Lee Da Hae becomes sexy rock star for Mnet KM music video

Posted: October 28, 2007 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities
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The organizing team invited Hello! Miss actress Lee Da Hae to be the host for the Mnet KM music festival award ceremony. Currently, Lee is shooting the music video, and in conjunction with the theme, she transforms into a sexy rock star. She looks super glamorous in my opinion! 

Mnet KM music festival 2007 will be held on the 17th Nov.


  1. dareen louise says:

    lee da hae is so really versatile and glamoruous in her MV

  2. rollyn marie says:

    wow lee da hae is really good in acting.she’s so pretty

  3. chessa mae says:

    lee da hae is simply amazing.she’s really beautiful

  4. maileen grace says:

    hi..i’m maileen..lee da hae is really versatile.

  5. dareeen Louise says:

    lee da hae tried her best and it’s good for a beginner, though she’s not well in singing, she carries it with her sexy dance… a real hot blood girl…

  6. MITCH says:


  7. her voice is okay.. its nice… i seen her mv… it was okay.. but she’s good for a beginner…;D
    she tried her best… she’s rellie prettie too… and talented…
    and i beleive she could do better den dis… ;D

  8. MIMI says:


  9. aye says:

    I am your fans

  10. april says:

    is this lee da hae?
    oh, she’s not innocent actually.
    i was fooled.

  11. jen says:

    hi lee,

    your such a beautiful person and versatile actress.

    hope you can visit the philippines

  12. MR. JAME MAX says:

    I’m one of your one sightness lover

  13. American Tom says:

    Lee Da Hae is extremely hot. She brings a smile to my face.

  14. Ardette says:

    I juz Luv her^^

  15. pinkliver says:

    she looks very innocent..suprised by her sexy dance..

  16. Frenchy says:

    Love her !!!!!♥♥♥ she’s so pretty and also really hot …..

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