Mike He without Rainie Yang (finally)

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Drama News, Taiwanese Drama
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I’m a bit sick of the Rainie & Mike pairing in DBY and WWL. All the scenes feel similar to me and it gets boring :/  


I think this cast is pretty refreshing. First, I cannot imagine Hebe and Mike as a couple. They don’t seem to have any onscreen chemistry.. they don’t even seem like they know each other! (I mean, now that the shooting should be more or less done, they should be friends already right?) So if this show can convince me that this unlikely couple can be a REAL couple, then it’s a half success. And although the hype is probably around Mike He and Hebe, I’m more attracted to the show due to Lee Wei! He appeared in My Lucky Star as the flirtatious and act-cool actor. 



  1. TokyOchiiK says:

    Omg How can yOu Sai Such finG abOut Mike and Rainie. They are the Cutest “on screen couple” . How can you be so mean!

  2. rainie and mike he is the best and yeah!
    they are the cutest couple among them all … LOLz

  3. ??? says:

    hhmmm…I dun rly know dis site..but anyway I so dun agree at whoever posted this..I mean rainier n mike is an ok on screen couple.. N even though I dun fly watch these movies…I think mike is cute…haha(not d cutesy guy I’ve seen though:p)

  4. Evee says:

    I actually agree with you. Like Yeah Mike and Rainie make a cute onscreen couple. But come on, the boy has to act with new actresses as well. And I personally think that Mike and Hebe make a good pair. & the Dramas really good. ^^

  5. wtv says:

    i think mike he n rainie yang is the coolest actor and actress..
    they will be so cute if they are together(in real life)..dont u think so???

  6. ghettome says:

    it’s not like mike and rainie played a lot of movies together.. first of all, they only played in 2 TWdramas (DBY and WWY) together, and second of all, mike played in TWdramas with arial a lot more compared to playing in TWdramas with rainie.. and what’s so bad about mike he and rainie playing together in TWdramas anyways?? besides, it’s mostly up to whoever is doing the movie to choose who they want as the lead role anyways.. and also, mike doesn’t look so bad with hebe… but of course, everyone has their own different opinions… and it’s good to get them out and said to be known…

  7. unknown says:

    i know that mike and rainie looks good together but hey they’re actresses..thats their job…they can’t complain if they don’t get to act with ecah other…but they do look nice together…

  8. kandy says:

    i think that all that u guys says are true. but we just like to see wat makes us happy N seeing mike and rainie together just makes the movie more interseting to watch. they are cute together and Just what GHETTOME says. I dont really think the new girl N mike looks good together but its a movie and we’ll have to watch it when it comes out. i agree that mike N rainie makes a cute couple. they are both hot and adorable.

  9. Cody says:

    im not so into Rainie’s drama. to me, she act so childish always too funny and cute. just bored of seeing that. Hebe…? i pick her over rainie.

  10. pooopii says:

    MIKE AND RAINIE ARE SOO CUTE TOGTHER…dont criticize them…geez

  11. riana says:

    i like rainie and mike play in dby and why why love….they really a screen couple and i hope that they will play other movie again..

  12. jimmy says:

    Mike and rainie , they should play other movie again , i like the chemistry between them…i like dby and why why love…mike he is so handsome and rainie is so cute…

  13. Hallie says:

    i think mike and rainie fit together fine…but anyways mike is a model and he probably does’t like rainie anyways. ^_^

  14. sooma says:

    I think that Mike he and Rainie are very good together they are the coolest actor and actress, they really a screen couple. i love DBY and WWL and i hope that they will play other movie again.


    they are soOoOoOo cool ..

  15. thelayfasian says:

    So far, I’ve enjoyed seeing Hebe and Mike fight together. :]
    Rainie and Mike…DBY was amazing, but WWL got old fast.
    I prefer Hebe over Rainie and I don’t care much for Mike anyways…
    So I like Hebe with Mike better! haha

  16. amsterdam says:

    I think mike and rainie fit together , because both of them still very young, and already very famous , i just hope they will make another drama soon….

  17. julie says:

    mike and rainie make a great couple!

  18. pajai says:

    Mike and Rainie are so adorable together OMGAH!!!
    I like mike he’s kute kiss..whoah!!!got me there..
    rainie is also kute also..hehhe…
    hmm…im sure hope mike and hebe will get to know each other also…
    they seem..ahaha not knowing each other.ahah but hebe is beautiful…
    ahahha ^_^ I LOVE MIKE HE FOREVER!!! x]

  19. obsessed fan says:

    I do love their onscreen and offscreen chemistry but i just wish they would make a drama together that did not evolve around the whole devil and angel theme. Like bullfighting, how about we replace hebe with rainie? hard to imaginie right? that’s because Rainie has not acted in other way other than cute, it would be a refreshing change. Anyways, Love them both! But rainie more so than hebe.

  20. Oh…I think Rainie and Mike is really a cute couple. Anyway, whoever the actress being paired to Mike they would still clicked on the camera. Because Mike is definitely a gorgeous and good looking guy!!

  21. i agree! rainie and mike does look like a kyoote couple! but they have to at least play with other actresses too… juss becuz they lewk gewd togeder… doesnt mean they HAVE to play together… it depends on the director… who ever is going to lead the role…

  22. little_angel says:

    I think Mike & Rainie look perfect together, they should have another drama & they have this thing called ‘chemistry’. I felt so heartbroken that Mike is not being paired with Rainie again in Bull Fighting but I think it’s also good that it’s just not them always, but still, I’d still prefer Mike & Rainie badly : [

  23. ashley says:

    omg……y would u wanna c rainie and mike not together…they lok perfect together….mike he is soooo K-UTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEE

  24. Pie says:

    Mike He & Rainie Yang tandem rules!I hope for more drama pairing them….

