A brainstorming session for the Korean remake of Hana Yori Dango, Boys before Flowers, which I’m really excited about since I absolutely loved the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. 😀


(Skip the following paragraph if you’re a diehard fan of Hana Yori Dango or Matsumoto Jun because I’m not expecting you to agree.)


I did not enjoy Hana Yori Dango as much because the moment I saw Matsumoto Jun as Doumyouji, I was horrified, no less. Not that he is very ugly but my image of Dao Ming Si is (frankly, I’m describing Jerry Yan here):

  1. TALL and STRONG BUILT (naturally, since he’s the leader of F4 and is supposed to be a good fighter and basketball player) 
  2. HANDSOME (like, duh. He’s the leader amongst 4 most popular boys at school. And hey, isn’t that the whole point of this idol drama?)

Seriously, I felt Matsumoto Jun failed in both categories. He is short, has a small frame, looks even meek at times and totally lacks screen presence (IMHO). So while I was watching Hana Yori Dango, I wondered: is there no other tall, handsome Japanese actor who fits the image of Doumyouji?? Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so PEACE. (Look, I’m not commenting on his acting, which is quite fine I’m sure..)

Just to clarify, I’m not shallow as to judge the suitability of all actors on their looks, but if someone doesn’t look his part for the role, it’s extremely awkward to watch and it’s gonna be a tough job trying to convince me to commit to the drama. Like if the male lead is supposed to be a man who can’t get himself a wife and the producer picks a hottie like Song Seung Heon to act, that would be insane and impossible to understand. It works both ways you see.

Now onto the Korean remake..

If only Jo In Sung were a few years younger, he would make a superb couple with Goo Hye SunJo In Sung isn’t exactly very handsome but he’s cute and he’s got the perfect bad boy image.


These two make a cute couple too! Whee. 

I think Go Ara fits the image of Makino Tsukushi (Shan Cai) quite well after seeing her act as a quick-tempered girl in the latest MBC drama Who Are You?.

A part of me hopes to see some familiar faces, but I would rather see a cast that really matchs the characters than simply big names. If Angie Chai the producer of Meteor Garden could talent-spot F4, why can’t the same thing happen in Korea? =D

  1. fantasygurl says:

    You’re right, MG is/was better than HYD. I hope the korean version will be even better than the two. And yes, I also think that Go Ara could play the role of Shan Cai/Makino. She’s got the right attitude and looks. Now, I’m not so sure which korean actor could fit the look and role of Daoming Si. For me, Jang Geun Suk could play that role if only he can act that good. If only Hyun Bin is a bit younger 😦 lol

  2. LILLI says:

    Matsumoto Jun as Doumyouji is definitely the most horified version of all. Jo In-Sung is my favorite too, if he’s not too old for Doumyouji. Hyun Bin hasn’t got that bad boy image.

  3. BOO says:

    omg! I’m really excited about this! i want to see who they actually cast to be the pretty boys! LOLs lets hope they all actually match the characters that their portraying 🙂 but i disagree i really liked jun as doumyouji idk i guess i’m weird like that? xD i didn’t like jerry as dao ming si though it was kind of awkward, not how i imagined douumyoji at all :p but overall i liked the japanese version better i guess dang!~ can’t wait for the korean version! knew something like this was gonna happen sooner then later! xD

  4. Ki says:

    I think Jun’s acting is ok, though at times, it feels a lil bit fake. In term of body propotion.. you can say Jerry is better xD~

    I miss Takashi Sorimachi’s year of fame T.T *ok, out of topic*

  5. risako says:

    Kang Dong Won as Domyouji!!

  6. Alyy says:


    Jang Geun Suk is kinda cool too!!! maybe as Rui?

  7. Kyu says:

    I hope Ara gets the role because her role in Who Are You? is kinda similar to Makino’s.

    – Kyu

  8. joy says:




  9. spicewengzy11 says:

    I can’t wait to see…. i probably going to watch for it

  10. katrin says:

    I hope Ara gets the role because her role in Who Are You? is kinda similar to Makino’s.

  11. maresa_28 says:

    hana yori dango is better than meteor garden and matsumoto jun is handsome than jerry yan..his performance in hana yori dango as domyoji tsukasa is superb than jerry yan in meteor garden..

  12. shin says:

    yeah.. i think the HYD isnt that much good as i expected it to be.
    i mean.. no offense, but i like dao mingsi better.
    handsome,buff and hot..
    thats the way its supposed to be..
    not a little guy who looks like a stick and acting like he has power over everything.
    —no offense! hahaha

    i think ill be super happy to see JO IN SUNG play the role.
    he’s good looking and has hot bod..
    and perfect for the bad boy but cutie image!
    yay for JO IN SUNG!

