Wedding bells ring for Song Il Kook and Jang Hyuk

Posted: January 22, 2008 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities
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Aww two hot guys are getting attached. I was quite taken aback when I read the popseoul article that Jang Hyuk will have a child first, then marry.



Song Il Kook’s wedding will be held at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel during Spring, some time in mid March or April. His bride-to-be is currently preparing to become a lawyer. The couple met in 2006 when Song was filming Joo Mong. Currently, Song is taking a break after his latest drama “The Lobbyist”. (probably eagerly preparing himself for marriage)




 Ahhhh (one of) my favourite actors! (:

Jang Hyuk’s wedding will be held on 6/2. His bride-to-be is Kim Yu Jin who is two years his senior. They met in 2002 when Jang Hyuk learned Pilates dance from her. After dating for 5 years, they were engaged in June 2007. Currently Kim Yu Jin is 8-month pregnant and the baby will be due in February. They have named the baby “Tae Hee”. (So she’ll be as beautiful as kim tae hee? teehee xD)                



source: soompi

pics credit: Mydaily,


  1. Ervi says:

    i wish could get song’s wedding photo not in traditional version… i’m his fans!!

  2. Sayasiam says:


  3. Sayasiam says:

    Your bride looks sooo pretty, like your mother in Jumong

  4. Baby*Doll says:

    i can’t believe that song will get marriage!!!!
    I’m so upset 😦
    anyway, i like him so much and wish him agood wedding:-)

  5. bloom says:

    I like soo ae and song il kook.they can be…

    I can, t believe that song will get marriage!(with another woman.)

    I was think he likes soo ae.and I,m so sad now.

  6. kent ranet says:

    congrats to jang hyuk…

  7. I like jang woo-hyuk .

    You good .

    I live in Thailand.

  8. I love you jang woo-sung .

  9. farzaneh says:

    i love joooooooooooooomoooooooooooooong. he is so handsome

  10. tahoura says:

    i wish u best things

  11. mahshad says:

    hi,il kook i really love u.u r so hottttt.i ❤ u.

  12. mahshad says:

    hi guys his name is il kook not song .

  13. r says:

    i love song il gook

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