  25. shiru says:

    OMG….RAINIE & MIKE …THEY YEEESSS ARE CUTE TO GETHER….i just hop that they make another drama to gether…. xD

  26. yuKino17 says:

    ..hOw daRe you!! boring??? daH!!! ur such a mess!!
    hOw caN yOu say suCh wOrd??? ur tOtAlly craZY!!!
    Ur such a cold-bloded and heartless person!!!!
    nO one will love you!!!! if your like that…
    and mike he and Rainie….is the best “on-screen couple!!”

    if I say it 3x it means I MEAN IT AND ITS TRUE!!
    mike he and Rainie….is the best “on-screen couple!!”
    mike he and Rainie….is the best “on-screen couple!!”
    mike he and Rainie….is the best “on-screen couple!!”


    I HATE YOU!!! 3X!!!

  27. yuKino17 says:


    i also hope that they would make another drama together!!!!! 3x!!!!

    and if your not interested then.. dont watch!!!!
    ur noT invited anyway!!!!! 3x!!!!!

  28. mageline says:

    hi we love u guys mike and hers partner in divel beside you i hope we a divel beside you 2 i wish and good luck ur career take care always luv u!

  29. mageline says:

    hi mike he i luv you i hope i met you one day and i always thinking of you.if you want to go there in manila i one of your swet luv u very much… mwuahh…

  30. fan of mike and rainie.... says:

    how could you say such thing like that???!!!!!!!
    you’re so mean!!!!!!!!
    -for your information mike and rainie were the very best couple of all season…….!!!!!!!!
    -they were so cute you know!!!!!!!!!!especially if they were couple in real life!!!!!!
    -i think hebe with mike is more boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. from someone..... says:

    -hi mike…..o relly like you very much……..
    -i hope you’ll go here in the philippines…..
    -my froends especially me have a crush on you…..
    -even all of my classmates….(girls)……
    -you’re so cute…….

  32. kreizy_11 says:


    i just passed by wen i saw

    the title of the article..

    and wat’s with the writer??!!!

    i mean, yeah u’ve got ur right

    but why critisize rainie and mike??!!

    if you don’t like them,

    juz leave them alone!!!

    i like the spark between rainie and mike!!

    and they’ve got the best chemistry so0o far!!!

    RAINIE and MIKE should do another drama..

    they look go0o0o0d!!

    rainie’s cute looks and Mike’s devilish smile!!!

    but ofcourse other themes will be good..

    i’m not saying they should be paired 4ever..

    but they do look good together..

    so it shouldn’t be anyone’s prob if they’d

    be paired up again!!!

    RAINIE and MIKE!!!!!!!!!

    s0o0o0o0o0 great!!

  33. Mikayla says:

    Well this is refreshing, finally seeing him acting with someone else. Rainie is really cute, but she’s not beautiful, or hot. Beside mike she kindda look like an adorable little child instead of a hot-on-fire lover. but that’s just my opinion

  34. JD says:

    Hahhahaha, wow, you people make a big deal out of something that doesn’t really matter.

    My opinion:

    Mike and Rainie do make a cute couple but the relationship between Hebe and Mike’s character tops DBY and WWL by a ton! Why Why Love was a big disapointment ( I couldn’t even finish watching half of it); I agree on the word choice of ‘refreshing.’ I especially love how playful Hebe and Mike are off screen! Definitely a plus in my book!

    And for the rest of you, have you even tried watching Bull Fighting? Because Hebe makes just as a good candidate for Mike as Rainie does! I love both but I just prefer Hebe!

  35. faty says:

    im so sad about the news because rainie and mike its such a perfect couple^^soooo nice and so sweet^_^i love them veryyyyyyyyy much

  36. malah says:

    hi mike he!!!
    ur so cute!!

    hope u and rainie will be a good couple in real life!!!
    i love you both!!

    hope you will also visit PHILIPPINES..


  37. chocolate_gurlz says:


    I’m a fans of mike he..

    OMGGGGG!!!!! Mike u’r so cuteeeeez!

    i love your devilish smilez.

    For d 1 who’s looking for the link to Bull fighting 14, you can see it at mysoju.com

    Sorry 2 say, but I dun like the way Hebe act in BF.. didn’t look prof at all!

  38. strong1 says:

    hey, everyone has their own opinion, but i shoul say that mike-rainie haters are so outnumbered by the fans…

    as we all know, show business is about the audience, as long as there are people who believe in their team-up…

    they will still continue to have projects together…

  39. rosemina says:

    …shet,i lyk both of them
    i wish they are couple in rea life_

  40. jhea says:

    I know your point.
    But, Mike He and Hebe, i don’t find any chemistry at all.
    I’ve watched bullfight, they’re cute, but, i don’t like Hebe.
    I dunno why.
    Mike He and Rainie REALLY look good together.
    I can’t picture Mike acting in a drama with another girl but only rainie, it seems like they will not click!
    Like ariel and mike, they’re both cute but they don’t have chemistry just like with Hebe. 🙂

  41. passerby says:

    I think everyone need to chill, I mean yes I do agree that rainie and mike play a great role together as a couple. But the writer has a point about a new refreashing scene. I get were most are coming from but I think they should mix things up and try somthing new, give it a chance and see how it really is, then judge right. Im sure your all going crazy by now…just watch and see.

