Gong Yoo kowtows to bid fans farewell

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities

Coffee Prince Gong Yoo reported for his military training on January 14th. More than 300 fans gathered in the harsh weather to send their favourite star off.



He’s uncomfortable with his haircut. And I can see why. >< (I don’t remember Song Seung Heon looking this bad before his military training! Heh.)




 Woah. I’m seriously quite impressed by his act of sincerity. Apparently he was so touched by the presence and love of his avid fans that he shed tears and even knelt down to thank them for coming.  

  1. Fantasygirl says:

    aww…he does that bow and kneel (all the way to the floor) a lot…yeah, he does look shy to face his fans with that haircut but it’ll grow. It makes him look chubby though. And is it really required to cut your hair before getting in the korean military? I miss this oppa already. Hehe ^-^

  2. aww how sad it means we will not see him for years

  3. hope that when he’s done with his military service he will make a movie or drama series coz for sure, fans will miss him! love this guy a lot!

  4. hankyul says:

    omg! i just saw his coffe prince drame series and im so eager to see him in other drama series… but i think its not possible for him to make a new one coz he will be in military training! coffee prince right now is so famous in our country (philippines), thats why there are so many girls like me who’s falling in love with him…

  5. sweetprettyria says:

    noooo!!!! how long does military training in last? he’s my favorite korean actor to date. i became quite attached to him after watching coffee prince. i can’t believe this.. i was looking forward to his next show…

    * we’ll miss you, gong yoo. we’ll be waiting for you…

  6. joie says:

    oh my!!he’s still cute?i just hope that there will be season two of coffee prince!!

  7. hava says:

    im so impressed! he looks so good, a hunk at that. yet he kept his humility low on the ground. i wish that he’ll realize where he really belongs.

  8. anghella says:

    hpoe to see u hanjie.. we’ll be waiting for the next coffee prince.. take care

  9. pauleynaiz says:

    I’m so touched by his sincerity… we’ll wait for you… norul saranghae (one more time) norul saranghae…hehe

  10. lily says:

    what part of korea is he serving for anyways??

  11. arriane says:

    gong yoo you’re number one here in the philippines!
    i love you1
    hope you can visit here in the philippines!

  12. i will miss you..you’re so cute…coffee prince’s no 1 here in phill.we’ll wait for you..mwah…

  13. jel says:

    hi, i miss yoo!

  14. jel says:

    he’s so attractive, his eyes, nose, body, & the way he act, aigoo! sarang hae yoo! haha.. i love his singin’ voice as well. so sweet! awww!

  15. pastor samuel u. evangelista says:

    i lovE CP!!!

  16. r reyes says:

    your so gorgeous even in a very short hair. I admire you so much besides of being a good looking, a good actor, you have a nice attitude with your fans as you do a vow and kneeled in front of your fans in your farewell before going to your military service. Hope you can do a movie with eun hye again. The two of you are good together. no other actress will have a good chemistry with you except yoon hye.

  17. strong1 says:

    i hope he gets kicked off military training so he could still have good projects

  18. Jenna says:

    I am sad to see him go, but understand his duty. I am just glad that he is still so humble and appreciative of all his fans. I think too many stars forget that they owe their success to their fans, and this is one example of someone NOT doing that. I wish him luck in his training and look forward to his return in two years.

  19. evelyn says:

    i miss you! oppa!

    hope to see more of you when you return from the military…

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