Latest pictures of Kim Hee Sun’s wedding

Posted: October 27, 2007 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities
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Following are pictures released by Kim on her weblog. Some of them are taken on the day of receiving gifts.  








Bless the lovely couple.


pics credit: CRIonline

  1. sara says:

    kim hee sun i love ur movies especialy SAD LOVE STORY am a kurdish girl from Kurdistan in iraq

  2. Wish them and their union the best. Lots of smiles all around

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish KHS will be happy forever and will make a lot of films for us! Dont forget your fan!

  4. marlin says:

    I’m panamanian and thanks to a chinese student I could see sad love story, really is extraordinary the production of soap operas in korea, I love them and is a pity that in Latin american countries we cannot have beautiful dramas like korean one.

  5. soad says:

    I am a girl from Syria.
    The beautiful drama sad love story has opened the door to me to the Korean drama, it is the most wonderful series I have ever seen.
    Thanh you for this and I wish you keep going and acting more, good luck.

  6. stacy says:

    i really love your voice esp. the endless love song.with jackie chan

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