  42. gelynne of philippines says:

    i think rainie and mike is a very good couple not only in movie but in real life…at first time a saw rainie n mike IN DBY..I CAN SAY THAT THEY ARE
    A VERY GOOD COUPLE AND VGOOD CHEMISTRY IN SCRENE…i always say that i hope rainie and mike is a real life couple….thankss…..
    ah…..!i hope soon rainie will come her in philippines…bcoz she has a cute,golden voice and a good actress.i hope someday she wil go her..i want to see her in tv her in phil…thanks…..

  43. lol says:

    …ur soooo mean….

    ….i really want rainie and mike to be paired forever…..

    ….my heart really beats fast when they have a sweet scene…

    …or when they fight knowing they care for each other….


  44. lol says:


  45. lol says:

    …………hebe doesnt suit to be a female lead……

  46. ging says:

    Hebe is really pretty. I love S.H.E. But for me Rainie-Mike love team is the best. Cutest couple ever!

  47. shannah says:

    i totally agree with you and i was a bit happy when i know that lee wei is starred in the series… he totally looks awesome with his flirtatious role in my lucky star!



  49. chill says:

    i really love mike he 3x mwah mwah mwah
    i prefer mike he and rainie yang together
    they look so great and cutest couple ever 3x

  50. ..cheesecake.. says:

    ..rainie yang and mike he
    looks so good together..!!
    i reaLLy reaLLy reaLLy
    love them..!!!..=)

  51. leberty says:

    I think, RaInIe and MiKe, are like the best on-screen couple,Hebe is like way old school, so i choose, Rainie over hebe for mike!!! Mike and Rainie! The Best!!! Sure hope another movie will poped in the TV staring Mike and Rainie!!!!!

  52. hazel says:

    For me RAINIE AND MIKE ARE THE BESt!!! Everyone here always agreed to that… the way their pairing is shown and their chemistry so strong, i really say Rainie over hebe… Rainie is for me the best soot for mike…. and geez who post that on!!!!

  53. angel says:

    suggestion… if you make a new movie for Rainie and Mike, please hurry it up, Everyone is waiting… oh and…. MIKE AND RAINIE 4 EVER!!!!!

  54. jomar says:


    but if they don’t like each other….. only God Knows…but destiny will find a way… right?

  55. Anonymous says:

    i think mike and raine makes a good chemistry..

    in devil beside me..

    but can someone tell me what is wwy??

    my email is cute_spicez@yahoo.com

    could you mail me pls..

  56. truth says:

    raine is ugly.

  57. tweety says:

    they reach each other someone does not like them its means u are jealous about their relationship,,they both know each other and they are the cuttiest couple around the world although so many that mike he leeding lady also,,but RAINIE YANG CHENG LIN AND MIKE HE JUN XIANG,,were both together,,,
    I hope they both have a successful career!!!! U are the best couple,,,,,thanks poh


  59. karina says:

    its good to share your opinion but honestly i dont agree with what your saying about them being “boring”. obviously, the reason why they’re always pared together is because they have high ratings and everyone likes their pair-up. if they were soooo boring, then why would those director choose them to star together in a drama???? its kinda obvious that they have great chemistry and if you ask me, i dont think they would be getting along that much if their feelings for one another is justmprofessional.im pretty sure they have feelings for one another in real life (smiles)..even if their keeping it a secret from one another, its clearly undeniable that they like each other.

  60. karina says:

    and hebe aint that pretty anyway…hehehe! (but that’s just me) 😀

  61. Bianca.. says:

    …honestly I don’t like Hebe to be mike’s partner!…for me they don’t match on screen!!!…Rainie is more attractive!…and ideal!…you guys who agree with it…you don’t really have the taste!…Rainie is more beautiful and blahblah…I really want Rainie and Mike to be a couple on screen!…(of course not Hebe!)…..

  62. Dorely says:

    Shut up?!!!,,,duh???…what’s boring?…everytime I watch “Devil Beside

    You”..It’s really great!…(kilig to the max!)…I think you don’t have the

    classic taste!!..(no wonder),Mike and Rainie are perfect couples!…

    why do you have to create these ,,,such a nonsense page!,,,

    Hebe is beautiful I admit it but like Bianca said “She does’nt match with

    Mike…..For me Rainie is totally IDEAL!!…she’s more beautiful for me…

    Honestly I cannot call her beautiful coz she looks CUTE!!and she has the

    talent to SING!!…and she’s very attractive!!!…:D

  63. your totally wrong!!!…

    Rainie is more attractive than


    Rainie and Mike look’s GREAT!!!

    they are the cutest couple!!!

    I prefer Rainie and Mike than

    Mike and Hebe…

    I don’t like Hebe!!!…and I mean it!!!…

  64. I also don’t like Hebe!!!…I prefer Mike and Rainie!…:O

  65. Nadia says:

    I really don’t like Hebe to be Mike’s partner!!!…Rainie is more talented!,HEBE look’s awful on screen!…your so KONTRABIDA!!!…

  66. -jEm.. says:

    -whO thE hELL is hEbE?!..
    -d xA bgAy kE mikE hE..
    -i dOnt LikE hEr..

  67. rachele says:

    mike he and rainie yang forever lovers
    they are cute lovers so
    and they get more attractive to me like dby and wwl

  68. Kamia says:

    Yes, it is true that rainie and mike always end up doing movies together
    or always be a pair. I’m tired of watching the same thing over. Plus they
    need to changed their chracteristic too. But after all they are very Cute together. =) They’re like partners.

  69. kathleen says:

    oh…how dare you!!!!i think you’re just envious to rainie yang so you say that things!!!!!hahaha!!!how pity you are!!!!!!
    hebe is NOT beautiful and cute as rainie yang..ew….

  70. Anonymous says:

    hebe is NOT beautiful!!!!!

