Angela Zhang in her latest album

Posted: December 28, 2007 in Celebrity News, Taiwanese Celebrities
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Angela Zhang’s new album entitled “Ang 5.0” was released on December 13. I love her new hairstyle! It frames her face perfectly.



I always regarded Angela as one of the better female vocals in Taiwan. She has an incredibly strong voice, given her small frame.






donning a three tier wedding cake



These are pictures included in her new album. She is fast becoming the singer-cum-actress whom I root for the most. She is so naturally cute and adorable, just like a rag doll. I think she looks even more like one with short hair and straight bangs.



Angela appearing on a variety show


She’s cute without trying!  


pics credit: CRIonline



  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s the girl from Romantic Princess and she’s really a singer? She’s pretty good. She looks better with this hairstyle, she looks like a doll for sure. She’s still skinny too but I like her dress on the top picture, she’s so pretty.

  2. n0name says:

    Angela looks better now! She knows how to carry herself and I’m glad that she’s back with a vengeance. I lo0k forward for this show but i would prefer to watch it more if it aired during night like the other teleserye of ABS. Wu Chun & Angela is a perfect couple together.I hope in the near future they will visit us because I believe that they have lots of fans and admirers here in the Philippines. God bless and Go0d Luck for the show!

  3. michelle says:

    I really like their show romantic princess,angela and wu chun are reallly look good together,hopefuly in their real life also:) their act was really good:)

    romantic princess is the best!

  4. ya mee says:

    zun+angela great pair

  5. lisa says:

    angela is so adorable. hope she visits here in the Philippines.

  6. macy says:

    i agree with you guys. angela is awsome. with love from the Philippines!

  7. brigitte says:

    Sorry to disappoint you guys! But I don’t really find her pretty at all ( with a square face and too skinny). Romantic princess didn’t really pass my taste of story. I didn’t mean to be rude but it’s just my opinion.

  8. kerinessa says:

    ..angela is such a nice and pretty young lady,,
    hope she will visit phils.together with wu chun..

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