Korean actors with single eyelid

Posted: February 4, 2008 in Korean Celebrities
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Double eyelid surgery may well be one of the most common forms of plastic surgeries performed worldwide. It may be the mere creation of an eyelid crease but many people have the mentality that double eyelid is a must for beauty. Daily NK reports statistics that 60% of single women in Shinuiju get plastic surgery on their eyelids. Sadly, it has become an unhealthy societal trend.  


I can understand why people prefer double eyelid. But why opt for a painful and needless to say, expensive process just to get artificial-looking (and uglier still) eyelids when you might look great in single eyelid? Don’t let other influences take away your individualistic beauty I say!


A look at the single eyelid hotties in Korea :}


Gong Yoo!





Actually I haven’t developed a liking for Gong Yoo but my friends definitely went gaga over him in Coffee Prince.






Another Korean star with really small eyes but made it big! 


Lee Jun Ki!



Lee Jun Ki owes his fame (at least a tiny part) to his small feminine eyes <33


Kim Jae Won!





Loved Kim Jae Won in Rival~!          


Bae Yong Jun!



Bae actually looked fine before he lost his manly roots.                   


Lee Min Ki!



No comments about this guy except he’s really versatile.


Kwon Sang Woo!




The pair of eyes that cried buckets in Stairway To Heaven, Sad Love Song, and the recent Bad Love. (and thus paddled his way into many teenage girls and ahjumma’s hearts <3)


So Ji Sup!





One great actor! His eyes are beady small but really expressive!


Lee Min Woo! (Shinhwa)



Not a fan; but gotta admit this guy’s smokin’ hot *swoons*


Park Yong Ha!





Park Yong Ha is super cute when he smiles like that. Haven’t seen him for sooooo long! Looking forward to On Air!! ^^



Did I miss out anyone prominent? 😀



Pics credit: CRIonline, Chinabroadcast, DCinside, blue-neurose

  1. angel yoo says:

    Gong yoo is sooooooooo!!! hot!! I love watching coffee prince!!!

  2. lheng says:

    so cool yet so hot!

  3. young mi says:

    only men… no women?

  4. pastor samuel u. evangelista says:

    i love watching coffee prince!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    so hot…but what about any beautiful actresses with single eyelids?

  6. shadowlesslight says:

    [young mi & Anon] I concede. There aren’t many korean actresses out there with single eyelids (anymore!). But there’s still Han Ji Hye, Han Hyo Joo, Myung Se Bin… just to name a few that I can recall.

  7. lola says:

    well, nationalities speak for themselves…small eyes or rather single eyelids like the koreans, japanese, chinese, etc. is their distinct feauture. nevertheless, it depends on the beholder, just like gong yoo, he really looks so handsome and also kwon sang woo..they are perfectly superb!!!

  8. adiksayoo says:

    who cares for double eyelids? in the philippines, men with single eyelids are hot…like gong yoo…

  9. strong1 says:

    no that is just playin’ creepy

  10. Jenna says:

    I really enjoyed this entry. For me, (even as a “westerner” or whatever term you prefer) I actually really LIKE the single eyelid. All of these gentlemen are very attractive in their own way. Although, Rain is my favorite (like how many thousands of others.) His eyes are just about my favorite thing about him. Sometimes, he makes a face and I’m drawn to them and I just about fall off my couch from the effect of his eyes. Thanks for showing that plastic surgery trends are not the best thing, and au-natrale is still best! (I do agree, that maybe a post about females on the subject would be good too.)

  11. Nadia says:

    I don’t understand why this has been such an issue. You are born the way your born. I have big eyes with the double eye lid and I have seen so many people with the single lid who I believe are beautiful the way they are. I don’t know if it’s the western influence or what but I applaud the people (rain and others) who have stayed true to themselves. Don’t change for anyone but yourself. On the same note: I hope people are not trying to look more western because the racism that asia american’s face over here will not go away because you have a double lid.
    Thanks for the article.

  12. randooom says:

    dude guys look manlier and tougher without the double eyelid things LOL
    i love LEE JUN KI ;]

  13. Someone says:

    Your main target was to persuade women that they don’t need double eye lids but notice all your examples are men :/

  14. jelengsturr says:

    ohh i love lee jun ki! and yes theres only a few korean actors with single eyelids. i myself is a single eyelid person. and im proud of it. it doesnt make me feel less prettier thank double eyelids. i am personally attracted to single eyelid guys. =)

  15. shin says:

    whatever it is.. LEE JUN KI’s eyes is a national treasure.
    i love the way he looks! ^^

  16. koreanfreak says:

    of course!!! gong yoo is definitely hotttttttt but then again bi rain, and kwan sang woo are all so handsome. damn it …….. i just can’t choose between them , LOVE THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. wut says:

    i swear, lee jun ki has double eyelids

  18. skype.htin says:

    Lee Jun-Gi is too hot and so so cool!!!!

  19. chitsu says:

    lee jun ki

    I like his eyes ,so attractive , he is a smart guy with single eyelids.

  20. Anonymous says:

    All of your pictures are of korean mean and yes they are still gorgeous with single lids but it’s different for girls.

  21. jana says:

    you have a point actually..personally i like single eyelid guys..i think they’re hot…love all the hotties that you’ve mentioned..i also go gaga over GOONG YOO in coffee prince..he’s super appealing and hot in there!

  22. mariae214 says:

    Just curious on the comment on Bae Yong Joon he happens to be one of my favorites …..did I miss something the comment said he looked good till he lost his manly roots……….something happened to him that I did not know?

