Behind Yoon Eun Hye’s glamour

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Korean Celebrities, Korean Drama
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I think Yoon Eun Hye is an actress who has worked very hard to come thus far. Her journey to stardom is almost like an inspirational life story for all the ugly ducklings out there. *winks*



Yoon debuted as a member of the popular girl group Baby V.O.X in 1999 at the tender age of 15. Although she became known as the “cute” one in the group, there were also criticisms of her weight.




In 2006 we saw a much different Yoon Eun Hye.




Whatever she did to herself, she’s lost a lot of weight and grown prettier. At the very least, she’s improving her fashion sense. [Btw, YEH’s fashion sense deserves a whole post to itself XP] Her breakout role came in the wildly popular Princess Hours/Goong where she played the mischievous Shin Chae kyung.


The Princess



I think ‘cute’ is a suitable word to describe Yoon. To me, she’s not exactly a standard beauty but definitely very adorable.




Her role as the sassy princess catapulted her to an A-list actress almost immediately. Her adorable image also gained her much love and tremendous popularity. Her acting? Well, let’s just say we all love her already.




She’s so cute it’s hard to resist. XD


The designer-turned-farmer



In The Vineyard Man, Yoon plays Lee Ji Hyun, a clothing designer in Seoul, who reluctantly leaves home for one year to work at her grand uncle’s vineyard in a small village. There, she meets and falls in love with the character played by Oh Man Suk.





The guy


If Yoon had gotten more comfortable with acting in The Vineyard Man, she definitely immersed herself totally as Go Eun chan in Coffee Prince. The latter is arguably the most popular trendy drama in 2007 and marked another breakthrough for Yoon.




Initially I was quite doubtful of her acting as a guy cause i really ❤ her loveable and cutesy image in Goong but it turned out great! Now her ‘goong’ days suddenly seemed so so far away.




It’s quite amazing, at least to me, that she manages to transform her image after Coffee Prince. She seems much more mature and ready to take on more challenging and sexeh roles in the future.



 Can’t wait to see her in a new drama! Hope she takes on a more mature and sophisticated role!




  1. Anonymous says:

    Incredible actress. I can see her getting more acting awards in the future. Any actors that paired up with her, will not be the same again…fame and recognition of course!

  2. n0name says:

    Yo0n matured a lot from Goong to Coffe prince. She is not the most beautiful girl in Korea But she’s one of the great actresses of her generation. She definitely deserves recognition from acting wise and o00zing sex appeal .I can not wait to see her more from her future projects. May the Lord God be with her Always!

  3. shahera says:

    yoon eun hye is such an excellent actress. her sex appeal can melt all the guys out there.although she’s not beautiful like lee da hae. but she was very attractive and talented youngster. anyway,GO YOO EUN HYE!! 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait until the second volume of PALACE comes in the video. To YOO EUN HYE!!! I love your spontaneous ways of staying by JUNG JI-HOON’S side during the entire show of PALACE. I think it’s a noble way of standing by your PRINCE CHARMING even if it hurts, but true to your heart is a life solutions to your man’s heart. YOO EUN HYE YOU AND JUNG JI-HOON DESERVE TO END PALACE with the very best by being the show with the two of you living a happy ending. I do hope the director would close the show with the two of you and the family that the Royalty deserved. I have loved the show so much and cried right through it. Jung Ji-Hoon you need to show Yoon Eun-Hye how much you loved her and will continued to give her affectionate and everylasting love. Love Ya!!! Kelley from Hawaii. To all that made PALACE one of the most loved story, continued to do the best ever. write to me if possible and sent some photo pictures. Healani Kelley P.O. BOX 690029 Ni’ihau Hawai’i, Makaweli Hi. 96769. A L O H A …Means Love & Hello.

  5. Bbachya...^_^ says:

    i liked her in “The 1st shop of coffee prince” she is cute,but i’m acctualy wondering how did she lose weight,i mean she became soooo thin,compared to “Goong” really impressive also…prettier…anyway i find her cute..but still curious ^_^ lol

  6. joedee says:

    Yup,YEH is not so pretty yet very charming and full of sex appeal. You’re great girl! Hope you’re always safe and in good health. God bless. More power

  7. ailin says:

    yoon eun hye is so cute n’re perfect girl!hope you success forever in your carier.

  8. nini says:

    i agree, yoon eun hye delivered such a great performance in coffee prince and inspired her co-starts such as gong yoo..well they look perfect together 🙂

  9. kheet says:

    i just love the way u act… and ur smile its so cute… Go Andy of coffee prince.. loveu..from ur Phil fans

  10. ara says:

    yoon eun hye….hmmm
    what can i said about this guy..
    from this time, i always love her performance… and every next performance i loved too..
    if i meet her, just one i wanna say: “still be yourself, and gift the best for your life,sometime be lose it’s O.K. but remember you not alone you have many friends (here we are) always pray for you…WHAITHING Y O O N!! keep fighting n don’t forget pray to GOD, HE always your besides YOON.

    ara ^_*

  11. lie leah says:

    i really liked
    them together…
    i wish theyd be
    together in real lyf,,…

  12. willy villarina says:

    she’s great…

    she’s captivating, she’s like a drug, once you’ve seen her… you are hooked forever…

    go yoon hope you find the guy who’ll be beside you during rainy season.

    more power and more projects to you.

