Frankly speaking, the motivation for this post is Tree of Heaven, which I’m currently watching for the second time. Not that it has a fantastic plot, but it has all the elements I enjoy watching. Basically I find it almost a sequel to the young Jung-suh and Tae-hwa story in Stairway To Heaven, but with a completely different development. Lee Wan plays the same “cold oppa turned possessive lover” role and Park Shin Hye plays the “I’m nice to you because you’re my oppa” role.

Okay I got to be biased for this post: I love the Lee Wan + Park Shin Hye pairing! Maybe that’s also why I totally root for Tree of Heaven. I know some people think Lee Wan is a bit too old for her. Personally I don’t feel that the age gap of 6 years is that huge plus the fact that Lee Wan looks younger than he is and Park Shin Hye looks mature for her age.

 802006021222529327ps7.jpg 802006021222529358tb9.jpg


Currently I’ve also been looking at Kimcheed Radish Cubes. The 2 leads look quite fine here at the press conference. I thought the short hair made her look more mature here but oh my, she looks even younger in the show than in Tree of Heaven, looking chubbier than ever with short hair. The male lead looks like her uncle and sadly, it’s impossible for me to root for this couple. I’m hoping some sparks will fly between Dong Sik (Kim Heung Soo) and her. Can someone give me a clue whether it’ll happen and when it will? I’m only at episode 14.




Some time ago I also chanced upon this group of pictures which I think many of you would have seen too.  



clride2005_25925106.jpg clride2005_25925108.jpg psh4.jpg


Joo Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye worked together for the Clride – Free hug CF which turned out looking really sweet. I saw some behind the scenes and judging from how they were joking with each other, the two have become pretty good friends after working together. Anyway I think Park Shin Hye has a really cute and warm personality so I think it’s pretty easy to warm up to her, while Lee Wan reminds me of a shy little boy, like Won Bin. 

(Here’s a bit of digression.)  

I’m eagerly looking out for Lee Wan’s latest work, KBS’s drama series In Soon is Pretty. He will be playing the role of Geun Soo, who lived with In Soon (Kim Hyun Joo) and protects her after she is released from prison for murder. The relationship between Geun Soo and In Soon will be a brother-sister one (though not related by blood). I wonder if he’ll be calling her noona… 

Such a cutie! 😀


  1. sarah says:

    hey, i agree with you, Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye make the cutest couple on earth! He’s 6 years older than her? i thought there was a 4 year gap between them…but it still isn’t that big. And Tree of Heaven….was beautiful. Both of them are brilliant actors. I ❤ them together!!

    • jet toledo says:

      i also love them as couple. lee wan is an intense actor and a good singer, too while shinhye is adept at any given role. i want them to lead in a movie/tv drama like that of ice castles, shin being a very good dancer tho i also like kim eun joong. ah, PSH you’re really a lovable person

  2. jastene says:

    i so agree. lee wan and park shin hye have very good chemistry…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lee Wan is totally hot and they look great together. Their chemistry is awesome. They are the only reason I am watching the show.

  4. Anonymous says:

    it’s lee wan and park shin hye for me!!! i totally loved them in stiarway to heaven and tree of heaven and i love to watch them in another drama with them as the leads!!!!

  5. alex1999 says:

    I’m a real fan of Lee Wan. I agreed that he played so well with Park Shin Hye since Stairway To Heaven. And there are perfect in Heaven’s Tree. I’d love to see them pairing together again but this time should be happy ending.

    Sometimes, I imagined of the the next Episode of ‘Heaven’s Tree’ that Lee Wan’d play another role and Park Shin Hye as Hana would fall in love with him who’d replace Yun Suh.

  6. Cham says:

    I really love Lee Wan and Park Shin-hye’s team up. Even they have 6 years age gap but still their looks doesn’t seem at their age.. and age doesn’t matter.

    I hope that they will have another drama or movie together soon because they are great actors.

  7. cancer says:

    I love lee wan and Park shin together in real life both them are good. I hope that the 2 will lead more tv series or movies together.

  8. july says:

    lee wan and park shin hye i like more on drama and also happy endings.

  9. so very handsome…u are talented…like me……

  10. honey says:

    Park shin hye and lee wan is both good in their acting in tree in heaven i wish that theirs another series of drama for them.

  11. janine says:

    hi!i agree that lee wan and park shin hye are the cutest love team team in korean shows..lee wan is very hot and cute,park shin hye is very beautiful and cute..i hope that they have another shows that they are partner.i hope that there will be a tree of heaven part 2..

  12. Selena says:

    lee wan and park shin hye are the cutest couples. They should do a new drama together and happy ending not like tree of heaven. Lee wan is good acting and park shin hye is pretty actresess. Lee wan and park shin hye ARE SO CUTEST COUPLE ON a new drama together lee wan and park shin hye kause we love to see you guys together.

