Japanese actresses teach us how to pose

Posted: December 29, 2007 in Japanese Celebrities
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So you want to take some nice pictures of yourself but you are lazy to do too much work. Here’s the easy way out. Pick a nice tree, pluck a leave, and grab a flower or even, just a petal, plus a pinch of creativity – and that gives you enough props for a photo album full of interesting pictures.

Prop no. 1  Leaves

The thing about leaves is that they come in different shapes and colours so they can portray many different moods. You can look poignant, mysterious, or cute. And the best thing is – they are everywhere!

Masami Nagasawa

Maki Horikita


Erika Toda


Prop No. 2  Flowers 

Everyone loves flowers! Choose a brightly coloured flower to adorn your face, and it’s sure to light up your photo. This tip is for the confident -I can easily outshine any flower- , or those who aren’t, -if all else fails, at least that flower saves the day my face-

Yui Aragaki

Iwata Sayuri


Prop No. 3  Cherries

If you’re proud of your lips, this tip is for you! Again, the image you project depends on how you position the cherries, your facial expression… everything! Below are three completely different images done with the simple fruit! Do your magic now!

Maki Horikita


Erika Toda


Mayukou Twasa


Prop No. 4  Petals

This is for people with faces the size of a petal. Or maybe those who wish to visually elongate their faces.

Erika Sawajiri


Ai Takahashi



  1. umi says:

    Which Japanese actress do you like better?

    You may find comfort in knowing
    you are not the only
    single person in the world

  2. KeN says:

    I prefer like iwata sayuri…
    Do you have link to get pics from Her…???

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