[Snap!] Han Ga In weds again

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Korean Celebrities, Photo Post

For commercial’s sake.

Doesn’t she look lovely?



  1. emilie says:

    I agree. She is lovely. She’s my fave korean actress.

  2. n0name says:

    She’s definitely beautiful. I idolize her a lot.Hope to see her m0re soon.

  3. secret says:

    i think your the most beautiful girl that i saw in the whole world.

    your a great actress but your already married by someone..

    your drama series witch yoo hee is the best i have seen in my past life..

    take care and do more love series.. bye bye hope see you soon


    your the most beautiful girl i saw in my life your drama series in witch yoo hee is the best i watch your drama series everyday i hope i see you soon

  5. JEFF says:

    in my language: sana makita kita sa personal kasi idol talaga kita

  6. APRILLE says:

    hello..han ga in hope you visit us here in yhe phil…im ur no 1 fan,,,

  7. mhiya says:

    ur so lovely…i like u very much

  8. quellete says:

    ur so pretty..
    i like your series
    witch yoo hee

    how i wish
    we can be friends

  9. kristal says:

    wow.. you are so beautiful…i hope you are happy in your married life…
    ahmm…you are more lovely if you have a long hair…

  10. raegn says:

    she’s not just a pretty face..gosh i didn’t know that she’s married but they look happy together im just so glad to finally see her acting in witch yoo hee ..she’s one of the finest korean actress i’ve ever seen..so much of a pretty face

  11. Eunice says:

    She really look beautiful in wedding dress…are this real wedding or just a one of the slide of wedding scene in one drama or movie(really cant believe this is real wedding).will we able to watch her again in the future movie after her marriage…very MISS you–> Han Ga-In…Are 5th Jan is your wedding day..very memorable to me if really so as its also my bday lei…I start to fall in love with your cute & cool acting in Yu Hee The Witch…I Miss Your Acting…

  12. gelo says:

    hello…i can’t believe myself you’re married…! god!!! you’re drop dead gorgeous!!! he’s one lucky guy!!!!

  13. yetbhulilit says:

    I am your number one fan here in the phil.

    please visit us here and make some apperance and make some
    modeling or product modelling

  14. maihuynhanh says:

    hello!… han ga-in. i like u.

  15. joanna says:

    Check out this website


    The unofficial fanclub for Han Ga In

  16. jackie says:

    yha..she very lovely…
    i hope she can visit us here in the philippines…


  17. lamerasd says:

    she my most favourite korean actress.

  18. pengy says:

    Han Ga In is indeed gorgeous. Loved her best in Witch yoo hee!

  19. ahjumma says:

    she is so lovely, pretty and beautiful. i love her so much. she has this pure and innocent face. i really think YJH is lucky guy. ❤ sweet couple =)

  20. arnaiz says:

    hi witch yoo hee!
    i am your no. 1 fan here in canda i wish one day i will meet you just for one day im the happiest men ever be happy to your new life and dont forget call God he is your guide savior not superman ok !

  21. bagbagtu says:

    she still looks single and more prettier even after marriage…

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