  71. ... says:

    i really like how mike n rainie look 2 geter

  72. joy says:


    THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER! Mike is truly handsome and rainie is definitely cute.



  73. I_love_u says:

    i saw u in move so lovely__ I love u Rainie

  74. kriztene says:

    i saw u in move so lovely__ I love u Rainie.Omg How can yOu Sai Such finG abOut Mike and Rainie. They are the Cutest “on screen couple” . How can you be so mean! MIKE HE AND RAINIE YANG IS THE BEST COUPLE ON SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER! Mike is truly handsome and rainie is definitely cute.

  75. rainbowie says:

    rainie and mike rocks together!
    so i’ll support mike and rainie together forever!
    smart forever!

  76. seventsix says:

    mike the best..handsome..love..

  77. seventsix says:

    mike love uuuuuu

  78. jEnNy says:

    your so mean..
    mike he-rainie are the best..
    because of them., i have become interested of taiwanese movies.,
    i came from another country and when isaw devil beside you, i started searching about them.,
    how can you be so rude?
    by the way., people have diffrent opinions.,
    so, keep it up, but there are still many fans that’ll support them and wait for there next movie together.,,

  79. annmeztisa says:

    well.. well.. i actually saw mike he in express boy, after that i saw mike he with ariel lin in their tv drama love contract but im not that interested to those drama because i think theres not chemistry or maybe im not too interested about mike he past tv drama series.. but then when i saw devil beside you and i saw my sister that she’s really interested in watching that movie i began to realize that mike he and rainie yang can have a big break for them… the latest drama of mike he and rainie yang together with kingone was why why love me and my sister already finish watching that drama because we bought dvd…

    i really agree to what the other fans comment about this site that mike he and rainie yang has a chemistry… but if you think that is should be better that mike he is much more better without rainie yang.. well thats fine.. because we only watch their movie and dramas

    anyways keep it up and hope to see mike he and rainie yang together to their next project…

  80. prescilla says:

    the 2of u was so very nice actres and actor.rainie ur so beautifull and sexy.mikehe ur so hand some we may be friend/?pls.I LOVE URAINE AND MIKE HE.coment u ha how r u?

  81. joyce says:

    Dear everyone,

    I agree with you guys, MIke AND RAinie makes a good couple on screen. I’m really disappointed in the mean way this authoress describes Mike and Rainie as loveteams. Rainie might not be the drop-dead-gorgeous female lead you like but you must admit her face has character, she really portrays her role by heart, thus, anyone can feel the sincerity. As for her comic antics, don’t you think that an acress should be as versatile as Rainie? Not just good at crying scenes and cutesies by can really make your stomach hurt in too much hilarity….that makes balance!!!!!! Yebah. Mike and Rainie are perfect together……HOPE TO SEE MORE OF THEM SOON…THEY ARE AWESOME IN DEVIL BESIDE YOU AND WHY, WHY LOVE!!!

  82. jean says:

    i think that rainie and mike are great onscreen but hebe and mike ( mebe) are great onscreen as well…. y does everybody wants mike and rainie to be together onscreen 4ever……. ( i kno im being sarcastic but its tru tho….)

    mike and hebe are sooo cute and rainie and mike are sooo sweet together

    both couples,mike and rainie and hebe and mike, have a connection onscreen and off….. have u seen their bloopers in why why love and bull fighting? itsssss…. soooo fuh-neeh..

    i love these 2 couples…. hehe

  83. juliet says:

    Mike he n rainie yang is still the best on-screen couple so far. They got chemistry n we the fans really enjoyed seeing them acting together. So why not have more of them together in any romantic drama

  84. kristine says:

    mike and rainie x]

    i really hope they stay close. i started watching Taiwan dramas because of their shows. im glad people are still talking about them 🙂

    hope to see them in more pairings!

    love them xD

  85. RM says:

    mike and rainie. FOREVER.

    enuff saidd bitch :]]

  86. RM&Me says:

    I swear, Mike and Rainie is the cutest couple. How dare you say that about them!!!!

  87. sarah-marie says:

    i cant believe that you think the scenes of mike he and raine yang are getting boring in DBY and WWL. I still think that they are completely different stories and that the actors work well together in a love drama!!!

    im sorry for this comment!!!

  88. x.x says:

    No one’s exactly “sorry” for their comments. All I can say is people should chill.. actors and actresses should have experience working with different people. To be even more blunt, I had a feeling they cast WWL the way they did to make more money. They know people love the MR pairing, so they take advantage. Real chemistry? Who knows.. Audiences should be flexible. There is no “right” and yes, this is just my opinion too and I’m not saying I’m completely right but don’t make it such a big deal…
    (Fantasizing is not wrong. But trying to bash the MeBe pairing is just LOW.)
    I type this as a person who watched WWL, loved it, enjoyed the MR couple, never watched Bull Fighting, but found it imperative to say this.

  89. ani says:

    I loved DBY , WWL too, i love rainie and mike he, But then I watched Bull fighting, I love Mike he and Hebe too! They are just so cute together too. I didn’t like Hebe at first but when you see the character she acts, you can’t help but love her.. I find it easier to get into the drama and let mike be shou re he, and to me.. the best person for shou re he is yee sing shu! which is Hebe! ( sorry cant spell) I found it a little annoying the way mike he was a devil in the MR dramas.. but in Bull fighting he is just perfect….=) People should take it easy..

