[Snap!] Choi Ji Woo is aging beautifully

Posted: October 19, 2007 in Korean Celebrities, Photo Post

As much as I adore actress Choi Ji Woo, I have to admit that she does seem more wrinkled in Air City. Well, it’s true that women age a lot faster than men. While men could still be at their prime during their 30s, women can’t afford to wait till then.   



Nevertheless, I still find Ji Woo lovely and graceful :] She deserves the title Timeless Beauty.


4.jpg   9.jpg  10.jpg


  1. Nordelm says:

    She deserved the title of 2006 Timeless Beauty Award because her beauty is definitely timeless. She has not aged that much, she matured but I don’t see any wrinkles on her face in “Air City.” She was chosen by Christian Dior to be their spokesmodel because of her flawless skin. Some of the men did mature also like BYJ, LBH, JDG, KSW & many others.

  2. anonym says:

    Did you guys ever heard something of PHOTOSHOP.
    If you see that skin of hers in the first photo, every graphic designer can only laugh because it is ridiculous how much it was changed with some simple computer tricks.
    Open your eyes!!!
    If you believe that this is her real face, than you really do not know what beauty is.

  3. Jealousy is a very dangerous thing. It kills people. There’s some celebrities who drastically ended their lives because of people’s bad comments. Whatever people says, I believe Ji Woo is one of the most beautiful woman I ever seen in the screen. If her skin is not flawless, Christian Dior would not have employed her to model for their skin products like “Pure Snow”. She was awarded the 2006 Timeless Acting Beauty Award by Christian Dior (expert on beauty product). 100 movie critics chose her for that award. She matured, but made her more beautiful & sexy in her own way.

  4. K says:

    What skin care does she use? Or whatever she uses to have such flawless skin? I must try them. She’s so beautiful.

  5. fdh says:

    i’ve seen choi ji woo in person for an autographing signing recently the past year when i went to vacation in korea. she does have flawless skin in person too. =)

  6. K, check the Christian Dior skin products. I know that she was in a CF for Pure Snow for Christian Dior. In some of her interviews, she also stated that eating the right food & sleeping well are her other secret for beautiful skin.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you guys need a lesson in photoshop!XD

    I know that it sounds terrible to hear that your beautiful star is human too.
    the skin in the first foto is NOT REALISTIC!!!
    ever heard of photoshop retouches??
    no model in this world has to be perfect anymore.
    i´ve done a lot of retouches at models and, believe me, their skin is anything else but FLAWLESS!!!! lol
    i´m not saying that she´s ugly, but what you see is simply not the truth.

    the amount of things that have to be retouched in a single photo is amazingly big, believe me…. O.o;;
    Damn it, open your eyes, guys!!!!!!

  8. --truth-- says:

    Geez, who cares if she has flawless skins or not. Quiet hating, the lady can afford it alright. Plus, regardless if her images are photoshop or not, she is still very beautiful. Open your eyes to see the the world is changing drastically whether you people like it or not!!!

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