Cyndi Wang in her animal land

Posted: December 28, 2007 in Celebrity News, Taiwanese Celebrities
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No. 1  big cuddly bear






No. 2  ‘Bugs Bunny’




No. 3  Mr. Polar bear 




No. 4  Mr. Goaty




Nah, she aint selling them.


They are props for her new album “Fly! Cyndi”. Aww. I think soft toys complement Cyndi’s sweet and clean image really well. Although she’s not very well endowed, her legs are to die for (after they’re digitally enhanced heh).


  1. cyndi must luv stuffed animals…! but those stuff animal.. makes the picher not too boring… da animals goes how she poses… and goes wit da picher… i like it… it’s like she has her own lito wrld of stuffed animals. LOL! 😀

  2. annaliza says:

    u’r so cute..

  3. di26hsm says:


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