Jun Ji Hyun smokes for her new film

Posted: December 20, 2007 in Celebrity News, Film, Korean Celebrities
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Jun Ji Hyun, star of upcoming movie A Man who was once a Superman, revealed during the movie’s press conference that in order to play the role of the filmmaker who is also a heavy smoker, she broke her personal “code of conduct” and picked up the cigarette. (Just for the movie, of course.)         


I have always been very impressed by stars’ professionalism and spirit of sacrifice. (E.g. Tang Wei of Lust, Caution) I feel that it is not a matter of right or wrong to do these things since it is a personal decision.   Among the korean actresses, i especially admire Jun Ji Hyun for her professionalism. Back in the days when she was filming Daisy, she wanted to pour detergent on her hair in order to better fit the image of the young struggling street artist. She was stopped by her agent, who probably flipped at the thought of it, because she was also endorsing hair products at that time. Jung Woo Sung, her co-star in Daisy, also talked about how she didn’t even flinch when the director told her during filming she had to fall into a mud pool.  




 I think everyone agrees that the Jun Ji Hyun we see on film is completely different from the glam and sexy CF queen. I like her choice of roles – always playing very realistic and down-to-earth characters whom I feel more for. Through them, she brings out another side of her. One which is natural, even prettier and much more endearing. 


A Man who was once a Superman



Pic source: Edaily SPN, cinemaeye


  1. ratna says:

    love jun ji hyun……..ur the best

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