Sneak preview on East of Eden

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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.. and my two-cent worth of opinions.

First let us look at the MV 🙂

GREAT MV. Since it has many hot juicy scenes of SONG SEUNG HEON. 😀

It gives us an idea of the main conflict in the drama, although I have no idea what SSH was yelling his heart out about on top of the mountain. Apparently someone (obviously the troublemaker and seemingly the mother of one of thoes babies) switched two babies at birth. And seems like SSH’s character had an extremely painful childhood with his family murdered or sth.

Other than the coughintriguingcough plotline, what there really is to look forward to, IMHO, is solid acting from the star studded cast, an awesome soundtrack, loads of dramatic moments, three pretty female leads and lots of SONG SEUNG HEON. -gushes-

Speaking of the cast, I think i’ll find Han Ji Hye and Lee Yeon Hee much more appealing, though i have a hump the latter is not going to get the guy while the former is starring as his first love. That leaves us with Lee Da Hae, everyone’s favourite star from megahit My Girl and megaflop Robbers. Personally, Lee Da Hae does not appeal to me and her character in the drama (which is featured quite minimally in the MV but enough for me to form my first impression) does not attract me as well. Lee Yeon Hee is much more endearing to me.

Sorry to fans out there, but i don’t even know why Yun Jung Hoon is cast in this drama -.- I think they figured the show’s got enough attractions already. He has this strange affinity with SSH and Kwon Sang Woo, having replaced the former in Sad Sonata and is now working with him in his comeback drama. No matter what, he sure is a lucky guy. (I’m not saying it’s all luck okay; I’m not that unfair.)

All in all, EOE is definitely the next show to look forward to. I hope it really is as good as it is hyped to be, and create another Korean hit. Stay tuned!

  1. fika says:

    i think this drama is intresting and i hope many korean people love this drama! and im is fans of drama korea from indonesia! and like lee da hae

    aza quating!
    saranghae lee da hae

  2. -april19- says:

    I love lee da hae!! the beauty, and of course the way she act!!
    such a versatile actress!

  3. fidela Daniel-Javate says:

    how r u? ldh, it’s been a long time after the robber. can’t wait to see the east of eden here in new york koreantv dramas. maybe next time i’ll have my comments. missed u very much ldh. god bless!

  4. ana says:

    i also think the same way. lee yeon hee and han ji hye looks so much more appealing and i hope the story focuses around them more.

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