Vogue magazine does movie “Actresses”

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Film
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Hallyu princess Choi Ji Woo, Queen Seon-deok’s Go Hyun Jung and the rest of the cast of movie “Actresses” appeared on the december 2009 issue of Vogue to promote their new movie. According to reports, the movie has received an official invitation from the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.
Poster of “Actresses”
“Actresses” also stars Lee Mi-sook (East of Eden), Kim Min-hee (I Like It Hot), Kim Ok-bin (Thirst), and Yoon Yeo-jung (The World They Live In).  

Choi Ji Woo (above) and Go Hyun-jung (below)
Kim Min-hee (below)
Lee Mi-sook (left) and Yoon Yeo-jung (right)
Kim Ok-bin (above)
  1. pocacjw says:

    saranghaeyo ji woo ssi..

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