thought kangta was perfect. with her hot face. and stunning body. but wonbin was such a hot hot hot kid back when. no doubt.

  30. connie says:

    I love my Jo in sung sio much. mwah:)

  31. S@r@ngh@e says:

    I’M k0r3@n like BAE YONG JUNE >_<. I ❤ him so much~!. He’s in alot of dramaz that i watch. LOLZ! LUVZ YA Bae yong june~ ❤

  32. shin says:

    hahaha! this is hella funny.
    bi’s bunny ears!
    so ji sup’s chef hat hair! hahaha
    and bae yong jun being an ahjumma! roflmao

    definitely JO IN SUNG AND WON BIN looks best even when they were young.
    if only i was their classmate in the old days…. hahaha!
    i would be looking at them all day than listening to the teacher.

  33. Song Soo Ri says:

    what?Ryu is chubby before?hihihihihi
    but he is forever cute

  34. lily says:

    ha ha ha………. you’re really great. Bae Yong Joon pa rin…..
    Really like this…. very funny!!!! hope to see more thou i only know few korean actors….

  35. yeaeun says:

    i think they’re all still awesome :DDD

  36. cupcake says:

    wonbin looked best!
    second is prolly either kwon sang woo or Rain

  37. 7m says:

    i love wonbin so much…

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