  13. anny says:

    awww! i really want to finish the movie..tree of heaven! but i couldnt buy the rest of the discs! 😦 but i think lee wan is kinda cute haha

  14. donna anuran says:

    The love team parkn shin hye and lee wan is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!more power to korean sbs

  15. Anne says:

    lee wan is so cute and also i like the way he act. He’s so cool. I love him.. Hope to see more of your movies…hehhee.. MOre power!!

  16. sassy says:

    i loved you lee wan

  17. Asiancute says:

    I like lee Wan somuch.I know him in a few day.I wacth Snow White drama.Somebody know he’s another movie?He is so cute.

  18. lily says:

    park shin-hye is very very beautyful the men who love her is Leewan………. am i right?

  19. Laila says:

    i’ve watched lee wan and shin hye’s tree of heaven,. the drama was great, can’t help but cry while watching the drama.. nd i agree they look cute together…lol

  20. sumi says:

    lee wan is the cutest guy on earth!!!

  21. Athena says:

    Hey!!! I loved Tree of Heaven, too. Even though there was some inconsistency with the plot and unexplained stuff, I loved it. And even though I didn’t cry til the part where he sent that message to her cell phone on her b-day, I LOVED THE DRAMA SO MUCH!!! And Lee Wan reminds me of Won Bin, too!

  22. AGNES says:


  23. Rai says:

    I found this page called, they have a big collection of Lee Wan pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

  24. Anonymous says:

    lee wan and eric mun looks kinda similar..but i think lee wan’s hotter

  25. Anonymous says:

    love lee wan and his sister…they’re such good actors and actress

  26. i hope 2 c u in person!!pls.visit us here in the Philippines,.,.,,i am ur biggest fan,.,,sarang he yo,o’pa

  27. risako says:

    Lee wan and Park Shin Hye!

  28. Rosemarie says:

    love you mr,lee wan

  29. Sheryl says:

    Hi Mr. lee wan your so cute ……luv yaaaahh muahhh Muahhhh tsuptsup

  30. Lanie says:

    hi Mr. Lwee Wan yuor so cute like and i are so comatible hihihihheheheheheh muahh mauhh tsup tsup

  31. Tin Zar says:

    I love u .I want to know your email address.

    Tin zar

  32. hoang do says:

    lee wan and park shin hye hella yea them two are looking really good together. even though age is far from each but as long they understand and commiment they be good together.. lol

  33. ailin says:

    i’m very like korea n park shin hye because she is very cutezzzzzz.

  34. july says:

    I like Lee Wan’s action ….but I don’t wanna a lover like him because of he is so cool and jobber…….I don’t like ….the film of ending…..why you kill him writer?why why why ? …………………………………by the way ….Lee Wan …

  35. meriejoy says:

    hi! i agree lee wan and park shin hye because both of them are good actor and actress in tree in heaven and they are good team work. thank u and i love lee wan

  36. So So Aung says:

    I don’t agree Lee Wan and Park shin Hye!!!!!!!!

  37. Lilmistic76 says:

    The series is SOOOO SAD. I kept crying even when i told myself i’m not a cryer. >.<

  38. lilmistic76 says:

    And i was So mad, They were alaways so close to kissing but they never did! Also i believe the two main characters make a very cute couple. they both look good…Go Lee Wan and Park Sin Hye. He gave hi heart to her just to be with her forever literelly! The Show is stuck in my head!

  39. ashley says:

    age is doesnt matter

  40. affi says:

    leewan i am sooooooooooooooooooooo mad about him
    he is so cute and kool
    i wish i could meet with him and spend long long time with him

  41. Sally said says:

    I like him a little… but i like joo ji hoon more,… he is not bad,,, but,, all of the famous actors are smart and cool.. not the only one is smart and cool.. all are cool and handsome..

  42. Becky says:

    I’ve only seen this drama for the first time! Lee Wan and Park Sin Hye does make a cute couple. Hope to see then again in other shows. Trees of Heaven and Lee Wan are both stuck in my head… what am i gonna do!! Haha!:-)

  43. fRAH (MALAysia) says:

    cuTE BUT not sooooooo…………….

  44. thidar says:

    I like Lee wan

  45. tissue says:

    I like this background sound. And I like thickly feel by this movie and this couple.

  46. May Myat says:

    Lee Wan ,

    I love you very much !

  47. parklove you says:

    go park shin hye !!!! ur d’ girl

  48. nay kyi khin says:

    I like lee wan.He is so cute.

  49. myo hay ko says:

    I like Tree of Heaven. When I watched Tree of Heaven,something reached in my heart.

  50. *Sonic* says:

    tree of heaven is the best drama makes me cry and touches deep down my heart.

  51. Dita says:


  52. Ivy says:

    I love u. you and Leewan is very Romance.

