Song Hye Kyo conquers English with ‘Fetish’

Posted: December 20, 2007 in Film
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Song Hye Kyo is competing with Jun Ji Hyun to make it big in Hollywood! Song’s debut English film ‘Fetish’ is a psychological thriller about a Korean woman with supernatural powers, who possesses an American woman’s body in order to steal her husband. Song will star opposite Austrian actor, Arno Frisch who is better known for his role in the 1997 film ‘Funny Games’.


Although ‘Fetish’ is a low production independent film, the fact that Song will be speaking in English 80% of the film has raised some eyebrows. Her management company Sidus HQ feels that it is an important stepping stone for Song to venture into Hollywood. The film’s director Soon Su Bum, who is a New York University graduate, is laureate of the 2002 Student Academy Awards.      



Casting Director Susan Shopmaker discovered Song at the 2007 PIFF-Busan International Film Festival and chose her as the female lead because she possesses both western and eastern appeal. She hopes to see another side of Song through the film.

Pic credit: Edaily SPN

Source: Edaily SPN,

  1. fea says:

    it is great to hear that Song Hye Kyo will be speaking English… i love her and also Rain.

  2. denise says:

    hooo!!!you are my are prettier than kim tae hee

  3. kayleen says:

    omg!!i think its good for her to be able to be in a movie where she will speak 80% english….it’s just sad she’s not spending christmas with rain i love them both^_^

  4. albert says:

    SHK is my fave str in Korean – I am not a Korean, but her charm has captivated me to like Korean drama & movie, an ambassadress in own right. She is so beautiful and will surely suppirt this movie snd all movies and dramas she will do. Hurrah to our gorgeous, adorable star/actress.

  5. Fantasygirl says:

    as they like to say in Full House–“aja aja, fighting!”

  6. marthin says:

    i was happy when i heard SHK want to join in american movies…iam really want to see her debut movies international… although i am not korean because im from indonesian i think that SHK is one of best actress in this world i m very fans her… i hope she can come to indonesian because a lot of indonesian people love SHK

    caiio SHK

  7. hanson says:

    i can see you again , , its been a long time not seen you..

    i want to say something here . . i have a friend (girl) and her very look like you and her also playing piano too. . but i can’t talk to her because when im with her im spechless .. i don’t know what to do .. hhaaha

  8. joel m says:

    when i watch song hye kyu in full house ,korean drama will have a place in my life,song hye kyu is the best in her own style of acting bravo”

  9. kim Lai says:

    its really good to hear that she can speak in english , i really like song hye kyu.. she is so gorgeous ever..

  10. Ted says:

    I have seen Song Hye Kyo in Hotelier and Fullhouse. I think she is a wonderful actress and look forward to seeing her in her first English language movie Fetish.

  11. daniella says:

    hi….. song hye kyu
    i want to ask a questions
    how to make your body look beatifull every day ?…..

    graeting swaet
    Daniella isabella

  12. Artur says:

    Very deep thanks for wonderful actress and person.Your play is direct to heart, simply and lovely. What can I say,”Do not give up” :).
    Im sure, you are the same women in film and normal life.
    Will I see you in far Poland.

    Please, please…

  13. Reylissa says:

    damn, yuu r beautiful, you’re like a doll !

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