  90. RM fans says:

    From my point of view. I think DBY and WWL are good dramas. I can feel the chemistry between Mike and Rainie. No Offence for HeBe fans. I think she is cute with the other guy who played bodyguard role in BF. Must accept that BF has good plot but somehow I barely see chemistry between Mike and HeBe. Somehow Mike is very HOT in BF. Must give credit to the stylist in the drama that made him look HOT like that LOL 🙂

    P.S. Rainie is good natural acting. Mike is also good actor especially kissing scence with Rainie. I also like to give credit to the director of DBY and WWL. He knew how to make kissing scence gentle plus passinate way. I never get bored to see Mike and Rainie together again. But prefer Rainie to be the little Devil instead of Mike. LOL x3…

  91. RM fans again says:

    I am actually American series and Korean drama fans.I never like Taiwanese drama but since I have seen DBY and WWL. I fell in love with Taiwanese drama. How come that some people said these two drama are not good. BF is also good but not touch my feeling in some points…Be honest, Rainie and Mike have something in common called Superstar Aura. I think the camera love them. Sorry I used Eng as second language Hope not to confuse you guys 🙂

  92. jenna says:

    I like mike and rainie as a couple, they really have a chemistry in or out the movie, i like their always cute bickering ….i wish they will make other series in the future….

  93. rina says:

    I actually korean drama fans, just lately i like to see taiwan drama, but since i have seen DBY and WWL, i began to like taiwanese drama, i really hope Mike He and Rainie Yang will be pair up again soon as possible…thanks

  94. Sharon says:

    Let make Mike He and Rainie Yang as a couple again in the future drama, i don’t like Mike He with other female .

    Mike He and Rainie yang ….forever and ever..

  95. RM fans says:

    I like DBY and WWL , Both of them have really have chemistry ,Let make Mike He and Rainie Yang as a couple again in the future drama, i don’t like Mike He with other female .

    Mike He and Rainie yang ….forever and ever..

  96. RM fans says:

    I hope they still keep in touch,Rainie Yang and Mike HE , the best on-screen couple, hope they will be in another romantic drama….again and forever…

  97. RM fans says:

    I don’t like other female lead besides Rainie Yang , she so cute and Mike He so handsome……RMRMRM >>>

  98. lena says:

    RMRMRMRMRM, they look good together…..i really like DBY and WWL, wish they will make drama again this year…

  99. Juliet says:

    I don’t like hebe , i only like Rainie yang become the other female lead for Mike He……..RMRMRMRMRMRMRM>>>>>>>>forever..

  100. lizzie says:

    RMRMRMRMRM,i really like them and they look good together….on screen or off screen.I really like DBY and WWL, wish they will make drama again this year…

  101. X A M says:

    oh my gosh!! Mike and Rainie are really a perfect couple!!i mean on screen couple!! is Mike and rainie dating?? i was totally and remarkably addicted to them!! i hope they will have to make some movies or TV shows soon…i like the smile of Mike He!!!! he caught my attention!! anywayz, iluv MikeRain!!

  102. juliet says:

    sob sob the latest drama starring mike he with no rainie. it make us the fan feeling very very disappointed. so please b4 the end 0f 2008 can we have another drama with mike n rainie , please.

  103. mikerainietogetheralwayss says:

    tell me now is it true or not mike and rainie dating in real life? my friend said to me they are dating i dont know what to think they very hard to figure out!!!! sorry for my bad english i dont speak goodq english because english is my third language i dont speak it to often 😦
    i want rainie mike together always!!! i will not get bored of them so they should make plenty more dramas together

  104. lhady_03 says:

    mike and rainie i luv u both…..

  105. lhady_03 says:

    !!!!….i don’t like hebe……

  106. brigitte says:

    Hi to everybody, fans of Mike & Rainie. I do agree that they relly have a chemistry together. I saw love contract with Ariel & Mike, I started then to like Mike very much, so i was curious to know what other dramas does he has. I begun to watch WWL, OMG, they are such a lovely couple on screen, and their kissing scenes are realistic, not like Korean Dramas ( love scenes are just so dry). Mike is a good kisser & Rainie is so cute & lovely, they fit together. Devil & angel acts are just perfect for them. I am just hoping that they will not stick to a cutie characters in the drama but a more challenging and adult roles (as they are already adults). I wish that Mikes & Rainie’s next project would be an adult roles (like they’ll get married in the movie & have children.) That would be so interesting.

  107. shadowlesslight says:

    [x.x] I completely agree with what you said. You represent (one of the few? :/) sane RM fans here. It’s alright to be fanatic about something, but no vulgarities or personal attacks please. Thank you very much.

  108. quxandria says:

    mike hee u r so cute……i love u so much…….i wish i can meet u…..

  109. quxandria says:

    hey juliet…..i love ur comment……………rmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrmrm FOREVER…………………

  110. emerald_all says:

    I love DBY and WWY . . . BF was a waste of my time . . . I think it was because the story was just wack! Sorry . . . truth hurts!

  111. emerald_all says:

    I didn’t like LC with Ariel and Mike . . . to me . . . it was teribbly boring. That was just the first ep. then . . . I couldn’t go on . . .

  112. emerald_all says:

    It’s fine if Mike and Raine pair up again but please . . . use other co-stars. Don’t use the same co-stars. It’s like . . . why not do DBY2, or something like that.

  113. emerald_all says:

    Why don’t drama men have any muscle(s)? They look too girlish for me.

  114. Crazy says:

    if only they had made the storyline and plot of BF a lot better, maybe there could have been more people who would of loved mike and hebe’s tandem. and then they probably would’ve tied to the mike and rainie love team or even beat it. Or maybe not, after all, mike and rainie were the first onscreen couple who were noticed and were loved by many. It’s probably still impossible to top that. Mike and rainie/Rainie and Mkie will probably be the best pair for each other for. They will work with other people but i dont think anyone will forget mike and rainie.