  13. ana says:

    the script and the actings in hanayori dango is WAY A LOT better than meteor garden. they really made me cracks. but i agree that jerry is handsomer than matsumoto jun.

    so lets hope this korean remade is better in both! the cast has already excites me. gu hye soon, lee min ho (i think his look is perfect for both categories as mention above, but i dk his acting), kim hyun joong (another hottie), kim bum (man, y so many hottie here? and he’s only nishikado?). dont know the other one.

  14. angelica says:

    I’ve seen a lot of korean and taiwanese dramas but my all-time favorite is still Meteor Garden 1 & 2. It’s actually the reason why I got so hooked with Korean and Taiwanese dramas =) hehe! I’ve never seen the original Hana Yori Dango, but I’m psyched to learn that they’re doing a Korean version of MG. Yey! Can’t wait… When are they going to start filming? Or have they started?

  15. nadia says:

    huyn bin hyun bin hyun bin i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  16. glee says:


    i love JUN-kun..

    he may not have the ‘built’ but i like the way he acts. he’s unique!
    his eyes is melting my freezing heart. LOL

  17. karin117 says:

    anyone knows when it’ll be airing? i hope it turns out to be as good as the hype 🙂

  18. Faye says:

    the only reason Matsumoto Jun didn’t look in HYD was b/c in the anime he isn’t all that good looking and has a freakin perm… duh..

  19. anastassia says:

    Why did I’m sorry to say we have people who choose looks over talent. I didnt know who is Jun when watched Hana Yori Dango but heck ya!

    LOTS OF PROFESSIONAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE critism has given Jun a very high praised to his brilliant, believable acting. He bring out the upmost character and he has also bring out the character, attitude that was very unique and intense plus intriguing.

    He may not be as well build ad Jerry or the Korean version character but based on poll and objective evaluation he is the most memorable, and excellent actor for Matsumo Jun. Everything.

    For those who are matured and well enough to differentiate and evaluate peoples acting between looks and talent.

    Try read dramabeans.com sometimes, dear.

    • shadowlesslight says:

      I do read dramabeans. 🙂 It’s good, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything that’s there!

      Btw, you should realise that I did NOT compare the 2 male leads based on acting at all, so I really don’t see the point of you telling me how good Matsumoto Jun’s acting is. Honestly, I would have given Jun’s acting a shot (given how much I liked Meteor Garden) if looking at his face didn’t turn me off 10 minutes into the show. :S

  20. anastassia says:

    Oh, by the way dont get me wrong. I have watched MG 1 & 2 and I just loved the way it is and how I have once sooo obsessed with it. But when I watch HYD it just simply amazing. While enjoying both version but when u give an opinion give it with an wise mind and objectively fairly. Each one on their own , right but be smart.

    One of opinion in popseoul

    Funny that non fans of the original manga always root for those actors with pretty faces, Tsukushi is a plain but intelligent girl who’s a tomboy and poor, Tsukasa, the Domyoji scion, is a curly haired idiot with an honest personality, Rui is a high functioning autistic and music lover, it’s Soujiro, the playboy and Akira, the madam killer, who have the looks if you knew your manga bible…this Kdrama version should at least live up with the Japanese one in acting and high budget sets because the Taiwanese version just didn’t make it believable and the acting was forgettable.

  21. Chrystle says:

    To be objective:

    For viewers who are more romantically inclined and expecting the ups and downs to be dramatic, long drawn, I suggest that Meteor Garden be watched.

    For those who appreciate quick script, a witty approach and less turmoil inducing, less complicated outlook of the manga, I believe HYD will be the one you should not fail to watch.

    I have watched both and MG first. Honestly, I was caught, hook, line and sinker. But that was when I was much younger. Now that I’ve only recently watched HYD, I realised that there is a lot of difference in the way they were acted, scripted and directed.
    I think, HYD is the wittier, funnier, more light hearted and practical approach to the manga. It did it more justice. Btw, Jun may be skinny, however, he grows on you. Trust me, I had the exact reaction when I first saw him, but after watching a few episodes, I really thought he is just so endearing. Unlike Jerry Yen, whom at first sight, you’ll know he’s a good looker and it just gets a little absurd.

    Nonetheless, to each and his/her own!

