Zeni Geba: Episode 2 Sneak

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Drama Reviews/Recommendations, Japanese Drama
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Futaro (Kenichi Matsuyama) asks to be Midori’s friend when she volunteers to give him any compensation he wanted for almost knocking him down. So she good naturedly invited him to a cruise.


On board the cruise, Futaro looks at the cheerful Midori and thinks back to the past when he met her as a kid. (Ahh, childhood sweethearts! Though only for a day, sigh.)


Midori sees him alone outside and being a good host, she approaches him. Futaro says he’s never been on a ship before as he’s too poor. He adds, “But my deceased mother says that the most important thing is the soul. As long as one has a good soul, he will lead a good life. Because God is watching. Do you think she’s right?” To which Midori replies yes.

Futaro casts a long look at her and says, “That’s great”  and then flashes a rare smile, which disappears the instant she looks away. 

He then asks if Akane (Midori’s younger sister) always had that scar on her face. He knows because he’s also haunted by his scar. Midori says she doesn’t even open up to her. To which Futaro replies,

“From the darkness’s point of view, the Sun is too bright. When it’s too bright, it turns away.”

Midori looks surprised and Futaro quickly apologizes for saying too much.

Meanwhile, some rich guy on the cruise boasts about his watch and how much he adores it. Akane is disgusted by the man’s behaviour, while the rest simply laughs along.


Futaro sees Akane leaving the washroom looking rather sneaky.

He goes into the washroom and sees the watch belonging to the guy. Smashed. He puts everything together and smiles to himself, having found someone who thinks like himself.


The man soon realises his watch had been left in the washroom, but it’s no longer there when he went back. Naturally suspision falls on Futaro, the only pauper on board. Despite Midori’s protests, Futaro agrees to be searched. Akane watches on with, guilt? (I can’t read the look on her face)

Nothing was found on him, and the man apologises. The cruise ends and the group plan to go somewhere for a drink. Futaro turns down Midori’s invitation, saying he has work the next day. Akane also says she’s tired and wants to go home. Midori’s worried about letting Akane wait herself and Futaro promptly volunteers to accompany Akane till her chauffeur comes.


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