  115. lollipop says:

    I only luv 2 see mike n rainie together. The pairing of mike n hebe was just damn lousy. Can’t u see that mike n rainie is the best couple on screen. Any new drama with both of them together again pleaseeeeeeee

  116. LynDa says:

    Wow!!! There’s a lot of RM fans here.. I solute for RM FANS cause they never give up waiting for Rainie yang and Mike he to pair up again for the third drama.. I guess.. Hehehe.. But i Really hope Rainie and mike will work together again.. I just love both of them.. Cutest couple ever!!! I started to watch taiwan drama since i watched dby.. Their (rainie&mike) chemistry are just wonderful! RM FOREVER!

  117. LynDa says:

    Owh.. Anway about bf drama, i already watch it and I think nothing special.. Oww.. The main lead actress is seem looks more older than mike.. In my opinion rainie is way too cute then hebe.. I wish my face just like rainie.. Huhuu.. For me she is the cutest actress i have ever watched.. The most suitable pair for prince charming mike he.. i still prefer dby over bf.. HeheE.. I just love rainie and mike to be pair up together.. RM fans! Keep on supporting! Jia you!

  118. koreana says:

    i’ve already watch that bull fighting… and i think that rainie and mike is still the best! i still prefer to their team up, compare to hebe. and i think they don,t have chemistry! i don’t feel the any “kilig” to mike andhebe team up!… RAINIE AND MIKE is still the BEST!!!!

  119. ina says:

    This site is not good.
    i think some people can’t see if couple have chemistry…
    mike and rainie have a very very much chemistry with each other…..

  120. Lenchie says:

    i’m really sad and i hope to see rainie and mike in a drama again.,but what can i do..i really love them both.,,T_T

  121. phi says:

    rainie’s not even pretty… i agree with whoever wrote this, i’m glad that mike’s finally acting with someone prettier and new. i really like hebe, she’s really pretty, i think her and mike would definitely make a cuter couple

  122. joy347 philippines says:

    mike is for RAINIE only!

    they have the best chemistry.

    such a perfect tandem!

  123. Mike and Rainie forever! They have the chemistry, they look soooo kawaii together and they tease each other. What ther proof do you need??

    People who hate Mikainie have a serious problem.

    I recommend a trip to the psychiatrist.
    Nah, joking lol.

    But still… how can you not love Mike and Rainie together???

    Why Why Love was the best. They cannot look any cuter as a couple!!


  124. blueberry says:

    mike n rainie should act more often. they made a fantastic couple. but mike n hebe as on screen couple is damn lousy. she looks too old for mike and not cute at all eventhough she tried.

  125. matahari says:

    is it true that mike and hebe is dating in real life. hope is not because hebe is not pretty at all. she is so straight like a bamboo. ha.. ha..ha.

  126. tulip says:

    No more pairing mike n hebe please. she look like an ugly elder sister trying to be younger and cute. terrible. hope they are not couple in real life. mike should get somebody who is younger and beautiful. guess who? u know the answer but not hebe it really sulks!

  127. audra says:

    heard that mike is dating hebe in real life. he must be blind then to get hooked on hebe. she is not pretty at all n looks old for young mike

  128. handsome guy says:

    mike mike mike what is happening to u. even i wouldn’t want to date hebe in a zillion years!

  129. lucinda says:

    angie the producer..when are u going to pair mike with rainie again. please do so before the year 2008 ends. please do not let us down.

  130. diana says:

    mike please hear this. do not date any of your co-star especially hebe. u must be professional but if with rainie then its ok lo..

  131. vanilla ice says:

    mike n hebe..not compatible at all as an on sreen couple and also in real life. heard they are dating. she is not pretty at all and i agreed that she look like the cartoon character olive oyl in popeye

  132. Sachii^^ says:

    mike he -kun …kawaii..
    i really like him cause his so cute…

  133. Anynomos says:

    I think that mike he and rainie yang, seems to have more chemistry. Referring from how they act on screen and off screen. Even when taking picture, the stare in one eyes, are different then any other. Mike he and rainie yang, seem to have chemistry they probably cant comprend.

  134. kolinramos says:

    Don’t criticize mike and rainie! I agree to those who wants them to do another drama! I will always expect them to be paired again! Those who disagree, you don’t have the right to say anything against them. If you don’t want them then don’t watch them. You’re just fooling yourselves. You said you hate them but still you’re watching them! U crazy? Shame on you!

    Go rainie and mike! Don’t mind those envious people! jiayou!

  135. j says:

    i gotta agree w/ you ,
    SOME SCENES are kinda familar
    but they do make a cute couple ! =D

  136. Missy says:

    i like the three of them..mike looks good with rainie but hey, Hebe is pretty as well…let’s not judge them with who are they with…and if mike likes her (Hebe) or Rainie, it’s none of our business already besides we don’t control his feelings…

    i so like them all…and hebe’s voice?Whew! i love it!

    d movie s actually good…wen i watched DBY and WWY, i got attracted to Mike and Rainie’s tandem and i feel that i can’t get enough just watching them and i feel the same when i watched BF…

    all in all..,Mike looks good with the two PRETTY and YOUNG ACTRESSES…

  137. Yuuki says:

    Is there any rumour even that they (Mike and Rainie) will have more dramas together? Even not as a couple?
    I like Mike and Hebe too; it kind of hard to decide which one I like most.. I just know I like Mike He ~
    I love how he always act bad-but-really-good guy~ it may be repetitive but I really like him like that ^^

  138. Stephanie says:

    Rainie and Mike are one of the cutest loveteams I’ve ever known. I hope they’ll do another drama or even a movie.

