‘Robber’ heads for tragedy

Posted: December 21, 2007 in Korean Drama
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People usually tend to agree that snow stands for purity. But not in korean dramas.





It symbolises tragedy and death.


 Here’s a recap why this is so.




Snow Queen, one of my favourite melodramas, is built around the idea of snow, as the name suggests. I hate to give spoilers, so i’ll just call it tragic.




Stairway to Heaven. Unless you’re new to korean drama or hate melodramas, you can’t possibly have not heard of this tearjerker.


Another famous example would be A Love To Kill.




Ok enough digression, back to Robber.




I think Jang Hyuk better not start out with this hairstyle or he surely wouldn’t be able to charm any female or con them of a penny.





Cute. But they look more like sisters.





pics credit: ent.tom

  1. Fantasygirl says:

    You are so right about the Snow symbolizing death and tragedy. Why is it that way in korean dramas? But who knows, Robber might actually turn things around. Unless it’s a melodrama then that’s definitely headed for tragedy.

  2. BruceLee says:

    Robber is a tragedy, really disappointing. Poor character portayal. MIsmatch character.

  3. Mae says:

    I like ROBBERS because it’s different kind of LOVE STORY. This is something that people hate to admit but is happening in the world.

    Jang Hyuk is HOT in this film and Lee Da Hae, though they make her look like a commoner still looks very pretty for the part.

  4. ... says:

    robber is truly a waste of time and drags ALOT. the storyline is much like Thankyou which had very high ratings last year. even the same main actor, jang hyuk. but jang hyuk is a lot better in thankyou than robber.

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