Two Thumbs Up!


(2001) Meteor Garden (流星花园)

Jerry Yan Jerry Yan Jerry Yan, this show is about him!! 😀

Ok plot-wise it has an advantage too since it’s an adaptation. And also, Vic Zhou!

(2003) At the Dolphin Bay (海豚湾恋人)

Wallace Huo is a MUST-WATCH in this drama!! He totally carried the entire show I felt, even though he was 2nd male lead. But of course it wouldn’t be so enjoyable had it not been for its not-bad plot and the solid cast. Angela was adorable, Ambrose Xu was also quite cool.

(2005) The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (王子变青蛙)

One of the pioneers of the comical, almost-cartoonish Taiwanese drama genre, but with a nice emotional touch. The second highest rated Taiwanese drama (usurped by another of Qiao En’s drama, Fated to Love You).

P.S. plot-wise it has an uncanny resemblance to Korean drama “Save the Last Dance for Me” broadcast in 2004.

(2005) Green Forest My Home (绿光森林)

NICEEEEE with a fairytale draw to it. Even though Ethan Ruan became known mostly for “Fated To Love You”, he was still a breakout star in this one.

(2006) Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (花样少年少女)

Another adaptation. The set-up is interesting and the drama’s light hearted and a lot of fun to watch. Wuzun’s breakout role!!

(2006) The Magicians of Love (爱情魔发师)

Mingdao made me tune in for this one. Not bad at all! Though the ending bored me a little..

(2007) My Lucky Star (放羊的星星)

I LOVE THE PLOT OF THIS ONE! MUST WATCH! Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na have amazing chemistry (:

(2008) Fated to Love You (命中注定我爱你)

FANTASTIC PLOT AND ACTING. Highest rated Taiwanese drama of all times. What’s left to be said?

(2009) Quietly Falling in Love with You (敲敲爱上你)

Not everyone’s cup of tea. I liked Mingdao in here and loved the female character’s personality, refreshing to watch!

(2009) Autumn’s Concerto (下一站,幸福)

(ok i cheated, since this one’s still showing :p)

Hmm my take on this drama is, watch selectively. Some parts are slowwww likeeee koreannnn dramaaaa, but in a not-so-entertaining way cos the devices used have been used elsewhere and more skillfully. However there are moments in this drama that make me laugh and cry all at once. Sounds mad yea?

Watched but, meh

Devil Beside You 恶魔在身边 (Erm, well the kissing scenes were pretty good (and aplenty) i guess :p)

Corner With Love 转角*遇到爱 (I think the plot is actually not bad, but the drama itself wasn’t impressive)

Why Why Love 换换爱 (Come on this was simply a treat for the hardcore Mike He-Rainie Yang fans. but plot wise.. wait what was the plot?)

Romantic Princess 公主小妹 (recommend for its eye candies though :D)

Bull Fighting 斗牛 · 要不要 (Was actually looking forward to this one when the cast came out..)

Hot Shot 篮球火 (I know, even my favourite hottie Jerry Yan couldn’t last me through this plotless drama, sniff)

Miss No Good 不良笑花 (I wanted to stop watching if Rainie was gna be in her wig for the whole drama. Thankfully they took it off and gave her a makeover)

ToGetHer 爱就宅一起

Btw, please don’t spam my blog if your own favourite Taiwanese drama didn’t make my list or to insult my personal preferences. PEACE! I appreciate drama recommendations though (:


  1. Have you seen “It Started with a Kiss” or the sequel “They Kiss Again?” Those are pretty popular. You should watch.

    Based on your recommendations, I think I’ll watch The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog, next. Cute blog, by the way.

  2. erika garcia says:

    i love taiwaneese drama because beautiful

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