  139. secret says:

    Ohhh commmmmm oonnnn)))))))))) if you dont like it just dont watch it =)

    Let others watch them and enjoy by watching doramas with them)))))

    I like DBY and Why Why Love, a little similar themes, but i see a lot of sense in this doramas, a lot of sense and other stuff to think about!!!!))))


  140. mahi says:

    rainie yang and mike he is really a good couple,so i dont understand why they are getting other leading lady for mike he.

  141. liane says:

    I like Rainie and Mike team up they really look good together how I wish that they are a real life couple but just because they look good together onscreen doesn’t necessarily means they should be together in real life we only see what we wanted to see and we miss the fact that its only an act. Lets cross our finger and hope that eventually they will be paired again. I still watch Rainie drama series but I don’t watch Mike series anymore not because I don’t like him I just don’t want to see him being paired with another women besides Rainie. (it’s only my perception so peace y’all)

  142. liane says:

    and by the way have a joyful new year everyone…;)

  143. most true says:

    GET IT?


  144. Guys……… we all know that MIKE HE and RAINIE YANG’s team up is the best…………….. SO DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT IT IS GOOD MIKE HE IS NOW HAVE A MOVIE/SERIE WITHOUT RAINIE YANG!! such a rumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. jeremay says:

    i would rather be pairing mike and rainie

    4 ever

  146. Cristah says:

    Yow! What’s with you guys???

    I’m referring to those who were against Mike and Rainie’s pairing..

    If you don’t really like them, then don’t watch them! That’s it!

    Don’t make any commotion!

    If you have problem regarding for both of them, go solve it yourself! Haha!

    I’m not being so mean here, it’s just that, if you DON’T really like them then you will NOT spend your time writing your comment here!

    Am i right or just right? Haha!

    Go Rainie and Mike! Though they were not doing any movie or drama together right now, they were still one of the best tv couple in taiwan…

    I just hope they’ll do another drama again! niaha!

  147. shem says:


    ~i agree with you guys RAINIE is the best and prettiest girl for mike… i dont like hebe for him,.i really admire mike and rainie movies!,.im going to look forward to it this yr!..


    ~i hope there dating in real life 😀


  148. shem says:

    rainie 4 mike!forever!~im just helping him
    to find his TRUE LOVE(rainie)

    ~she is really cute,unreasonably CUTE!

    ~MIKE HE your so JAMPONG(handsome)!

    lav ya!

  149. michie says:

    i love both mike he and rainie..coz they have a good chemistry onscreen. i hope they’ll have another project together.there many filipina like me, admiring them,. so guyz..keep it up…mike & rainie is always #1 here in philippines..

  150. sher says:

    I think Mike and Rainie have more of a connection onscreen, but pairing him up with other female actress is fine too. Hopefully, the connection can be the same as Mike and Rainies.

    I think Mike and Rainie thinks of each other like brother and sister and I doubt she would want to go out w/ Mike. There are so many hot guys thats drooling over Rainie, she can pick anyone it’s not just Mike. The same goes for Mike. If Mike and Rainie are really meant to be together they would, but they’re not, so the best to both of them. Hope to see them in more dramas.

  151. KXIONG says:

    I DISAGREE with MIKE & RAINIE as a cute couple… The movies they made together were good… BUT SERIOUSLY SHES FREAKEN Annoying… all the girls he had a movie with is ANNOYING anddd looks like a twig… MIKE HE IS WAYYY TOOO HOTTT… they need a better actress for him who isnt “ANNOYNG”…

  152. jennifer says:

    dude. your being an ass right now!!!
    rainie and mike he is the cutest couple ever!!!!!!!!
    shut up!
    your just jealous!!!

    rainie & mike he are the cutest couples!!!~

  153. unknown says:

    mike he and rainie are so cute!!

    i hope they go out

  154. Andy says:

    Hebe’s pretty. But she doesn’t do good with Mike compared to Rainie’s. I mean, who doesn’t shrill when Mike kisses Rainie? (in the dramas)

  155. Honey says:

    Hey! Don’t take it seroiusly… they’re just together in 2 dramas only and a few of music videos. Besides, Rainie Yang is still single. I do think they have chemistry together but i’m not hope they will together in real life. Come on, give them a break…..

  156. Mike+Hebe = MEBEness says:

    first : peace all RM lovers.
    i believe everyone has their own opinion and so do i. personally, i didn’t pay much attention to either mike or rainie. i know they have great number of followers but i just can’t have the interest others were having with regards to RM. honestly, mike is such a good looking guy and rainie was erm… okay, cute. however, it was not mike who got me to watch bullfighting. it was rather hebe’s participation. i didn’t like her before because i read comments (negative to be exact) about her acting. in a way, i was more curious about how she acts and at the same time, i want to see how she would look like besides mike. i never put too much expectation to both of them as i didn’t know much about their acting but, i could say that they do have good chemistry. and just like in the drama, they are like a prince and a princess. i don’t want to compare rainie and hebe because i would be biased since i appreciated hebe in her portrayal of yi xang she in BF. what i was trying to say was, although they only acted in one drama, it couldn’t be denied that a lot of people appreciated them. so, when someone says”mike without rainie (finally)”, it was their opinion. not everyone wants to see only RM in drama repeatedly although yeah, majority might be delighted. plus, the bts of BF showed that they also have good interaction and that they seemed close and comfortable with one to one another. so yeah, if you haven’t seen BF, why don’t you try watching it but do not expect anything. try not to compare RM and MH and be objective. the drama is very light. it was fun to watch and honestly, BF wouldn’t be BF if it was not hebe in there.^^

  157. Yu Qin Lei says:

    well..guys…stop arguing about who is what…!!!
    it won’t really heLp .. i mean you can state your own opinion but try not to hit someone’s comment with such foul words..if you don’t like Hebe, FINE!! that’s youR own view for such matter…

    and here is the thing, try not to focus on one thing…
    you don’t want your ice cream to be a cone always, sometimes you want it on a cup, right? same thing in dramas. It’s just like saying be creative in art. explore!

