In-soon is Pretty

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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I almost forgot about Kim Hyun Joo until I heard about her latest drama In-soon is Pretty. Have been delaying posting about the drama until I find pictures of them in character.


 Lee In-soon (Kim Hyun Joo):

 In-soon is an orphan who lived with her grandmother. In High school, she had a fight with a bully and accidentally killed the person. She became a murderer and had to pay for her crime in prison. An initially cheerful and confident girl became fearful and her confidence vaporized. Her grandmother also passed away soon after. After this series of misfortunes, she blamed everything on herself, believing that she is a sinner and that her life is a cursed one. One day, she found out that her mother is actually alive, and she even has a half sister.




Han Sang Woo (Kim Min Joon):


He is In-soon’s secondary school mate. People who do not know him well might assume that he has it all – handsome, tall, witty, wealthy and has an impressive career. But in actual fact, he has a sad past. When he was young, his family was very poor and he was often shunned and despised. But that’s all in the past. Now, he only wears branded clothes and goes to the gym for workouts. Coincidentally he meets In-soon again and is curious about how she has been. He always thought that she’ll be living happily given her beauty and confidence.




Geun Soo (Lee Wan):

When In-soon was young, her grandmother brought Geun Soo home from the streets and took care of him. Since then, In-soon and him lived like real siblings. When In-soon went to prison, Geun Soo also disappeared. After a very long time, he found In-soon again. He is a person who doesn’t believe in compassion and despises everything related to sympathy, sacrifice, love and sincerity, thinking that these are emotions that only the rich can afford to spare. 



Kim Jung-ah (Seo Hyo Rim):

She is In-soon’s half sister. A student studying music, quiet and introverted, and does not know how to express herself. Since young, she has always followed her mother’s will – and against her own. Suddenly, her family welcomed a new member, In-soon.


Yeah, back to my point. I almost forgot about Kim Hyun Joo until recently. When I watched her in Her House (starring Kim Nam Joo, Cha In Pyo, Lee Seo Jin), I mistook her for Song Hye Kyo for a moment. *chuckles* After watching her in Glass Slippers, I think she’s quite a talented actress. Apparently, she shot to fame because of the drama and she was even said to be Song Hye Kyo no. 2 and stuff like that. Then I don’t know what happened… didn’t she keep too low a profile??


Let’s see how her latest drama turns out!  

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah, Kim Hyun Joo does look like Song Hye Kyo. They’re both pretty and talented actresses. I hope KHJ’s new drama will be as good as her other ones.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aja… aja…Kim Hyun Joo. I agree …she is a talented actress. I started to like her since Glass Shoes. i’ve waited for her new drama, at last…………after 2 years.

  3. mysaki-an says:

    i’ve just finished the drama with my sisters and we enjoyed it 🙂 too bad i didn’t see much of lee wan 😦

  4. vilma says:

    my idol kim hyun joo my favorite actress beacuse pretty

  5. vilma says:

    hi kim hyun your so pretty and cute

  6. minoo says:

    lee wan is very very pretty

  7. baxter says:

    Kim min Joon is great! too bad they don’t pick him as main lead like this all the time, very talented actor-watch Damo then fall in love w/ Kim Min Joon

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