[Snap!] Who’s this lady hiding behind her bangs?

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Korean Celebrities, Photo Post

Can you guess who she is?




Oh my, it’s Snow Queen actress Sung Yu Ri! I see she’s preparing for her role in Hong Gil Dong by cutting her hair short. In my opinion, pretty stars look good with anything! It’s a nice change and in fact the short and curly hairdo makes her look more feminine.  


pics credit: CRIonline

  1. kitty says:

    Sung Yuri is very pretty, elegant, sweet, cute and sometime even feminine. All my family members hv the same feeling as me. She is our no. 1 favourite korean actress.

    We all wish her all the best in her career and she is definitely a wonderful actress, she can act therefore I sincerely hope that people out there will not give her pressure and bad comments on her acting as I hope that people can accept her.

  2. shasha says:

    ur soooooooooooo beautiful. and u can act very very well. ur acting in snow queen really touched me. anyone plz dun compare her with yoon eun hye. they both are so diff. yuri is d best. love u!

  3. polly says:

    wow she is definitely beautiful, each time i see her, she is getting prettier and prettier.

  4. juna says:

    sung yuri is absolutely stunning! love her!!!

  5. I like your attraction and movies.

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