JVKV (F4) is waiting for you here

Posted: December 31, 2007 in Celebrity News, Taiwanese Celebrities
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F4 is finally back as ONE!! But then, I’m rather disappointed with the pictures released in their much anticipated album entitled “Waiting For You Here”. The costume ICs supposedly spent many hours choosing outfits for the boys’ glorious return but I really don’t see their hard work manifest in the end product.



 What’s the problem with Vanness Wu? First he dyes his hair a gross shade of orange in a desperate bid for attention, then he refuses to look into the camera. >.<  Now he does stand out, like a sore thumb!





Jerry Yan’s presence saved the picture for me *swoons*



So the photographer knows we don’t wish to see Vanness’ face too.



Jerry Yan still looks so yummy.





Thanks for that cool pose.. but whatever happened to your legs??



Ken Chu’s hair looks horribly photoshopped.

  1. yhien says:

    i like f4…i love their hairstyle…it’s cool…gogogo F4!!!!

  2. orange says:

    your comments on Vanness Wu are funny. But what’s up with Jerry’s gold pants? His pants really stands out and his pose on the main puture is rather odd

  3. leister says:

    i am a big fan of jerry yan!….. he’s my crush!….. i love him!

  4. cindy says:

    love Vic’s eye expressions…

  5. DHANA says:

    wuuuuiiiiiiiiii very cool

  6. MAOREE says:


  7. malou says:

    they were cool!!!! ireally like F4!!!!!!!!!! Jerry,wo ai ni!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. angeli says:

    vic, you are hot!

  9. joy says:

    im really happy that there back im reallly surprised especially jerry yan i luve him.

  10. rovilyn says:

    hi………………. . f4 really like u all but my favorite is vic zhou ……… ….. …. ayway u 4 are very handsome i hope i can see u in personal.and i want to see u in tv again.

  11. hyacinth says:

    i deffinitely love jerry,his serious eyes so mysterious…OMG he’s so gorgeous.very stupid LZL she dumped him.

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