Kwon Sang Woo takes off his shirt for Bad Love

Posted: December 17, 2007 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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This must be one of the most sought after images on the net recently.



Kwon is not at all shy or reserved about flaunting his hot abs in his newest drama.  

Oops… In Jung is not impressed! (But I’d bet Lee Yo Won was.)




In the show, Kwon removed his shirt while sketching. I don’t see the correlation between sketching and stripping. (Come on, it must have been really cold!) But well, it sure is fan service well appreciated yeah? 


  1. Michelle says:

    he’s just pure hotness! haha, thanks for posting this!

  2. diana says:

    yaa i dont care if it doesnt correlate at all. he could be outside skipping around topless in 30 degree weather for all i care. as long as he still has those great abs.

  3. Nordelm says:

    I think Kwon Sang Woo looked his best in the drama “Stairway to Heaven” I just hope he and Choi Ji Woo get together again in another drama or movie soon.

  4. Fantasygirl says:

    Maybe sketching made him feel too much heat that the cold weather was not enough to cool him off–which explains why he took his shirt off. Hehe. But seriously, sketching/painting takes a lot of hardwork.

  5. ravenart says:

    wow… my mouth is salivating.. yummy xD

  6. Jumyir says:

    I love you a lot kwon and you are every girl’s dream.You just look WOW n so cool.

  7. Jumyir says:

    I am your die hard fan to the extend that i want to learn to speak korean so that i can interact with you and i really want to meet you once in my life.I love you lots KWON and happy new year.

  8. jhane says:

    His yummy!!! I really love you!!!!!

  9. sandriangem says:

    GREAT BODY!!!!!! The drama is nice.. I like the story.

  10. Hui Yen says:

    Anyonghaoseo Sang-woo..
    you are so great and you are the best…
    no much i can say, but i want u to know i love you sang woo….
    be the best sang woo… i’m always wait for ur news n ur movie or drama…
    Cia Yo Sang woo…..
    Love you, kiss far from me… Muacchh….

  11. margie says:

    wow !so hooooooooot………

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