Destiny brings two superstars together

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Film
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It was too bad that Song Seung Heon and Kwon Sang Woo couldn’t work together for Sad Love Song. I remember being utterly disappointed when news broke out that SSH had to back out of the production due to his army service.

Totally looking forward to their movie! 

(notice the stark contrast between their images!) 


I think the two hot guys and good friends will have some real sizzling competition between them both in the movie (due to their roles) and after its screening (for obvious reasons).




SSH will be taking on the role of a very manly character. As seen in the picture where he’s covered in blood, he’ll be showing off his masculine charisma through the gory fighting scenes. I find it a suitable change for him. As much as i like SSH, i do feel that most of the roles he takes on are too gentle and not manly enough. Seems a little weak at times. Though I know he’s actually really masculine and HOT. 


KSW will be taking on the role of a cool and cold hearted man, rival of SSH. Doesn’t his combed back hair remind you of chinese actor Chow Yun-Fat?


I remember reading somewhere that the production team had a hard time deciding whose name to put first on the credits. Cos according to them, both SSH and KSW are on par in terms of experience and popularity. I was seriously, a bit puzzled. SSH made his debut in 1996 and has no less than 16 works under his belt whereas KSW only made his debut in 2001. By then, SSH was already a household name because of the hugely popular Autumn Tale. I feel unjustified for Joon-suh oppa! 😡 Obviously, I’m only speaking about experience-wise. Popularity-wise, it’s quite debatable. 

Nevertheless, the production team eventually made the decision of putting SSH’s name in front since it’s his comeback work. Reasonable decision!


  1. tentse says:

    Actually i am a big fan of Mr. song seung heon and i would like to meet him once whenever it is possible . And about the looks and the acting , no one can challenge or compete him even the opponent is his friend or whateva………
    Okai till then take care Mr. song………

  2. Coney500 says:

    They are both hot. Both of them have awesome bodies. I wish they were Buddhists.

  3. Rakim says:

    What is that movie? 🙂

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