I believe for many of us, the show has been engaging to a large extent due to the marvellous performances of our 3 wonderful female leads who totally steal the show!

Personally, i usually skip to scenes of Dong Chul and Young Ran or Dong Chul with Hye rin though i certainly support the former pairing more. This is inevitable i guess since they have much sweeter scenes together hehe.

Moving on!

Dong Wook and Ji Hyun

You can feel their love is so strong.. i think it has to do with the actors. Both han ji hye and yun jung hoon are incredible.

This is the only collage on the two of them since their love has ended rather decisively by Ji Hyun ):  it’s my favourite collage of all that i’ve compiled so far.

Our favourite couple?  😀

Dong Chul ❤ Young Ran


I like how this collage ends haha. They really look like a pair of ill fated young lovers. Realise that in both times, Young ran initiated the kiss? She’s really brave in love, in contrast, the two brothers both appear quite meek when it comes to grasping their love. Although it may be because they have too many burdens of their own and love has to be sacrificed.

Sad sad sad. both brothers end up seeing their love marrying other people… sighh. I still don’t get why Dong chul has to give up like that. It’s as if he never really tried to preserve this love. They didn’t try running away or sth. Not realistic fine, but stilllll.  and Mike. I can’t believe he’s so unemotional to marry a person who looks as miserable and sad to be with him as young ran does. Imagine the pain of being with a person who doesn’t love you AT ALL, and loves your friend LIKE CRAZY. how. can. he. do. that. i blame the writers.

Lee yeon hee suits young ran to the tee as the wilful princess turned sob princess.

Myung Hun and Ji Hyun

I doubt anyone roots for this couple xD it’s going to be a challenge for the writer to transform their relationship from that of bitter hatred to acceptance and maybe.. to love? (who knows.)

Dong wook and Hye rin

I don’t really feel much for this couple, not sure why.

Lastly, Wang gun and ki sun!

Kisun has been wearing the same brown sweater? cute.

Actually up till now i don’t get why lee da hae is supposedly the main female lead (or is she?) Although she has some sort of relationship with both brothers, neither are emotion packed or even touching, as compared to the wrenching love between Dong wook and Ji Hyun, Dong chul and Young Ran.

But now that she’s the only single one left (officially after she ‘broke off’ her engagement), i guess she should end up with either dong wook or dong chul right? I personally do not really like her character in the show because she’s not only critical and harsh on others but also a tad superficial and inconsistent. She is rude to her parents and detests their underhanded actions (fine, she may be justified) but when she wants to get dong wook out of prison, the first thing she does is to demand her father for help. That really turned me off big way. And she looked super pissed when her mother refused. Hello, look at your own attitude!! I wouldn’t want to help you either. And the way she looks super pissed off everytime she sees Sung hyun, you’d think he owes her money.

ohwell. 20 eps to go. i wonder if anyone dies……………………. *evil cackles* nah, that’s too childish a stunt i hope the writers won’t pull. On second thought, I think lee da hae will definitely end up with one of the brothers. If not what’s the point of getting an A-list actress for the role, right?

All the captions i used for the collages are from eoedrama.wordpress.com. Thanks to the wonderful siteowner, i get to scan episode recaps for interesting parts to watch 🙂 thank you thank you!

  1. karin117 says:

    my fav couple was actually JH and DW. but sadly they didnt end up together.. and then, this YR DC love was so sweet. it grows up in me, until i cried whenever they suffer. but sadly they also didn’t end together. (i was actually very mad coz i think the story was dragged and i cried for nothing?)

    after watching both my fav couples end tragically, i gave up on the love story line and only focus on the switch birth story. i agree, i also doesnt feel anything for DW HR and so does DC HR. i think it because of HR’s character which is too serious and not loving at all. i thought she is supposed to be someone strict and smart but also caring and loving, but her face expression is always emotionless, i really cant like her and cannot accept her to be with DC or DW.

    so it wasn’t just me who felt that way about hye rin. i know how she is hurt by her mom when she was young, but she is too rude. and she looks *super* pissed off all the time around her family. if i were her family, my sorry turns to angry at her.

  2. :) says:

    this drama is great, i really love it. i am hoping for DC+YR ending..but of course, not the affair type. i must say, their chemistry are just too good to be wasted. but most of all, i just wish a happy ending for all of them esp DW,DC&MH.

  3. :) says:

    20 eps to go. cant wait.

  4. mal says:

    i don’t like LDH in this series. she looks so conscious about her prettiness. u can feel it, i swear. not only in this series, but recently she is like that. maybe thats why she looks somewhat stiff.

  5. Liz says:

    no matter what i like LDh and Dc together. the only reason i’m watching this drama is because of them.

  6. Liz says:

    No matter what, the only reason i’m watching this drama is because of LDH and DC. They are really good together . I hope to see more of them together.

  7. tanya11 says:

    the fact that makes me pursue watching this series is only because of LEE DA HAE!!
    I less care about the others!!

  8. wtf says:

    WTF are u talking about? Hye Rin is the kindest of all the girls!!! she is the prettiest because she is LDH u know!!! DC must be with HR no matter what. they’ll have more lovey dovey scene together!! YR should just stick with mike!! i dont care about the story. i, too, watch it solely because of LDH!! the story in nothing wothout LDH! just SHUT UP!

  9. wun says:

    ^ there it goes again.

    i agree she’s harsh, espclly on women (haha, jk). i hate it when she criticized JH as a nagging wife outside the tent. it was clear she was jealous because the person she love really love JH. until now, her relation with JH is still bad, because she couldnt win DW’s heart?

  10. wun says:

    i want to make a point. i pity those who watch drama only for the sake of their fav actress. they couldn’t enjoy the drama to its fullest. u guys should just learn to live life.

  11. tanya11 says:

    to wun:

    Hello to you!
    Not exactly to the point that we’re not enjoying the drama because we only care for our fav actress! It’s not like that!
    Our point was, whatever happens, I mean if ever the drama will be kinda messy, stuffy, or whatever!
    We still have the heart and eagerness to watch it just because our admired actress was there!
    That’s my point!

  12. meen says:


    WTF (to you), cant u just shutup? u cant take any opinion about ur idol LDH? people have opinion. ur mind is too narrow. u cant accept opinions other than she’s pretty, she’s smart, she’s so lovely. she’s not perfect!! what makes u think she’s perfect? is she ur god? jeez..

  13. meen says:

    again, LDH’s fan O_o. if u want to argue, go to soompi. this is a blog, where the writers express their opinion!

  14. blehhh!!!! says:

    @ wtf

    ldh is so unprofessional and irresponsible person. quitting because she cant stand being the 2nd fiddle?? haha, that was so low and prideful and arrogant. she made other actors leave early, which effects their income. so selfish. i never heard any actress with this horrible attitude. just because she didnt get what she wants, she quit. and its all for her pride. she think she’s all that? she think she worth to be someone, like the queen bee where men orbits around her? yucks!! she masked herself with innocent and soft looking girl, but inside, she is so prideful.
    just 1 successful drama has turns her into this arrogant person. and she didnt even remember that mbc was the place where she made her 1st real step as an actress. so low!! go F**K urself da hae!!

  15. selina says:

    this drama is just the best

  16. saratfkh says:

    Reblogged this on East of Eden and commented:
    East of Eden is the best drama ever…

  17. saratfkh says:

    best frama ever. plz flw my page too

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