Song Seung Heon meets fans in Japan

Posted: February 17, 2008 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities
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OHHHH just let me die in your arms~~ heehee XD


Yep Seung Heon oppa celebrated his 10-year anniversary since his debut with around 17 000 Japanese fans on 16th Feb. His last fan meeting in Japan was a year ago in March. Well, oppa is so popular there that he wasn’t allowed into the country in the day. =/ Apparently he caused such a big commotion the last time he came over that the airport security had to resort to such measures to prevent any disorder. Other reports also said that he wasn’t allowed to enter the country from airports near the city areas because they might not be able to handle the mob of fans who were bound to be present to welcome him. Poor oppa. It’s both a good and bad thing to be so popular.



Song Seung Heon will next appear in MBC drama East of Eden around June this year. It is about two men who were born on the same day in the same hospital and are destined to cross path. The drama will be about revenge. Song Seung Heon revealed that it was a tough choice among numerous drama offers. He chose East of Eden because he will be taking on a character he had never attempted before and therefore found very charismatic. I hope it wouldn’t be a disappointment like Bad Love =(



Source and pic credit: CRIonline, Newsen, ent.tom


  1. snoopy says:

    i am very sure it will be a big hit…… have been missing him {especially me} so its abot time…dont worry OPPA your fans will support you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. alexandra says:

    i really love him song seung heon.. hopefully he visit us philipines.

  3. sangye palmo says:

    i like him nd i thought that he will come in nepal with classic heroine.i was fan of jung da min .i really like song seung heonand jung da min in he was cool .
    but she died. ur acting was so cool . it was my first korean film.

  4. sarita says:

    i luv him and his acting was so cool. i like him in he was cool nd its my first korean film. i am from nepal . hope u will come in nepal. my sister is also fan of urs . with luv sarita

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