Powerful Opponents

Posted: December 12, 2009 in Drama Reviews/Recommendations, Korean Drama
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Omg i haven’t blogged for ages due to exams. I bet no one visits here anymore ): Regardless! Shall do a drama recommendation 😀

Powerful Opponents is a drama centering around 3 main characters – Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin, Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho, and Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoo Gwang Pil. Young Jin and Gwang Pil are bodyguards who are assigned to protect the President and his family. The story unfolds when they are both assigned to protect the president’s troublemaker son Soo Ho. A love triangle thus ensues between Young Jin, Gwang Pil and Soo Ho.

There’s this bit of the story that I’ll share here ‘cos I really liked it. There’s a rule for the bodyguards to be within one meter distance away from their charge – any distance further and there might be loopholes in security. Gwang Pil tells Young Jin to carefully maintain that distance. “Just one meter, keep that distance. If you go any closer, either side may develop feelings, and you won’t be able to carry out your mission well.”

(I’m sorry if I’m making it sound quite bland. It’s actually pretty cool!)

Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin


Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho


 Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoo Gwang Pil

Why the drama’s worth a watch:

  1. if you like lee jin wook, he’s really loveable here. if you didn’t know who he was, well watch to find out!
  2. you have no idea who the male lead really is i.e. the romance is rather balanced and there is no destined love in this drama so you’re kept curious till the last moment. Initially i thought Young Jin and Gwang Pil were set up to be a bickering couple (opposites attract!). but dramawiki lists lee jin wook before Lee Jong Hyuk, and like i said, the two guys are really quite evenly matched
  3. some mystery – there were some interesting turn of events. I know this doesn’t say much but i don’t want to spoil the suspence for those who plan to watch!
  4. cute little Kim Yoo Jung who also appeared as the young Eun Chae in Iljimae is always a joy to watch!!

Why you might not enjoy it:

  1. the love triangle has been done in just about every other korean drama
  2. the ending.


Some peekchures (:

  1. Anonymous says:

    i really love this drama formidable rival is one of the cute and hooking drama

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