Another peek at Destiny

Posted: December 15, 2007 in Film
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After the last scene showing Song Seung heon has finished shooting, Destiny officially wrapped up its filming!

This scene shows Song’s character getting released from prison after serving for two years. He was betrayed by his friend who is portrayed by none other than Kwon Sang Woo. As you can see, Save The Last Dance For Me actor Ji Sung is also present in the scene. He is supposed to pick Song Seung Heon up. This scene belongs to the earlier part of the film.

It looks like Song refused a ride home from Ji Sung, but rather walks home alone in the downpour. Aw, he must be nursing his bleeding heart.

Movie poster

  1. Gilian says:

    Wow! Song Seung Heon looks really hot..

  2. MheAnn says:

    hey! i really like your reviews…i just became a fan of yourS! oh yeah,. and i find SSH HOT too!! 🙂

  3. shadowlesslight says:

    thanks a lot, MheAnn! 🙂

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