    PS, you all should watch JAPAN’s Hana Kimi. It is 3658565734 times better than Taiwan’s. Japan shows really have a much wittier, light hearted and MUCH MUCH less draggy, emotional roller coaster approach to their shows.
    Unless you’re out to cry and weep and watch them shed tears, I suggest you should try your hand at Japan’s series. You may just be surprised:D

  22. Mariko says:

    seriously, i am not a really really big fan of Meteor Garden. I watched it when I was 6 and I think that actually the Japanese one is the best. Hana Yori Dango is really cool and kind of serious. As far as the 2 episodes of Kkotboda Namja goes, I think it’s really funny. Meteor Garden was so long ago that it is kind of weird to watch, but Jerry Yan, Barbie Xu, Vanness Wu, Vic Zhou and Ken and all those people are cool, but I like Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao and Oguri Shun. I prefer them better than the Taiwanese one. I think that Matsumoto Jun actually fits the role of Domyouji. Jerry Yan kind of looked weird to me, but he’s still cool. Hana Yori Dango rocks. Meteor Garden is ehh, idk. Kkodboda Namja is funny. 😀 that’s my opinion. Don’t get mad at me if you love Meteor Garden. I just happen to love Japanese dramas than Taiwanese or any other kind. Korean is pretty cool, though. I can’t wait til Kkodboda Namja ep 3 comes out. It’s so funny. I can’t wait.

  23. Rudaba says:

    HYD was one of the 3rd Japanese drama for me and at first I was I hated Domyoji, (btw I dont find Matsomoto Jun a stunning looker but he can be cute and I really loved him in Kimi Wa Petto). But after a bit I could understand hwy he did what he did and then began liking him. Having no idea about the manga or the anime I watched the drama as just a drama. I was annoyed and embaressed by Tsukushi’s family, empathized with Shoujiro, admired Akira’s peacemaker role and fell in love with Rui.
    Now, lookwise…I dont think any of the Japanese F4 were particularly stunning…they all looked nice at times but nothing more. But they all did fince actingwise.
    In my opinion, although Jun’s character in Kimi wa petto suited him better his performence was not bad as Domyoji…

    I havent seen the MG yet… Since HYD’s story, despite the cast and acting, didnt impress me much I felt discouraged to watch another version of the probably same drama.

    Right now I’ve started watching the Korean version just out of curiosity (why is HYD manga so popular?) and those of you looking for a good looking cast…They have done it.

    Heroine (Makino Tsukushi):
    Koo Hye Sun: Geum Jan Di(금잔디)


    Lee Min Ho: Goo Joon Pyo (구준표/Domyouji Tsukasa)
    Kim Hyun Joong: Yoon Ji Hoo (윤지후/Hanazawa Rui)
    Kim Bum: So Ee Jung (소이정/Nishikado Soujiro)
    Kim Joon: Song Woo Bin (송우빈/Mimasaka Akira)

    The Korean F4 is the best looking one in to me.
    Since I’m still watching the 1st episode I cant comment on their acting yet.

    Hana Kimi (Japan ver) is the best J drama for me.

  24. brenda says:

    lol i found this blog because i saw hyun bin xD !

    anyways i’ve watched all of hana yori dango (except the movie) and enjoyed it (though i think i’m enjoying the korean version more so far) xD but i haven’t watched meteor garden

    i adored Matsumoto Jun as Doumyouji, even though i had nothing to compare it to. i still adored him >w< !

  25. Honesty says:

    I actually did not like the Taiwanese cast at all. None of the guys did it for me in the looks department [as attractive men nor their similarities to the manga.] I mean, I wasn’t even minimally attracted. =/

    Matsumoto Jun doesn’t fit the image of Tsukasa as far as height, build, and hair go – but he made up for it in acting. I suppose that it would have been extremely awkward to place too tall of a guy [because manga is very exaggerated and no Asians are THAT tall by mass] with Makino [who was quite short…]

    I think Jun did a very good job portraying the many levels of Tsukasa. He made me laugh, feel angst, sorry, anger – etc – and that’s how I measure an actor.

    The Taiwanese version… just didn’t cut it.

    HYD was very childish though which is why I am so happy about the Korean version. I love the role / plot expansion… the changes… and especially the cast.

    The Korean F4 is over all better looking than any previous version. The actors fit their role well.

    So in my opinion… Korea’s version wins all of them – hands down.

  26. kurrehpan says:

    :O people who hate Jun as Tsukasa exist?!??! xD… just kidding!

    At first I didn’t like Jun Matsumoto as Tsukasa either but as I kept watching… omfg… he did justice to the role of Tsukasa. I’ve seen quite a few dramas (Korean and Japanese) in my day, but Jun is -the- most memorable. He did a good job portraying the tough domyoji, stupid domyoji, confused domyoji, heartless domyoji, loving domyoji, etc etc. But to be honest, Jun didn’t deliver as much domyoji in the Final movie. Perhaps it was more of a script problem.

    Anyway, I haven’t seen the Taiwanese version but I am watching the Korean one. I like both versions in their own ways – i.e. the Japanese for its excellent story line and outstanding acting and the Korean one for its creativity and humor. However, I don’t really find myself rooting hard for Goo Junpyo… Sometimes I feel like rooting for Ji Hoo instead. *sigh* Well the drama is ending, I can’t wait to see how the Koreans will handle it 🙂

  27. Anonymous says:

    kim bum is really cute! yi jeong and ga eul is the most perfect match ive seen in my life!

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