    On this topic, I won’t say that Mike and Hebe makes a perfect couple than Mike and Rainie because I liKE hEBE tIAN,!!
    On the drama DBY & WWL, it’s indeed true that Mike and Rainie really looks good together!! And it’s also true that Mike and Hebe also has a spark in bull fighting.. Mike hE IS an awesome leading man for both ladies. Try to imagine it, Rainie Yang playing the role of naughty, brave and brat princess of 13th street as Yi Sheng Xue? It’s awkward, right? Same thing with Hebe Tian playing the role of Rainie’s character. It’s actually depend on whose personality fits the role and then, li’l by li’l you will notice the chemistry between the two regardless on if it’s Rainie or Hebe as partner of Mike…

    Well here’s my own
    Rainie-mike is a better onscreen couple than Mike-Hebe (that’s fine since Hebe is pretty cute with Aaron Yan..”))

    But honestly, Hebe is a better public figure than Rainie.. Hebe’s talent is incomparable!!

  158. autumn says:

    well its 2009 already. is there any drama with mike he, rainie yang and roy chiu acting together.

  159. shy says:

    I like mike and raine coz verry cute……

  160. venus says:

    i also agree ’bout opinion that said rainy and mike is a good couple i’ve ever seen and i hope that this couple is not just in drama, maybe in real life..’)
    but if they will be together in a drama again, d’drama’s story must be made a different side,so it will make us not feel bored if we see that drama.

  161. JJJJJOEY says:

    How could you say it’s boring ?!
    I think Rainie & Mike suits most . Sorry if you get offended :3

  162. kia says:

    mike he so handsome

  163. Hani says:

    first of all i want to say that i dont watch Devil Beside You or Why Why Love until the end of the episode… i still remember i just watch 2 or 3 episodes only in WWL. But, all in my mind is Rainie and Mike look good together wether on-screen or off-screen. They have chemistry that no one or other on-screen couple have. I watch their videos and say WOW! THEY LOOK CUTE! Besides, they only work together in 2 dramas only and 1 or 2 in Rainie’s MV. Why you say that seeing them two is kinda boring? I know its just opinion. But i really disagree with you. Fact that they two have chemistry and perfectly together has been prove, i saw a poll that say Rainie Yang and Mike He is suitable or not and there are about 83% people agree with it.

    If you say that you boring seeing them together because they appear in 2 drama, can you imagine the best actor and actress in Philliphines Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa have been working together like 6 or 7 dramas including movies? But people still love them because they look match and the chemistry they have!

    So, I’m badly want to watch them together again in another drama or movies and i hope all my wish and other wish to see them again in other works will come true! 😉

    I’m not badly want to watch they couple for real but watch them in drama or movie is just fine for me and of course seeing their couple for real are like our dream come true!

  164. Jinx says:

    Ladies, keep your cool….we ll know that Mike and Rainie are the best on and off screen couple…….no doubt about that!!!!

    The owner of this blog just got what she wanted…..that is…..many responses from you guys.

    By the way, why don’t you all go and visit SMART ENGLISH MIKE RAINIE THREAD….it’s our pinky home.

    I guaranty that you’ll all have a field day and a grand time watching Vids, seeing countless RM pics, PS, fanfictions, latest RM news and a lot more.


  165. svelte says:

    Mike and Lee Wei are so hot in this drama. It doesn’t matter who they’re paired up with Rainie, Hebe, Charlene as long as the movie or drama is good that’s all that matters.

    Of course Mike and Rainie will always be my favorite on screen couple.

  166. fuyu says:

    You don’t like them together? I think you are a very rare case haha. I like them together, I guess because I saw DBY first but they really do have a lot of chemistry (on-screen). I’m actually hoping they do more movies together, they should have done Hana Kimi instead of the girl from S.H.E. and the dude from Farenheit.

  167. cheryl says:

    rainie yang and mike he is the best couple ever!!!

  168. Shen says:

    mike he and hebe are are the best in drama in taiwan.

  169. beibee_gurl says:

    i really like mike he and rainie yang… they have such cute chemistry.they make each scene seem really…i really hope they will make a new tv series soon =)

  170. ch0c0late815 says:

    oh i hope Mike & Rainie make a drama this year. Am sure it will top the charts again….

    RM the best!

  171. skyightangel101 says:

    mike he and rainie yang do a lot of drama together but i hope they go back.

    • jahnets says:

      Rainie and Mike’s really the best.
      I’m an RM fan ♥ that’s why it’s my opinion 🙂
      RM forever. HAHAHA. . ♥♥♥

  172. chocolate says:

    whaat ? no mike he and rainie is like the best couple .. hope they have a new drama .. i want more of them … hah i ❤ mike and the cute ness of rainie

  173. elvira says:

    i luv rainie yang nd mike he…luv u rainie nd mike he

  174. elvira says:

    rainie yang and mike he the best couple ever no one can change that ok..RAINIE MIKE HE

  175. monica says:

    u r perfect for each other plz be one i love u all but i can’t understand ur language

  176. Namus says:

    Do you know,how crazy are people to watch mike and rainie together.they are d best onscreen couples,i would be waiting to see them together in more dramas and movies.love you both

  177. Namus says:

    Do you know,how crazy are people to watch mike and rainie together.they are d best onscreen couples,i would be waiting to see them together in more dramas and movies.love you both mike and rainie

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