My Ramblings on Queen Seon Deok

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Drama Reviews/Recommendations, Korean Drama
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Queen Seon Deok is probably the first sageuk I’m watching out of my own accord (and goodwill to give sageuks a shot). The main factor had to be the high appraisal given to Kim Nam Gil for his portrayal of Bidam and how complicated, deliciously evil but popular his character appears. I was also curious after hearing about the romance between Deok Man and Bidam because I’ve caught a glimpse of the drama earlier on (coincidentally the episode when Yoo Shin confessed his feelings for Deok Man) and thought Yoo Shin had to be her soulmate. 

I cried buckets watching the episode of Princess Chun Myung’s demise. Gosh, why does it have to be so heart-wrenching!? (and why, oh why must I put myself through this agony??) It’s fairly entertaining so far, albeit only with some abuse of the fast forwarding button. Must you always wait for the question posed to be repeated twice before uttering a response, Yoo Shin?? Most tend to overact (as if the dog ate their mom) at times and underact (am I supposed to think you’re not just asleep with eyes open?) at other scenes. The exasperation!  

And honestly, I can’t really appreciate Go Hyun Jung‘s supposedly marvelous acting either (she just snagged a Daesang for this role). Initially I found her character entertaining, with the persistent half sneer, raised eyebrow, some controlled twitching of the facial muscle and the eye-widening… I got bored and tired of them about midway through the show. She looks maniac at times and I can’t help but wonder if she’s simply fooled us into thinking that she’s acting out some complex emotion which we I can’t really figure out (and don’t really bother to).

Kim Nam Gil.. ah well. Although I can’t whole-heartedly believe that Mi Shil’s cruel genes and his teacher’s lack of love and guidance showered on him can contribute to his dual personality – he’s literally intense one moment, comical the next – I can understand the love for Bidam 🙂 Can see how Kim Nam Gil got his inspiration for his portrayal from comic characters!

Seriously he’s pouting excessively in the show as well (but I’m not complaining teehee). I’m attracted to Bidam enough to check out other shows of Kim Nam Gil!

  1. Lilly says:

    I am watching Painter of The Wind now because he is in it. I feel sure that if he is in a show he makes it worth watching, fun, exciting, and suspenseful. He has presence.

  2. Marlene says:

    After watching Kim Nam Gil as Bidam in QSD, can’t get enough of this marvelous actor. I can watch QSD over and over again, especially the romantic moments he had with the Queen. Why a simple touch of the hand and embrace can evoke so much feelings—there were no kisses, but that was enough. I just wished in the last scene, Bidam must have appeared in white and black gown to the Queen, unseen by Yusheen, just to indicate that Bidam was there to get his beloved and fly away together in heaven-that should have been a greater ending.

    To Yusheem what happened to your love to the Queen? Why didn’t you fight for her? Why kept all feelings inside, you hould have been more expressive of your love to her. It was very painful to watch your agony.

    To the Queen, in the final episode, you should have at least touched Bidam before he died and told him how much you are hurt and loved him-that should have made Bidam happy in his death. And wishing you passed out beside Bidam touching his hand, for all to see…

    How I wish the ending went this way.

  3. caren shia says:

    .ur right marlene..they should hv done it that way..eventhough the ending ws so tragic they should hv satisfied us with romantic demise..aww so sad.

  4. marlene says:

    yes, I just content myself with the thought that QSD knew she was dying and just the thought of leaving Bidam behind would have hurt her so better to die together. What would have life been to Bidam without the Queen? That would hve brought the Mishil in him, right?
    Watched the trailer of No Regrets thru the video on First Time Ever I Saw Your face, I admired Kim Nam Gil all the more-his acting is impeccable! He must have a movie in Hollywood!

  5. jamie irene says:

    nice all picture ah:)

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