  13. Melissa Iringan says:

    hows the good actress? ur so cute and very beautiful!!!!!!!!! i hope you can visit here in phillipines, we are waiting for you!!!!!!!we love you!!!!!!!more power!!and more projects!!!!!!!!!ohaohaoha

    o daijini saranghe!!!!!!!!!!yo

  14. stp says:

    hi how are you.i am your audience.i like your movies.i think,you are a very beautiful girl.i think you are a very good actress.i wish you will be more sucessful in the future.

  15. fika says:

    i love YEH because she’s have the unique face combination of cute an preety and she’s great in any drama, and many indonesian people like her (like me) and i like her


  16. Scarlet says:

    YEH is a very multi-talented person..
    Fr0m a sweet person in G0ong to a charming farmer in The Vineyard man to a mature and resp0nsible yet m0re charming in Coffee Prince. Yup! She’s 1 of the best. She stands 0ut am0mg the rest maybe bc0z she’s h0nest and simple… She’s like a y0ung r0se gr0wing m0re beautiful everyday…yet u can still see h0w simple she is the way she was b4. I am really pr0ud of her. Inspite all the pr0blems she enc0unter she remains the same. M0re p0wer t0 y0u and every1 l0ves u!

  17. Munthanaporn says:

    I never liked foreign series. Unbelievalbly, What am I doing now?? I google for the word “Yoon Eun Hye” until I find this website.

    I and my family just watched “The man in the vineyard” . We laugh and cry (at the end of the story). I wish I could speak Korean. (^ ^ )

    I believe that many people who saw “The man in the vineyard” fell in love with her absolutely.

    I wait for her next series.


  18. Pixie says:

    Never a fan of Korean drama until Coffee Beans. Yoon Eun Hye managed to carry her role convincingly. Her on-screen chemistry with Gong Yoo was awesome and you can’t seem to get enough of them. She’s a brilliant actress who possesses great charm and never fails to captivate the audience. She deserve all the accolades, success and star status she has now. Looking forward to watch her other dramas.

    Happy Birthday in advance!!

  19. Stella says:

    Hmm…She looks a little like Kim Hyo-Jin from Happiness in that Vineyard Man picture…

  20. Mary says:

    aloha! just let you know that i’m one of your fans and that i love all your telenovelas especially the coffee prince. i hope you will have a new show again to watch. i wish you will find somebody a partner who is nice and professional like you coz you deserve it. stay sweet always.

  21. me says:

    she’s not beautiful but she’s CUTE!! she looks really different now from she’s a V.O.X member. Does she did something to her face or what?

  22. not2 says:

    I love her very much !!!!!

  23. Olivia says:

    She is definitely a well rounded actress after she did Coffee Prince. She’s soo CUTE and I definitely agree that she’s not the most beautiful, she seems beautiful at heart and an actual actress who seems to have worked really hard to get where she is. I love her in Vineyard Man, regardless if the guy wasn’t handsome and in Coffee prince…..awaiting for more shows from her

  24. iloveYEH says:

    I love YEH especially in coffee prince, it’s a must see.

    more info of Yoon Eun Hye can be found here:

    and coffee prince can be viewed online here:

  25. Hani says:

    Eun hye’s probably the most adorable beauty in the world. I just love her. I totally admire her tandem with gong yoo. Love them both. Hope she’ll visit here in Philippines oneday..keep safe; stay happy & blessed.

  26. sarah Black says:

    I realy love yoon eun hye

  27. duhan says:

    i love YEH

  28. en_awien says:

    i love ur acting in coffee prince n goong……..
    love u so much

  29. michael says:

    coffe prince 2 plz hehehehehehehehhehee hope gong yoo and yoon eun hye will pair up again ……they hav chemistry

  30. faye says:

    she is definitely the cutest girl that i’ve ever seen. the face is so perfect. NO one can Bit her. XD

  31. kishi says:

    I think YEH and JJH(hoping they can be lenient on him on his drug case, being a first timer) put Korea on the map ‘coz while I watch Korean dramas once in a while, I became an avid fan only after watching Goong/Princess Hours. I had fun watching the excellent performance of these two it that I ended up seeing it several times. Hope someday they will pair up again…That’s why Princess Hours is the only Korean drama that cannot be found in Mysoju since it has its own fansite with millions of views…

  32. blinky says:

    she is sooooooo cute
    u no wen I first saw the coffee prince picture I was lyk mmmmmm she is ok but now that I really looked at it I think she ooks sooo cute
    love coffee prince and everything about her
    She is amazing

  33. bagbagtu says:

    i like her sigmature smile with those uneven teeth… talented and cute though…

  34. Anonymous says:

    wow you are so beautiful,you are my idol..

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