Kim Tae Hee remains a Vase

Posted: December 17, 2007 in Film, Korean Celebrities
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The korea beauty’s first movie The Restless, expectedly, was a flop. I speak of this with no hard feelings against this endearing actress. When news came that she was to star in upcoming movie Quarrel opposite veteran actor Sol Kyung-gu, I took almost no notice of it. Later, i checked it out and found Kim’s image in the show rather refreshing. She looked unglam, unkempt and unflattering. I thought, finally, Miss Kim has realised that her flawless face isn’t going to win her any acting award and she needs to show us some breakthroughs. 


and then i see her neatly and carefully styled “messy” hair.

It’s not about how ugly she needs to look but it disappointed me to see where her bottomline is. I had the same feeling when Song Hye Kyo’s agency requested that her bed scene in Hwang Jini be vetted in order to maintain her pure and innocent image. (Although I think the problem lies more with her agency than the actress herself.) It’s like wanting people to see your effort in taking on different roles and yet being afraid that a change too radical will upset or possibly, lose her fans. Struggling in this dilemma really holds an actress back.  

  1. Gilian says:

    Kim Tae Hee is a really great actress.And she’s so pretty.

  2. luna says:

    i have deep respect for kTH’s talent! love her first in LSIH for her excellent performance as su in lee…i think the korean critics are being too harsh on her… she may not be the best actress in the world but she’s definitely an actress! 🙂 good luck and keep fighting! we believe in u!

  3. shadowlesslight says:

    Please leave your comments in English or it will be deleted. Thanks.

  4. leigh says:

    i love kim tae hee…she’s my favorite actress. she looks like an angel.. no matter what happen she will be a star…for me she’s really a great actress and a professional artist..she can handle different roles. she can be a villain or an action star..but her beauty always remain…she’s really great…

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