  23. lily says:

    Just what do you mean he lost his manly roots? Just because he’s sporting a long hair look… he doesnt look man enough… i really like BYJ… short or long hair he’s still macho!!!!

  24. kyle says:

    personally, i’m a filipino guy with single eyelids.

    .. i’ve been passed off as a korean/chinese/japanese
    kid QUITE often.

  25. Ivory Upthegrove says:

    I really do not notice the lids , but the expression from the eyes.
    The eyes are the window to the soul .
    The most beautiful eyes in the world for me are on Kim Jae Won.
    I also love- love the looks of manly Bae Yong Jun and Park Yong Ha.
    But my very heart belongs to Choi Su Jung , with double lids.
    Either way Korean men are the most handsome in the world.
    And Korean women are the most beautiful . I am Norwegian, English, Irish and Scotch, but the first soul that truly cared for me as a child was a Chinese Buddest Priest in San Francisco.

  26. Laim says:

    My sis love to watch Rain a lot. We dont speak Korean but undewrstand it. My sis is very sharp witted with all the pleasing personality and she really knows how to classify a person’s overall personality. But she finds Rain too cool to resist in his acting. So enjoy his every bit.

  27. Jae Min says:

    I love the list, but you totally forgot Jun-su and Yun-ho from DBSK! Also, a few members of Super Junior are single lidded beauties as well!

  28. JAEMINE says:

    yeah.how can euu forget all the single eye lid hotties?
    JUNSU, EUN HYUK, RYEOWOOK!!! hey Jae Min…Yun-ho oppa is double^^ but kinda little.

  29. Jae Min says:

    hahaha you are right, but the double eyelid on yunho is very slight, sometime I forget! Yeh sung from Suju also has single, and eun hyuk and ryowooik are so very adorable!

  30. I love nice asian girls with single eyelid!

  31. a says:

    park yong ha is double eyelid….

  32. ayume says:

    honestly.. first i saw jun ki acting in MY GIRL drama, i thought his a JAPANESE guy..his eyes, nose and lip woww looks so perpect for him…his looks gorgouse. I love so much his single eyelid. For me his eyes most beautiful than others actress…better than double eyelid…so i suggest dont ever do a plastic surgery for double eyelid dearrr!!!
    byeeee…wish u always success kk

  33. Julie says:

    ALL MEN?!?!?
    But im a GIRL with SINGLE EYELIDS.
    This isnt helping >_>

  34. nnnn says:

    i think beauty doesnt depends about an eyelid or not. its the whole person that can look beautiful or not.

  35. sara says:

    kwon sang woo and minwoo both have small ones..sry to disappoint

  36. Ji Tae sshi says:

    Don’t forget…YOO JI TAE !!!

  37. bay says:

    This is such an inaccurate representation of beautiful single eye lids….
    you said 60% of girls in that one city get eye lid surgery, and then you prove its beautiful by giving a photos of a bunch of guys????

    Anyways I already think single in beautiful but that’s because I see guys have it. -_- I’m sure some girl looks good in them too, but hard to find pics cuz most of them probably got the surgery.

  38. icecream says:

    That single eyelid is not important for me.
    Mainly, I love Lee Jun Ki ! Don’t forget me.

  39. Helene says:

    Why are all your examples men??? Very few famous men have double eye lid surgery, but it seems like most female actresses/singers have the surgery.

    Kim Yeona (figure skater) is very beautiful. She has single eye lids, as has Han Ji-hye. Google them!

    Most beautiful Korean male with single eye lid, I think is Jung Il-woo.

    I’ll never understand why it’s such a trend in Asia to have these surgeries. I am Norwegian (blue eyes, blond hair)and I am attracted to people looking different than me. I think we should embrace who we are!

  40. NJ says:

    love BAE YONG JOON. got great looks. Also rain, gong yoo

  41. Whitechick says:

    Im a Caucasian girl and i absolutely LOVE single eyelids!! i dont know what asians’ issues are with their eyes, so dramatic when it comes to this issue. But yeah, single eyelids are freakin adorable/hot. and its a unique trait, so EMBRACE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (i actually prefer them to asians with double eyelids, sorry just preference!)

  42. American Ajuhmma says:

    These are the Asian actors I find most attractive. I never realized until tonight while watching Time Between Dog and Wolf with Lee Jun Ki that the reason seems to be those single eyelids. Most of these men are just “breathtakingly handsome” as Nam Sang Mi says about Lee Jung Ki in this drama. In fact all eyes are about the same size, and I don’t perceive their eyes as smaller or more hidden, just more expressive.

  43. EDNA says:

    jo ji hoon is also one hot guy with single eyelid

  44. Iynx says:

    I don’t understand the point of having the surgery, even if the person thinks they look better any children they have will be born with a single eyelid. Then what? Are we to have generation after generation of Asian people having this surgery?

    I’m not Asian but I think the single eyelid is a work of art straight from heaven. I have no idea why people want to disrespect themselves, their families/ancestors and their entire heritage by having plastic surgery that messes up their most beautiful feature.

    Also, by butchering their faces to look like western (or for whatever reason) they are giving credit to a certain race’s idea that only they are beautiful and everyone else wants to be them or be with them.

  45. luvyoo says:

    Yoo are the best for me =)

  46. Maria says:

    Lee Jun Ki doesn’t have small eyes. His eyes are actually very long !

  47. Aretha says:

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    I will be certain to bookmark it and return to read more of
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  48. riyang says:

    Lee Min Ki…

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