Jun Pyo and Jan Di (Jun Di), OR Ji Hoo and Jan Di (Ji Di)

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Korean Drama
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Netizens are not only watching BBF, but are also visualising how the babies of Jun-pyo and Jan-di, and Ji-hoo and Jan-di will look like. Definitely see the resemblance there! Baby Jun Di has his dad’s signature curls and baby Ji Di has gold blond hair. Aww how cute!

  1. insatiable girl says:

    funny 🙂

  2. linmamie says:

    hahaah so cute Jun Pyo ‘s baby~~

  3. amy says:

    jun pyo’s baby is so cute…
    just like his father…

  4. call says:

    Jun Pyo and Jandi ofcourse

  5. hayeena says:

    they are so cute!
    the babies…

  6. hayeena says:

    the babies are so cute!

  7. Kimberly says:

    jan di ♥ jun pyo soooooooooooooooooooooo perfect together !

  8. amethysticlass says:

    ji hoo!

    the firefighter. the knight in shining armor… :)) jun pyo’s a great lover, always passionate and doing his best for his love.. but ji hoo has the greater strength of character and maturity, plus selflessness. he’s the ideal friend and lover in real life. 🙂

  9. zari says:

    jun pyo is so…………… cute! specially his killer smile! grabehhhhh!!!!!……………

  10. mhick.. says:

    they are so cute tlgah!!

  11. miyoung says:

    deeeeeeeeeh sooo cute

  12. venus says:

    the baby of jan di and jihoo, of course

  13. Anonymous says:

    hiiiiiiii so cute

  14. samgel says:

    ji hoo and jan di

    i love you ji hoo mwahhhhhhhhhhh

  15. Anonymous says:

    go jun pyo

  16. lyka says:

    ur so cute jan di

  17. joysenghkawn says:

    I love ji hoo

  18. joysenghkawn says:

    I always love only ji hoo

  19. vanessa says:

    i love ji hoo of course, but jun pyo is also cute.. they have different characteristics.. i admire them for being a great lover.. hope to find someone like them someday.. jan di is so fortunate to have them both..

  20. michelle says:

    i love you jun pyo!!!!!

  21. biggest fan of bof says:

    the babies actually r the same person.. it just changed its hair..

  22. stamisa says:

    ji hoo

  23. ihsabella says:

    ji hoo of course

  24. fifpop says:

    i love jun pyo, da hair style is killin me

  25. Anonymous says:

    goo jun pyo

  26. Anonymous says:

    ji hoo

  27. fati says:

    jandi+jon pyou=love

  28. Anonymous says:

    never changing abviously leeeeeeeminnnnnnnnnnnnnhoooooooooooooo mmmmmmuaaaahhhhhh

  29. lee min ho's biggest fan ever says:

    luv u alot lee min ho muah muah muah wid lots of kisses to u and ur lovely jr. goo jun pyo

  30. Anonymous says:

    cute gu junpyo and jan di and there babay it is so cute, also ji hoo

  31. Anonymous says:

    love you guys very much

  32. Anonymous says:

    gu junpyo the best star

  33. Anonymous says:

    even ji hoo the best

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