‘Robber’ preview

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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I think this picture more or less tells us the characters and their character in the show. Lee Da Hae is the naive and angelic one while Jang Hyuk is the initially sly but later turned good one. While Lee seems absorbed in the kiss, and we get swept off our feet by the romantic feel —– Jang Hyuk attracts our attention with that gleeful half-smirk and of course wakes us up from the fantasy.



source and pic credit: ent.tom


  1. coffeeprincess says:


    BUT! For some reason I just can’t imagine these two together. I still wanna watch this, though… ^_^

  2. This drama could have been better if Lee Dong Wook is Lee Dae Hae’s partner. They looked great together in “My Girl” (they are perfectly matched). I will still watch this drama because I like Lee Dae Hae. She’s very beautiful & very talented (at her age, she already had 4 best actress awards). She’s amazing.

  3. KongSingGoto says:

    Robbers is not impressive. Poor character match. Worst subtitles too.

  4. Mae says:

    Yeah! Jang Hyuk looks HOT in ROBBERS but the tandem doesn’t seem to work for me though. The story is good though, a view to the life of a bad guy and to a single mother. Lee Da Hae is absolutely stunning even if they would make her look bad she still is very beautiful in the clips.

  5. Kira says:

    Well, to be honest i am a Fan of “Lee Da Hae”

    first Show i watched was “My Girl” and then “Hello Miss” and now “robbers”
    currently watching.. i cant say much now but the action Lee Da hae does is So natural… like someone already have said she is very talented…

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    You can find your Tv show and Asian movies 🙂

  6. ana says:

    robbers is disappointing… no need to watch.

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