If you’re the type who look up to stars for fashion tips you would have noticed the short hairstyle craze esp. in the Korea showbiz. Is it possible to have short hair without looking boyish?

 Boyish short – ‘cos short is in and long is out!


1. Gong Hyo Jin


2. Jeong Ryeo Won


3. Kim Hyun Joo


4. Kim Min Jung



5. Maki Horikita



6. Moon Geun Young



7. Moon So Ri


8. Song Hye Kyo

9. Yoon Eun Hye

Short but feminine                           

10. Han Ga In


11. Han Ji Hye


12. Han Ye Seul


13. Im Soo Jung



14. Jeon Do Yeon



15. Lee Da Hae




16. Lee Hyori



17. Nam Sang Mi


18. Shin Min Ah 


  1. Anonymous says:

    omg…Song Hye Kyo cut her hair!

  2. BOO says:

    wow some of them doesn’t look so bad 🙂 their all pretty nice but i don’t really like hyori’s i prefer her recent cut its nicer LOLs i didn’t song hye kyo cut her hair that short! wow!

  3. aggie says:

    i like gong hyo jin’s, moon geun young’s and song hye gyo’s short do’s. wish i could support a similar hair style as well. but my cheeks are puffy and short hair would make me look rounder.
    i enjoyed browsing through your site. 🙂

  4. n0name says:

    Those girls are fabulous. They are not afraid to try new things. How i wish i can cut my hair too…

  5. shayne says:

    those girls are lovely!

  6. Bbachya...^_^ says:

    i don’t like SHK with short hair,long hair suits her a lot

  7. minju says:

    i love han ji hye! she can carry all types of hair! still pretty out of curly or short hair!!

  8. spicewengzy11 says:


  9. stalker_queen says:

    they look all handsomely pretty ^_^

  10. kaomadoo says:

    I love han ga in so much.

  11. angel capito says:

    h!ur so beautiful lee da hae i hope u come here in PHILIPPINES

  12. -april19- says:

    lee da hae, the best!

  13. unni says:

    yoon eun hye, horikita maki, and han ye seul for me can really bring their other side

  14. Bob says:

    Yikes! Grow your hair back, gals! Most of these cuts are very unsexy.

  15. akh11 says:

    han ga in, han ye seul and yoon eun hye the best and prettiest in short hair.
    most of the boyish look + lee da hae + lee hyori are the ugliest!

  16. HolyCow says:

    don’t like short hair. can’t really get a good grip on the back of their head while your banging them from behind

  17. Anonymous says:

    i like moon so ri

  18. scottvannor1 says:

    Han Ga In has the best cut.Very pretty.

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