  53. lee yang says:

    …gosh!!!..lee wan and park shin hye…?!!!
    …they’re very compatible for each other…
    …i really love their korean drama TREE OF HEAVEN…
    …such a nice story i ever watched in my entire life…
    …LEE WAN…
    …you’re very handsome…sarang-haeyo…4ever and ever….
    …i hope many project will come to both of you…

  54. nhorvs says:

    I have a crushed on Lee Wan. Great love team with park shin hye!!!

  55. chaii says:

    i think they are such a perfect match!love them totally!

  56. marsi says:

    i think they are very much compatible… i love watching tree of heaven… ^_^

  57. maythukha says:

    sister and brother lee wan
    i like Tree of Heaven
    i love you and brother lee wan
    Tree of Heaven is very nice drama

  58. mesha says:

    can’t stop watching tree of heaven…it is brilliant…n the chemistry between lee wan n park shin hye was so awesome…ending was a lil bit sad though…was rooting that they’d end up together

  59. Cutie Penda says:

    wow!!! awsome……… i do’t know here are many people like LeeWan….i thought only me who love him….but actually not.hahahhahaa
    i would like the world know that i so love LeeWan so much.i watched his movie “Tree of heaven “recently.i cried almost all part……..the cute thing i love about him is his eyes sight which show very fantastic,,,……..i love it.LeeWan hope to meet u some day…….Cutie Penda

  60. helllos says:

    hes sexxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:)

  61. oh gosh says:

    Ugh lucky girl gets to do a photoshoot with joo ji hoon!
    I’m jealous..

  62. vncnx says:

    I love Park Shin Hye!

  63. Anonymous says:

    it so cute

  64. lovejunki says:

    i like lee wan vey much….but i wanna know who’s lee wan’s girlfriend…its so interesting to me!

  65. latish says:

    i adore this youngster she is beautiful both personality and physically……god bless you with more blessings in your career and your private life be happy always and hope to see you on screen more

  66. Anonymous says:

    amazing show.. made me cry so so much. they look so great together.

  67. KK says:

    i just saw You’re Beautiful, would love to see her in another season 2 for the same show or a new drama with the same main lead 🙂

  68. priya says:

    ooo park shin hye you really is so beautyful…………in u’re beautyful u look cool and handsome….i love you a lot park shin hye

  69. rence says:

    like most of you here, i also would like to see psh gets paired again with LW once he completes his military service (until nov 2011?)..but this time a happy sure there will be real kissing scenes as psh is already grown up to be a beautiful lady….

    PSH also looks good with JJH and I prefer that they get paired also in a drama with a plot similar to Taiwanese drama Fated to love you…they also look good together

    i wonder why psh looks good with any leading man, i guess its her naturally warm personality..

  70. heather says:

    i adore Joo Sang Wook! I love JSW and pSH in Kimcheed Radish Cubes. they are the perfect and cutest couple. I hope the are the real couple. Joo sang Wook is a great actor . He is my dream mate.HE IS THE BEST!!! God bless Joo Sang Wook and Park shin Hye!
    Please watch Kimcheed Radish Cubes, It is really an Excellent drama.My family and I had watched it at lease 15 times! JSW and PSH fighting!!!

  71. shaghayegh says:

    i love you

  72. tingting says:

    this is may 14th 2011 now…
    shin hye had been paired with kim hyun jung, song jung ki, jang keun suk, uhm tae wong, george hu, n next she will be pairing with jung yong hwa in her new drama..

    but dont know why, i still love lee wan for her…now lee wan in military service, i really miss him..hope he will get new drama with shinhye again, n with hapy ending…

    i know it’s almost imposible to re-unite to lead cast,.. but korean industry, pliss make my wish come true..

    • Anonymous says:

      hey! tree of heaven is really a very nice series of k sbs and i like it very much. Mostlly Park shine hye and
      leewan chimistry………and i had watched it 7 times and every time i cry alot.

  73. i agree with you guys,i love lee wan since i watch him in stairway to heaven,but i love him more when i see him in tree of heaven,even thou i find it a little dissappointing cause they did not end up together.i wish when he came back from the military service he will be paired again with my favorite actress park shin hye

  74. MARIA CRISTINA says:

    i love both of them lee wan is really so good in acting and hes so handsome park shin Hye is best of the best i watch all her drama from stairway to heaven till heartstrings shes so good and very charming personality i like her for being so flexible to everyone she so natural to all of her leading man….. from philipines mabuhay from Cristina

  75. Anonymous says:

    i like …

  76. It’s wonderful that you are getting ideas from this paragraph as well as from our discussion made at this place.

  77. lola lyn says:

    i watched them in stairway to heaven days so since then i loved park shin hye, i’m done watching tree of heaven on june 9, 2014 the series is so good, they act their part very well even so many obstacles/hindrance occur to their relationship as brother and sister.. i hope someday there will be a sequel to their tree of heaven series…

  78. Anonymous says:

    I like Lee Wan to have drama or movie with Park Shin Hye .He is the best partner for her. I hope they will be partner in real life

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